Yankee Candle tarts/melts

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Yankee tarts/melts are a great way to get that great yankee smell at home at the cheaper price than the candles. I always go for the proper yankee tarts not the 'simply home' range.

Simply Home

The 'Simply home' range is sort of yankees value selection but on ebay you can usualy get the original yankee tarts for around the same price. The 'simple home' tarts dont seem to last as long the original yankee range.

Tarts dont dissolve

Tarts are a brilliant thing but as someone who had only used candles previously i was very confused when it never dissolved like candle wax. I waited and waited and the scent dissapeared until I looked it up and disscovered that once the scent dissapears you have to remove and replace the tart. Changing your tart is easy once cooled they usually pop back out with a butter knife.

Prepare to become addicted

Through first hand experience and speaking to other Yankee fans I have found its very easy to become addicted to buying these lovely little wax tarts, and they can be found so cheaply on at 10 for around 10 pounds so i have a lovely little collection forming. 

Get buying!

next step get buying! yankee do so many lovely scents and some great seasonal scents so go take a browse and try them out, can guarantee you wont regret it :)
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