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I have 2 of them and have modded one and the other one is original. I have only had one prob with the original one  and that is the cd tray got broke buy a cat thinking it could sit on it. I have  the NYKO inter cooler on both,  and the temp out the back vents is about 34c   with a room temp of about 23.  My machines are on about 6 hours a day every day. and i would not get rid of them ever and the graphics are way better than the PS3 Look at the game the Darkness on the 360 they look like shadows with fadeing edges on the PS3  its just a black bar, alot of games  are like this on the PS3  I want a PS3 but am waitng  till i see an improvement in the games. 


Cliffst3rz Tutbury STAFFS

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