Xbox 360 scams!!!

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Well who would turn down an Xbox 360 for 99p?? I couldnt believe my luck when I found 2 such bargains on Ebay recently. So I put a hefty bid in thinking that anyone spotting these superb deals late on would not beat me. To my surprise I was told that I had to be 'pre-approved' by the seller to bid on this item. "Please e-mail me first so i can verify you to bid on this bargain" I was told.

And like a fool I did. What I received back off both 'sellers' was a message saying "Ooops sorry i have just sold it to my mate, go to this website to fill in a questionnaire to receive your free Xbox 360 blah blah blah". It was then I found out tha if these people refer so many people to these companies, THEY receive a free Xbox 360, and God knows how many companies then have your Email address to send you endless e-mail offers.

It doesnt cost you anything, and you dont end up with anything except an email inbox filled with crap. But take it from me its extremely annoying and a complete waste of time. So if someone wants to 'pre-approve' you before you bid, forget it, because its their gain - not yours.


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