Yet another Wessex Teak complaint

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If you have also been left high and dry by this company PLEASE report it.  It is the only way we stand a chance of receiving our goods or a refund.  There is some very good advice in previous reviews so do take the time to read through them.  PLEASE report them to Essex Trading Standards (Terry Everett), Essex police and copy your details to the police officer featured in a recent review who is collating details of people who have not received their furniture.

We won a bid on 9th April 2008, when our paypal payment "failed" we were asked to contact Wessex Teak and pay them direct which we did the next day.  After some chasing via email we finally received a delivery date of 3rd July which surprise surprise came and went with no delivery.  When I managed to get through to Wessex Teak I was told the consignment had not arrived but that it would be delivered to them on 21st July and delivered to us later that week.  Based on reviews on this site I am not going to hold my breath.  When I challenged Wessex Teak as to why they were advertising furniture sets for sale on their own site as being in stock and available for delivery when we weren't receiving ours she said "those people are paying double the price you did so they take priority over Ebayers"!  We are still customers who have paid our hard earned cash for goods - if you don't want to sell at those prices don't sell on Ebay.

DO NOT sit back and do nothing, this company are still trading on their on website even though they are no longer trading on Ebay.  Ebay should have taken action when they first started receiving complaints about this company.  No company should be allowed to trade on Ebay giving delivery times that take them outside the Ebay and PayPal complaints cut off. 

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