Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings Buying Guide

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Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings Buying Guide

Gold and diamond are the most sought-after materials in jewellery. Gold is not just another metal. Because of its high value, it is a symbol of grandeur in every part of the world. Diamond is a rare and exquisite commodity. Its sparkle has delighted many eyes. When combined, gold and diamond create a stunning effect, making the piece of jewellery stand out in the whole outfit. Gold and diamond are an ideal combination for high-end jewellery, from anklets to rings, bracelets to brooches, and necklaces to earrings.

Earrings are an integral part of a jewellery collection. Many women feel naked without earrings, and they feel more confident when wearing earrings set in gold and complete with a diamond. Diamonds are valued based on colour, cut, carat weight, and clarity. Gold as a metal in earrings come in different colours, ranging from rose gold to white and yellow gold. A popular choice for earrings these days are the yellow gold diamond earrings, and buyers must know the features of the different components of this jewellery piece to make a better decision when buying some.

Earring Styles

Earrings today are symbolic of style and culture of one person. Men and women, especially women in their younger years, have their ears pierced to make it possible to adorn themselves with earrings. Ear piercing is one of the original ways to modify one's looks. Ancient Persians to English courtiers, and gentlemen to sailors all wore earrings for different reasons. Most women these days wear earrings, and many women have worn earrings since their childhood days. There are different types of yellow gold diamond earring styles that exist in the contemporary culture, and each of them is uniquely functional.


Stud earrings look like they are attached to the ears without support. Stud yellow gold diamond earrings have thin metal that can be inserted through the pierced ear, and it is held in place by a clutch or removable friction back.


Hoop earrings are semi-circular or circular in design, and they look like a bigger version of a ring. Metal tubing that penetrates the ear is an integral part of hoop earrings, which can be locked in place by the wire at the front of the ear.

Drop or Dangle

Drop or dangle earrings hang from the bottom of the earlobes, which drapes at a length of one centimetre or more. Thin wires connect to the ears, going through the earlobe and attaching to a small hook at the back.


Huggies,, which settings enclose the earlobes, are available in heart, star, as well as other shapes. They are a very popular type of earrings, and many custom jewellers are fond of these earrings because they can let their imagination run wild in creating settings that can be used in their craft


The earrings are ornate earrings that actually look like pieces hanging from a chandelier. Some chandelier earrings are composed of tiers of same shapes. Chandeliers are bigger than most styles of earrings, and it is rather bold to wear chandelier earrings.

Yellow Gold Metal

There are different colours of gold, but yellow is the most common. Yellow gold comes from mixing copper and silver with gold. A ratio of 50 per cent copper and 50 per cent silver in an alloy mixed with gold creates the yellow gold used in jewellery. Karat, which is a measurement of amount of gold in jewellery, can come in grades of 22K, 18K, 14K, 10K, and so on.


Also called "rolled gold" or "rolled gold plate", gold-filled jewellery is composed of a solid layer of gold that is bonded to a base metal such as brass by heat and pressure. Yellow gold diamond earrings can be gold-filled jewellery. There are gold-filled products that have sterling silver as the base, but because silver is relatively expensive, this type of jewellery is not common these days.


Yellow gold-plated jewellery is made up of a base metal, such as silver and copper, wrapped with a thin layer of gold by chemical or electrochemical plating. The problem with gold-plated silver is that after months or years of use, the gold plating gradually fades because the silver atoms diffuse into the gold layer. A solution is to put a barrier metal between gold and silver. An effective barrier metal is copper, and there are cases when copper is plated even more with metals like nickel.


After the simple or intricate design in the earring, a diamond set in place is a final touch to a masterpiece. Diamonds, being the hardest substance on Earth, is the most-coveted gemstone. A yellow gold diamond earring sparkles brighter than any earrings because of the presence of diamond. Diamonds do not attract attention; they command it. Buyers who are interested in yellow gold diamond earrings must know how to quality-check a diamond. In order to do that, keep in mind the 4 Cs of a diamond: the cut, colour, clarity, and weight.


