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There are so many dfferent types of satelite navigation system available in the market, it is difficult before to talk about what type of satelite system we should buy. Are we interested in low price or high price. A satelite navigation system we buy for over £200.00 is going to make us happy. I think even if we pay on Ebay Auction £.50.00 to buy one is going to serve the purpuse take you from A to B.

 But what is important Safety on the Road is this system going to put your eyes off the road. If answer is yes than forget about it. I say one second your eyes off the road and you can be in trouble. Think before you change station on your Radio or looking for favourete cd/cassette you want to play. I think tunning radio or changing cd. or talking on your mobile phone or looking out anywhere else but eyes on the ROAD is important. Your life and other peoples life depend on you.

When driving dont think you are hero or you are best driver in this world. If you think this; you will meet amonster one day. Before you start driving THINK!

WHETHER, DAY OR NIGHT, SUNSHINE, RAIN and or you tired or fresh, did you plan your journey.

There are so many driver on the roads in our country driving a vehicle their lights are not working specially BRAKES LIGHTS.

There are so many drivers thing they are best every one else is ideot they sound their HORN just like a one year old child playing with it.

Why there are so many drivers on the road dont know sounding horn is only allowed to avoide an accident or flashing head lamps is used for the same purpose?

Why a driver behind you is flashing his head lamps if you are driving to the speed limit?

Why a driver behind is tail getting? He think he is hero he will stop if some thing happen in front you?

Why youngster racing on Dual Carriage Way or Motorway perhaps they got Camera warning system in their cars?

There is a lot to talk about and dit can be boring.


If we forget about the price for moment and think about system which is easy to operate.

A system which is not bulky and it is not going to obstruct your view in front. To understand how to operate before you use it. Some Sat. Nav. has address  or destination, favourete places, car parks, petrol stations, eating places, avoid toll road, some can play music video, simulate your route before you go on your journey you can check where your at. nav. is going to take you. There is a choice to use motorway, A roads it all depend how far you are going. I came a cross a unknown system little tiny price can be about £.40.00 or just under. I found this system so reliable it will take you a to be. If you take wrong turn or if you find road was a no entry just carry on and it will re-route your journey.

No matter how much you pay for it just think road safety and system is easy to operate. Some system just need post code of a address and they will take you.

Dont forget if  you want to see or check your newly bought system is working go out in your car feed address when your system is ready. When it receive signal than it works properly good system get ready quickly. Some cars with heated front window you need external aerial to buy external aerial is a good idea.


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