Xena The Warrior Princess Season 1 Running Order

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The DVD people stuffed up and the episodes for season one are all in the wrong order. Here's the correct running order.

1 Sins of the Past

2 Chariots of war

3 Dreamworker

4 Cradle of hope

5 The path not taken

6 The reckoning

7 The titans

8 Promethus

9 Death in chains

10 Hooves and harlots

11 The black wolf

12 Beware the greek bearing gifts

13 Athens city of the performing bards

14 A fistfull of dinars

15 Warrior...princess

16 Mortal beloved

17 The royal couple of thieves

18 The prodigal

19 Altered states

20 Ties that bind

21 The greater good

22 Callisto

23 Death mask

24 Is there a doctor in the house.

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