The cut of a diamond focuses on the facets and not just the overall shape of the stone. A diamond must have an optimal cutting of facets so that light that enters can reflect back through all the facets, making the diamond sparkle on all sides. Diamond cutting can be traced back to the late Middle Ages, in which the diamond's natural shape, octahedral, is cut into round brilliants, ideal cuts for raw diamonds in order to minimise loss of weight.


The colour of a diamond plays a role in its value. It may surprise some people that diamonds come in pink, green, blue, black, and red. But the most popular colour is white or colourless. Ironically, many colourless diamonds are not entirely colourless but have a light to very light yellow colour. The Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) established a ranking system for colourless diamonds.

Colourless Diamond Ranking

The table below shows the ranking of colourless diamonds based on GIA standards. The ranking ranges from D to Z+.



D, E, F


G,H, I, J

Near colourless

K, L, M

Faint yellow

N, O, P, Q, R

Very light yellow

S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Light yellow



As a rule, the less of a yellow tinge a colourless diamond has, the higher its perceived value. The rule could have resulted from the perception that a colourless diamond is pure, and thus, beautiful.


Clarity refers to the amount of blemishes and inclusions on the surface and inside a diamond. A diamond with little or no blemishes and inclusions commands a higher price. It is hard to find a diamond that has no blemish or inclusion because diamonds go through a turbulent process involving underground earthquakes and eruptions before reaching the surface of the earth. For this reason, so much value is given to diamonds that have relatively few blemishes and inclusions. Diamonds are scanned for inclusions or blemishes by jewellers under 10x magnification, and most diamonds contain blemishes and inclusions that are just not visible to the naked eye.


Carat is the measurement of a diamond's weight, so the more carats buyers see on the diamond's certificate the larger the gemstone. A marquise cut, however, makes a diamond look larger than it really is because of its elongated shape, so it is important that buyers see the actual weight of a diamond on papers, and ensure the weight does not include the metal. Always ask the exact diamond weight because there are diamond dealers that round off a diamond's weight. For instance, a 0.23-carat diamond may be sold as a 0.25-carat diamond.

Buying Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings on eBay

When it comes to jewellery, eBay holds a vast collection of earrings, including the yellow gold diamond earrings. When searching for a yellow gold diamond earring on eBay, it is faster to find the product if you type the keywords directly. You can find different styles of yellow gold diamond earrings on eBay by browsing through the pages of search results and finding your way around the site, which is very easy.

A simple mental checklist when buying yellow gold diamond earrings include the style of earrings, the type of gold, and the 4 Cs of diamonds. Product descriptions often provide the information you needed, but you can do extra research on review sites for the product you are interested in. Always deal with reputable sellers who have high user ratings, clear postage and payment details, and excellent communication. If you have any further questions about the yellow gold diamond earrings you are interested in, do not hesitate to send the seller a message on eBay and ask any questions you have.


Gold and diamond make a fascinating combination. The glitter of gold and the sparkle of diamond are enough to create a piece of jewellery that is a visual feast. Even with earrings, the combination of gold and diamond is sought after by many. A yellow gold diamond earring is a popular design and comes in a variety of earring styles, such as studs and hoops. The gold part of a diamond earring can be made of gold, or it can be gold-filled or gold-plated.

Furthermore, the diamond, which is often the centrepiece of an earring, is a very important part to look into when buying a yellow gold diamond earring. How a diamond achieves its full potential to sparkle is largely dependent on how the facets are cut. Colourless diamonds, which are popular, can vary in its transparency, and the less yellowish a diamond is, the better it fares in the market. Only truly rare diamonds are without blemish or inclusion, but most diamonds are "flawed" only under the microscope and not the naked eye. A yellow gold diamond earring fuses the most beautiful materials in the world of jewellery, and purchasing such earring gives buyers the benefits of owning beautiful, elegant jewellery.

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