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Hints for Christmas decor

Hints for Christmas decor.Having looked at hundreds of perfectly decorated Christmas trees over the years, mine never seemed to look as good, so typically I found myself analysing the perfect ones and figuring out where they differed from mine. The main thing I realised was colour; I never really had a set colour scheme, whereas the nice trees were usually only decorated with two colours. Obviously the two colours need to compliment each other, red and gold; purple and silver; black and silver or glittery white are examples. The next thing is the variation of baubles, really you only need two or 3 types/ sizes of baubles in your chosen colours to put on the tree. One thing to remember is to look out for what the baubles are made of as glass baubles generally would not be suitable for a tree which is likely to be pulled over by a lively toddler or playful dog. The baubles should be distributed over the tree evenly with a regular pattern.  
If you use tinsel keep it the same colour and same type, different thicknesses of tinsel on a tree don't look as good as tinsel that looks like it all flows together.  
Next the lights, if you want a tree that looks classic or grown up the white lights look best where as multi coloured lights give off more of a fun vibe and children love them.  
As for the tree topper it can either star or angel, so long as it compliments the colour scheme, saying that sometimes it's nice to use one that one of your children have made weather it fits in or not! 
For or the rest of the room you don't need lots of streamers hanging from the ceiling, quite often paper chains can be quite effective and also cost effective. Garlands look really nice if you have a nice fireplace and mantle on which to put them. Christmas cushions on chairs can make a room look festive and can last for many years; you only need to use a couple, don't think all your cushions should be festive. 

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