You Won eBay's Blogs Reviews & Guides Contest - Scam?

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Congratulations! You are one of the top 100 writers in eBay's Blogs,
Reviews, and Guides Contest
So read the e-mail we recently received. Was this really from eBay? Was it a scam?
As it did not come through the "My Messages" system, we have to assume it is some kind of "phishing" scam.
It does include two links to click, something that eBay warn against, so it probably is a scam.

We actually saw an invite to join or register for eBay's "Write a Guide or Review" Competition.
It is restricted to members living in North America, so we think it is rather unfair. "Non-Americans" need not apply! Sounds like a re-run of recent American foreign policy.
Living in Europe, it make us feel eBay doesn't love us, ah well!

Here is the E-Mail

Dear chardcoins,

Congratulations! You are one of the top 100 writers in eBay's Blogs,
Reviews, and Guides Contest for the period starting August 9th and ending
August 22nd and have been selected receive 200 dollars in eBay Gift
Certificates. You can view at the full list of contest winners at the contest
results page.

We have started the process of awarding that prize - if you do not receive the
credit in your Paypal account in 10-12 business days, please let me know.
Also, check that the e-mail address where you received this e-mail message is
linked to your Paypal account. If not, we won't be able to send you your
winnings so let me know if you trouble linking your address to your Paypal

Winning was no small feat as thousands of members vied for the top 100
slots. I hope that you enjoy your winnings and continue to write great
reviews, guides and blogs on eBay - you are of course eligible to win again!
The second entry period began on August 23rd and will continue until
September 5th so there™s still time to compete! Once again Congratulations
and thanks for participating in the $100,000 Blogs, Reviews, and Guides Gift
Certificate Giveaway.

Nii A. Ahene
eBay Blogs, Reviews and Guides Team

Useful links
* Contest Main Page
* Reviews & Guides Home
* eBay Blogs Home

Illiteracy Clue?
Although the letter seems quite well written compared with some of the stuff we see on eBay, much of the grammar and syntax is rather suspect. On balance, we reckon this is somebody trying to steal our identity or hijack our account.

Location Clue?
The eBay system surely knows we are UK based, so should have excluded us anyway, even if we do contribute guides on both the UK and US eBay sites.

PayPal Clue?
Surely eBay know we do not have, and intend never to use PayPal as long as we can avoid it?
But then again, they do try to force everybody to use it, mainly because they own it! So perhaps the PayPal mention is not much of a clue.

Our decision was to ignore it, and we advise anybody else getting similar e-mails to also ignore it. There sure are plenty of scammers and crooks out there.

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