YANS - Yet Another Nigerian Scam - FAIL

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Another day, another Nigerian wasting an auction. Though they're getting really careless, honestly this was too easy to spot. I had a PSP up for auction and was going ok until I noticed someone had bid with 0 feedback and was a brand new eBay member. Shields Up! Mistake #1: When the winning bidder had registered with eBay on the day that the auction closed. Mistake #2: Account was not local to the auction. Mistake #3 (this is the clincher, everything after is just a waste of their time): eMail, sent directly to my eMail Account outside of eBay claiming to be from PayPal saying payment had been made. Oh deary me. Mistake #4: With the fake payment claim, paying extra postage. Mistake #4: Claims that payment was being held in a 'pending' state which would be released when I provided a Shipping Tracking Code. (uhm... I thought you'd paid me back in Mistake #3 Mistake #5: Another fake PayPal eMail (using a non-standard PayPal eMail layout) providing an address in Lagos to ship the item to, which differed from the fake address in the Netherlands of the account holder. Mistake #6: The buyer's account disappears from eBay. Mistake #7: Another fake eBay eMail, going on about how the Buyer's account had been removed from eBay, but would be reinstated soon; so please send them the goods, pleeeeeassseee..... Mistake #8: Getting really bored though my Spam filter was happily punting their eMails from: e_summarydesk@europe.com (fake eBay) customdeskscentres@europe.com (fake PayPal) A eMail directly from the 'Buyer' mumbling on like this: Hello Seller, How are you today.hope everything is great with you as it is here with me, i'm very sorry for the late response it's just that i'm too busy this days and today thursday just came back from work,i was there all night.........well I will like to inform you that i just call by my client out side the country for a business but your full payment of 108.00 GBP has been paid via paypal confirmation including shipping cost which i believe you should have receive notification from paypal via mail,i will appreciate if you can help me do all your best to get the item sent this morning via Royal Mail Int'l Sign For due to urgent need of the item,immediately the item is sent kindly notify paypal so that they can credit your account with immediate effect. I will appreciate if you can help me and get the item well package and send the item this morning to my business partner in West African(Nigeria) as surprise gift cause is very important to me there.....kindly alert me once the item is sent so i can leave a positive feedback for you.Thanks Below here is the postal address again: Oni Deborah 63A Oloyede Stree, Off Medical Road, Ikeja, Lagos-State, Nigeria. 23401. Thanks i will await your response asap. Best Regard. Danny Jones Seriously, do they think anyone believes this crap after all the previous eMails? - Good luck fellas. Then they finish (do they ever?) with a threat: Dear XXXXXX, We regret to inform you that your eBay account will be suspended in the next 24Hrs concerning the transaction between you and Danny Jones for an ebay item(190288387571). We have contacted PayPal about your funds and they said your fund is intact, the shipment reference number should be forwarded to their paypal customer care for the funds to be credited into your account. We would advise you to proceed with shipping of the item to the address giving to you by the buyer, as the email you've received from "PAYPAL" is not a fraudulent offer. We ask that you should send the item between 24Hrs to the address which the buyer provided to you Since she carried out the payment on your PayPal account XXXXXXXX which the payment will be credited with the account. So get back to us with the shipment tracking number for the shipping of the item. To verify the shipment of the item with the address of the provided by the buyer. eBay Trust and Safety Department. The english in the above is lacking guys, try again or just give up. Lastly I use an external Mail forwarder for eBay/PayPal which changes the eMail headers slightly meaning I have another way of confirming the eMail originated from the correct place :-)
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