Your Complete Guide to Buying Body Shop Supplies on eBay

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While body shops primarily look for body shop supplies,, there are a number of individuals on eBay who do so as well. After all, carrying out different types of auto body repairs can be accomplished without a trip to a body shop as long as the required knowledge is at hand, and not to forget, access to the right supplies. However, the kind of supplies required vary from job to job, wherein what is required for a paint job varies considerably from what dent removal requires, so knowing just what to look for becomes important.

Looking for body shop supplies is quite easy in this day and age, and with the wide variety of options that websites like eBay offer, buyers are truly spoilt for choice. It is owing to this wide variety on offer that buyers should equip themselves with some basic knowledge about what is required, and when it comes to what body shops generally stock and search for, paying attention to the different types of supplies becomes important.

Body Shop Supplies

Automotive body repair requires access to the right supplies, and this is in addition to the tools that are required. Some of the most commonly looked for supplies include dent pullers, sand blasters, paints, spray guns, as well as a host of tools typically used in vehicular repair.

Dent Pullers

Dent pullers are used to remove small dents that have not caused the body of a vehicle to wrinkle or crease, and work quite well when used in the right manner. While some dent pullers use suction to do the trick, some others require drilling holes around a dent. Typical suction dent pullers available through eBay come with step-by-step instructions and are fairly easy to use.


Sandblasters are used to prepare surfaces for refinishing, and while most use sand, some others even use ground coconut shells and walnut shells. Sandblasters found on eBay are available in different sizes and with different capacities; however, they all work in the same basic manner, making use of suction feeds, pressure feeds, and dead blow hammers. Using a sandblaster results in sand bouncing back at the user, and as a result, investing in protective gear, like gloves and safety glasses,, is suggested.

Types of Sandblasters

Buyers have the option to search through different types of sandblasters, and the three basic options include: pressure, gravity feed, and siphon sandblasters.

Type of Sandblaster


Pressure sandblaster

Requires pressurised sand canisters to be hooked to the gun

Easy to use


Gravity feed sandblaster

Requires an air compressor

Sand fed through container placed above gun

Siphon sandblaster

Requires an air compressor

Sand fed through container placed below gun

Buyers, when looking for either of these, do have the option to look for variants in accordance to capacity and size requirements, which in turn, have a bearing on the price. Pressure sandblasters are typically more expensive to use in the long run because reusing the sand is not a possibility, and this requires buying new canisters from time to time.

Spray Guns

Spray guns typically come with containers that hold the material required to be sprayed. The size of the containers can vary as can the size of the guns, and the containers can be located above or below the gun, or even away, at a distance. Common spray gun types available on eBay include: general purpose, gravity feed, siphon feed, and pressure feed alternatives.

General Purpose Spray Guns

Good general purpose spray guns can be used in different applications, and many come with the option to switch from pressure feed to siphon feed and vice versa as, and when, required. They can also be switched from bleeder to non-bleeder styles, and for large jobs, they can be used with remote canisters and paint tanks. Their use for painting automobiles, however, is not really suggested because they do not produce high-quality automotive finishing.

Gravity Feed

The container that holds the spray material is found atop a gravity feed spray gun,, which helps gravity play a role in the material flowing into the gun. In addition to high performance, gravity feed guns score over pressure feed and siphon feed variants when it comes to material costs because almost all of the material in the container ends up being used. Highly-favoured by most body shop owners and the automotive paint refinishing realm, these guns do away with sputtering that can lead to refinishing complications.

Siphon Feed

The material container is found under the gun in siphon feed alternatives, and they make use of compressed air that helps to draw the material upwards into the gun. These guns are not very efficient when it comes to working with heavier materials because the siphon effect is generally not strong enough.

Pressure Feed

Pressure feed spray guns make use of air that pressurises the material container, which forces the material towards the gun's tip. These guns can be used with canisters that can be attached to them and they can also be used with remote canisters. When using a remote canister, the canister needs to be pressurised.


Paints are all too commonly used in auto shops, and a number of do-it-yourself enthusiasts are found looking for automotive paints as well. Automotive paints, buyers should know, come in different types, and the primary choices include: urethane paint, water based paint, enamel paint, metallic paint, and lacquer.


Urethane paint is often sought by people looking for high quality, and in addition to being easy to use, it also comes with an excellent enamel retaining capability that helps prevent chipping and fading. This paint can be used over most types of paint without worrying about adverse reactions, and it is known to dry quite quickly. Since this paint is toxic, using the right kind of protective gear while working with it is recommended, this includes things like safety glasses and painter's suits.

Water Based

The use of water-based paints has gained popularity in the automotive industry in the recent past, and while these non-toxic paints allow versatility in use, buyers do not have too many options to choose from in terms of colours, yet. Water-based paints are used with clear urethane topcoats to get a high-quality finishing.


Commonly used with commercial vehicles, enamel paints offer durability as well as affordability, and the fact that they can be used on top of most types of paints certainly helps. However, when other paint types are used over enamel paint they tend to react, and once enamel paint is laid down, it cannot be polished. In addition, enamel paint can take up to two weeks to dry.


Metallic paints come with tiny aluminium chips, and are commonly used on muscle and sports cars. These highly-reflective paints are more expensive than most other types of automotive paints, and matching metallic paint during repairs is not very easy.


Lacquer paints, primarily used until the 1960s, still manage to find a number of takers. These high-gloss paints are cost effective and they are easy with which to work. However, the finishing tends to diminish sooner than it does with other paints, and lacquer paints are prone to chipping.

Other Supplies and Tools

Supplies apart, access to the right tools is important, be it in a body shop, or in the garage of an individual who intends to carry out some body repair work. Some of the other more commonly used supplies and tools in body shops, which include those that are available on eBay, include: aerosols,, screwdrivers, hammers, spanners, pliers, trim tools, sanders, sanding pads, body blocks, jumper leads,, wheel balancers, pipe benders, and suction cups.

Buying Body Shop Supplies on eBay

eBay gives buyers a range of body shop supplies from which to choose, which include: dent pullers, sandblasters, paint, spray guns,, air compressors, body fillers, repair kits of different types, sealants, rags,, and more. When it comes to certain body shop supplies, like spray guns, paint drying lamps, spray booths, and jigs, buyers also have the option to search through used products, which can help save some money.

Another way to save some money is paying attention to the postage and packaging costs because these costs vary from seller to seller. Looking for local sellers who allow free collection in person is one more way to save some money when shopping through eBay.

Finding body shops supplies on eBay is quite easy, as buyers are presented with a search box on every eBay product page. In order to use this function, buyers simply need to type in whatever is required and click on search. For example, if a buyer is looking for a "gravity feed spray gun&", entering the same in the search box should yield appropriate results.


Many individuals have realised that not all automotive body jobs require a trip to the body shop, and it should come as no surprise that buyers looking for auto shop supplies on eBay continue to grow. With the Internet serving as an ideal knowledge base, access to the right kind of information is within everyone's reach, and what this leaves is access to the right type of supplies. Price is almost never a real concern in this case, especially in the long run because of the rates body shops are known to charge, even for seemingly minor body repair work.

While eBay does give its users a plethora of body shop supplies from which to choose, it is the buyer's prerogative to find out about the various alternatives on offer, which should come only after establishing just what is required. Knowing how to distinguish between different types of products is important, as this affects functionality as well as affordability, and if a buyer is looking for paint,, knowing just which type of paint serves the purpose becomes important.

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