Xbox One Playsation 4 Xbox 360 Wii U what we know so far

Xbox One Playstation 4 Wii U Xbox 360

GAMES CONSOLES XBOX ONE PS4  XBOX 360 WII U and handheld consoles What we know so far.....

This year and last for Nintendo with the Wii U.  Microsoft are launching the Xbox One and Sony the Playstation 4.

What we know so far.

First the Xbox 360....when this console first came out in 2006 Microsoft could not get people off the Original Xbox onto the 360 quick enough. Not this time it appears. They have sold 76 million 360 consoles and plan to reach 100 million in next few years. So obviously the 360 is not dead in the water they are still going to make games and sell consoles. The console price should be very well priced, and they are about to release another model.

Xbox One....the 360 has been out a while now and a very successful console, but you can only take it so far. the Xbox One is going to be the all in one multi media platform, from TV, internet to gaming, as with the new Ps4 you are going to get outstanding graphics sound and great gaming and multimedia machine. Things like the Kinect are going to heavily improved and you get voice control features so you don't have to get off your backside to tell the machine what to do. All this will come at a cost, we are speaking about Microsoft & Sony remember. First and we are on ebay here, how many people buy and sell second hand video games here? a lot. PS4 will be able to play used games without incurring a charge a positve move from Sony , but on the Xbox One they are only going to let you play the second hand games at a price they are going to charge to register them as yet unknown.  People are very price minded these days. £40 plus for a new game every-time is a fair amount. Microsoft are pushing for a constant revenue stream from users so beware. Microsoft also require you to log on once a day to play a game you have already paid for ??? I am a LIVE user but there are plenty off consumers who are not. However on 20/06/13 Microsoft after lots off bad press and consumer backlash have completely u turned this policy, and just like the 360 you will be able to play used games. I wonder if it was because xbox users were completely turning their backs on the xbox one and sonys ps4 was outselling on preorders.
. Both the Ps4 and Xbox One will not be backwards compatible either , So unlike the Xbox 360 where you could play some 400 original titles you will not be able to play your 360 games on the Xbox One the same with the PS4. They will wan't you to pay to download your favs again from their stores, the Wii U however is a backwards compatible machine with Wii games as long as you download a software patch. Wii U can also play used games.

As I say these new consoles will be great bits off technology but they are going to come at a price, so do not be in a rush to through out your PS3 or Xbox 360 yet their still life in them yet....
As for handheld consoles, I think the tablet market is going to finish them off, I may be wrong but it looks likely.

Sony have said the price off the PS4 will be in the UK £349 can play second hand games and does not require a internet connection. Microsoft Xbox One will be £429 and remember will require an online connection every 24 hours and cannot use second hand games, it will come with a kinect as standard.

The Xbox One will likely just edge it with the tech at a price. PS4 have listened to consumers better, Microsoft are slowly listening. The future may be cloud based service etc etc Microsoft but not yet. Broadband services are not up to scratch yet and people are price still like to own what they physically buy not just own the right to play it from you.
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