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Hi, I am writing this as I have just had a nightmare few hours trying to sort this out.

I have just purchased a BT Easyreach pager, I was aware beforehand that the BT service is no longer available, but from information I found on the internet, I was lead to believe that BT Easyreach customers had all been migrated to PageOne and that the pagers could be reactivated with them, but the number of the pager had to be supplied.

So I sent an e-mail to PageOne asking for confirmation, but never got a reply, and the pager I wanted was getting close to the end so I took a chance and bid - and won!!

When the pager arrived I noticed the number was of the old format 04325 number, so I found a webiste ( that still lists the table to convert the number (04325 became 07625)

I then tried my luck and called this number, only to get the squealing beeps that told me the number wasn't recognised

I then scoured the internet again and finally found the number for PageOne customer services (08700555300)

Called them, got through to a guy called Imran, who sounded more like Marvin the paranoid android, who with a very depressive tone informed me that I had been mislead, and that BT Easyreach customers were NOT migrated to PageOne, they were reccomended to rent a PageOne Pager.

I cannot blame the seller of my pager, as the information is not easy to get hold of, and I can assure you that I have no interest in selling any pager, there are only 2 Pager providers in the UK now, PageOne and Vodafone

PageOne no longer sell pagers, they are only available to rent there website is

Vodafones paging service site is here, although there is very little information available, and it appears restricted to business users

Sadly, what I do not know is if any pagers purchased on e-bay would work, if i do ever find out, I shall add this

My only advice is this, If you purchase a used pager from anywhere, please don't pin your hopes on it working, , most of them are purely for the collector, I am pleased with my pager, if for no other reason than a sentimental one in that it is exactly the same as my old pager and brought back a lot of memories of some of the phone conversations I had after the beep!

I hope this helps.

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