Xbox 360 buying on Ebay.

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Ok some nice simple steps to buying and xbox 360.

    • Don't buy them from Ebay, or anywhere other then a well know trustworthy shop that you know exists as an actual shop and not just online.

    • IF, IF you MUST buy from Ebay, due to cash problems or you just don't trust a real shop make sure that:

  1. the seller you are buying from has sold xbox before.

  2. the seller has a 98%+ feedback.

  3. the seller has had NO Negative in the past 3-6 months.

  4. the seller has positive feedback from approximately 10 buyers within the past month.

  5. the xbox 360 item shows a true picture of the item and not a catalogue(clean, tidy, white background) picture.

  6. the description matches the picture

  7. that the total of all the items together do NOT add up to higher then street market prices.

if you follow these steps you should, unlike me the first few times, (where i was robbed and lied at and had to claim back with Paypal.) get your xbox 360.



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