You bought it now get it home

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The simplest thing in the world is buying a sofa on ebay.

Make the winning bid

Make the payment

Then comes the problem!!


In a blinding flash you realise a pre-requisite of buying something big on ebay is to find out how many miles it is away.


It is often the case that the most expensive part in the buying process is not the item but the transportation.

Finding someone to move it

Royal Mail? Anything bulky forget it.

DHL and similar couriers? Great for archive sized boxes anything bigger and their interest evaporates.

Local van and man in the small ads? Their variable quality means that you wait months before they can find an economic journey to make the delivery affordable by you.

Local van and man on the net? The annonimity of the net has created opportunities for some scam artists to make a quick buck. Yes they may pick the item up and then you start waiting. After a couple of days of trying the pay as you go mobile number you have and there is no response from the internet cafe hosted web site you call the Police. But where do you look. Sorry but you have been had!

The other scam to guard against is when these carriers ask for a credit card number to "reserve teh space". Never give the number to someone operating of a mobile phone, unless you are happy to fund someone elses's Christamas shopping spree!


The safe way - the efficient way


Whoever you use to move your goods here are some simple guide lines:

1.  Get the name and address of the carrier.

2.  Ask for a landline number. Ask for the name and address of the subscriber.

3. Call directory enquiries and ask for the name and ask for the address.

4. PHONE the number. It may be a genuine name that checks out to the genuine address. Call it and you may discover the subscriber is a pensioner who knows nothing about transportation.

 When you use a national company like w.w.w. you can check them out at companies house under Limited or on yell where they are listed under van and lorry hire in Crawley the listing shows not just the telephone number but also the head office address.

The bottom line is would you let just anyone waltz into your house and take your TV away? Of course not. So why entrust your property to an unknown, annonymous and untraceable carrier? 




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