You wanted Faux (fake) fur but hve you bought real fur?

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I notice a lot of accessories and garments declaring themselves to be faux fur.  But be very careful what you buy if you are not wanting to fund the cruel fur trade.  Many of the garments are shipped from the far east via Russia and Italy (among others) and sold as faux fur.  Real fur can be dyed and trimmed to ape faux fur in order to get it into the marketplace.  Because of the spectacular rate of slaughter in the far east real fur (especially accessories where a whole pelt isn't necessary) is now cheaper to produce than faux fur so you will quite easily be able to pay a reasonable price that fools you into thinking it must be fake or faux fur.  You might want to have a look and see how this trade works by checking out some of the anti fur trade sites (and you may remember the trade in toy cats and dogs a few Christmases ago that turned out to be made from real cat fur and dog fur - same source).  You may also wish to conduct your own non-scientific test which is demonstrated on the sites mentioned above - THE BURN TEST should show you what you've got.  I just want people to make informed Ebay purchases.
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