Yamaha YZF1000r Thunderace review

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I thought I would tell people about this under estimated machine. These can be brought here for a song and can be worth every penny!

I brought mine about two years ago, only 15K on the clock! they were originally intended as a sports machine but over time are now considered a great sports tourer. They are quick even by today's super bikes top end meant to be around 170 mph, but they won't handle the corners like these new machines will, mine does 150 easy don't really need to go faster! They have a big fat rear end, not the slim one you see on today's super bikes but this allows a passenger a real rear seat one that they can comfrey sit on for hours. These machine have some faults to look out for though. They can burn oil, some machines did this from new! quite a bit too, don't let this put you off to much it was solved on mine by changing the oil type, I think off the top of my head I'm now using a semi synthetic and no more oil burn! they have a gear box that sounds like a tractors gear box, but its ok! they are pretty good on fuel and spares are now available on ebay quite cheap! If your going to buy one look out for low mileage one's and check the rear shock is ok as this can set you back quite a bit they seem to be good for 20k or so, as with all older bikes check plastics for damage although you can get these panels cheap on ebay at the moment too! One thing to look out for is the exhaust system is ok, it can cost a small fortune to replace this! I have enjoyed this machine so much, it was intended as a stop gap for a GSXR but I can't seem to part with it! done quite a few long 200 miles + journeys on it and find the riding position quite good. Although it's a heavy machine compared to these modern machines, acceleration still puts a smile on my face! hope this helps some one buy there machine.. Good luck Si.

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