Yamaha DD-10

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Yamaha DD-10


The DD-10 is a stereo digital drum machine with 8 touch sensitive drum pads,98 preset rhythms played on some 26 or so drums. It comes with one demo pattern and the ability to store 2 user patterns. It responds to MIDI and the channel for MIDI can be set. It runs on 9-12volts and can be powered by batteries. There is also the facility to play the drums from external pedals - which are attached via a 3.5 stereo jack - the unit uses the same grounding method for trigger as say the Casio MT-500 - a brief connection to ground triggers the drum,in this case the bass and hi-hat.

The Tempo can be generated from a manual entry system where you merely tap a button and the unit plays at the tempo you are hitting the button.

The pads are assignable from the kits available.All the pads can sound at the same time. The green purple and white buttons choose from the 3 sets of instruments available for each pad. If you press green and purple simultaneously,then you can customise the pad. This is done from the following process - press the "C" button on the numeric keypad and a number from 0-9 corresponding to one of the drum pads that you wish to transfer a sound to. Whilst still holding C+pad number,press the pad which contains the sound you wish to copy.Then press green and purple at the same time - which chooses custom mode,which is a 4th set of drums which you have chosen yourself. Press the pad,corresponding to the number you chose with the C button,this will then play the sound assigned from one of the other pads.

The Channel for the DD10 can be set by pressing the MIDI MODE button and the numeric buttons for the channel. Entering 00 means the DD10 will respond to each drum note sent to it individually - entering 99 means it will respond to a MIDI clock signal and program numbers will change which rhythm is playing.

The rhythms cover all the usual patterns. There are 100 patterns,two of which (98 and 99) are user programmable by using the pads. There is also a built in metronome.

The user patterns are selected using number 98 and 99 for the rhythm number,and can be overdubbed as the sequence loops.

Good points: MIDI channel response is good and the ability to swap to note mode or clock mode makes it easy to configure to any setup. There are 3 audio outputs - Left and Right Stereo and a headphone output,which means you can treat left and right channels independently with effects.

Niggles: The sound is not brilliant by today's standards but passable. The hard pads are hardly what you would wish to hit with drum sticks.You can though - get hold of CASIO DP1 pads and plug them straight into the drum ports and use those as controllers.

The manual for this unit is downloadable from Yamaha in PDF format.

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