Yama Dharmaraja/Kalarupa

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Tib: shin je cho gyal
Lord of Death, King of Law
Yama is the protector of the Vajra Vairab(Yamantaka) cycle of tantras. He has one face with two hands and is dark blue in color. He has a head of a buffalo with 3 round eyes and two sharp horns with entwined flames, fierce and angry. He holds up in his right hand bone stick composed of skull and bone ornaments. He wears a necklace of fifty freshly severed heads. He stands with his right leg bent and left leg extended to the end on a buffalo above a human body, sun disc and lotus seat. To his right is consort Chanmundi, blue in color with one face and two hands with a trident in right and a skull cup in the left. Both are adoned with bone ornaments wrathful attire and various skins, completely surrounded by the flames of pristine awareness. Kalarupa is a wisdom deity proctor of the father class of Anuttarayoga Tantra specially employed by those engaged in Vajra Vairab Tantra practices and is found in Sarma Schools.
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