Your Guide To Buying a Single Air Mattress

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Your Guide To Buying a Single Air Mattress

Buying a single mattress is not just about comparing ratings and prices, and then selecting the cheapest one. It is important to take into account many things before buying a single mattress, including considering what features are available on a particular single mattress and what will be the precise use of the mattress. For instance, will the single mattress remain inflated constantly or will the buyer be deflating it every day in the morning, or will the single mattress be used for camping trips or will it be used in the house by a person? Asking a number of questions will often help to establish the best type of mattress needed.


Factors to Consider Before Buying a Single Mattress

Being such an indespensible object, it is worth making an informed choice and considering the factors below should help.



Knowing the requirements

Each single mattress has a specific weight capacity. If this weight capacity is exceeded, the mattress will rupture. If there are children in the house who are unable to resist jumping up and down on the mattress, it is best to get a single mattress with the capacity to bear the weight of even a full grown adult.

Usage and User

Don't forget to take into account what the mattress will be used for. If a senior or elderly person will be using the mattress, getting a raised single mattress might be a better choice, though the height of the mattress should not be overlooked. Based on the individual using the mattress, the single mattress can be inflated accordingly. For instance, if a senior uses the mattress, it is best to inflate it to be firm, making it easier for the person to get off it in the morning. If the mattress is going to be used for camping, it should be made from a durable and sturdy material so that it does not get punctured in the rough terrains.


A single mattress may not fare very well with a pet around. That said, there are mattresses that have a thick surface and, therefore, cannot be easily punctured. There are even puncture-resistant mattresses available, which might be the more viable option about if there is a pet at home, especially a cat.

How to Buy a Single Mattress

Often, it is best to opt for a single mattress that comes with a simple design and has quality components that last long. While there are expensive single mattresses in the market, it does not necessarily mean that they are the best. Check the following features of a single mattress before making the purchase.

Air Chambers

Many materials, such as PVC, urethane, vulcanised natural rubber, and nylon, are used to make the air chambers in single mattresses. Out of these, urethane and PVC are considered extremely desirable, as they are elastic, extremely strong, and do not deteriorate with time. However, an air mattress with urethane or PVC air chambers will be stiffer and less elastic when compared to an air mattress that is made from vulcanised rubber. According to some experts, if the air chambers are made from fabric-back vulcanised rubber, the single mattress will be extremely comfortable, and will not get too hard or bottom out. Make sure that the air chambers have a thickness of 5 to 7 inches. Additional to this, most single mattresses available in the market have multiple air chambers, with one chamber each for the head and shoulders, the torso and lower extremities. So, there is always the option of adjusting the air in each chamber independently.

Top Covering

Even a single mattress will have a top layer, such as foam, to give it a comfortable feel and appearance. Usually, a single mattress will have around 3 to 6 inches of foam present on top of the air chambers. The foam can be urethane foam, memory foam or latex foam. The better the density and thickness of the top layer of the single mattress, the more comfortable the mattress will be. It makes sense to check this before making the purchase. The spread of foam on the air mattress should be a minimum of 1.8 lb/cu foot density.


Anyone opting to buy a single air mattress will definitely need a pump to inflate the single mattress. It is important to opt for a quiet pump or one that emits just a low hum. It should not be noisy, and the pump should be loaded with some high-end features. Before buying a pump, it is important to ask the seller about the power of the pump. In addition, the pump should be easily accessible and should not be buried in the mattress. If the pump receives ventilation, it will tend to last longer than a pump that does not get any airflow. The pump should have a couple of moving parts, it should be slightly audible while working, and should be able to fill a completely deflated air mattress in less than 2 minutes. Ask the seller about the warranty for the pump, which should normally be for a minimum of 3 years. Some of the different types of pump that come with a single mattress include the following:

Type of Pump


Built-in electric pump

If the single mattress is going to be used quite a bit, then look for a mattress that has a built-in electric pump. This is more convenient to inflate the mattress as and when required.

Battery operated pump

A buyer can also look at a battery operated pump, but should ensure that the pump is a DC type of pump.

Hand pump

For those who are not afraid of a bit of manual effort, then a good old fashioned hand pump may be a great option.

Remote Control

In this 21st century, the buyer has the luxury of buying a single mattress with a remote control. The remote will fill the mattress with a comfortable level of air and will even empty it, too. If the remote does its work well, then it makes sense to have it. Also, the remote setup should be easy and simple to use.

Side Rails

If a single mattress has air chambers running all the way to the edges, it may not be very comfortable for the user to get off the mattress. For this reason, ensure that the single mattress has sturdy and strong foam side rails that prevent a user from sliding off the edge while in a seating position. Do not consider a single mattress that has flimsy and thin side rails, as they will not last long.

How to Buy a Single Air Mattress on eBay

eBay makes it very easy to buy a single mattress. One of the quickest ways to find a single air mattress is by typing the term into the search box as this will produce a thorough listing of the existing products on eBay. Alternatively, it is possible to search for single air mattresses by following the eBay categories. Whilst there are many possible routes, one of the easiest is by selecting Home & Garden and Home & Garden again from the home page. From this page, either click on the Bedroom and then choose Beds & Mattresses from the drop down menu, or click on Furniture & Living and follow the link to Beds & Mattresses here. Regardless of where the seller is located, don't forget to carefully check the return policy. When buying a single mattress, testing it out is always the key point. This makes having a no-strings attached return policy is beneficial. It is also important to check the warranty for the single mattress.


A good quality single mattress can be used at home or even for camping. Make sure that all requirements are carefully reviewed and thought out before embarking on the purchase and definitely don't forget to invest in that pump. When it comes to buying a single mattress, the return policy of the seller and the warranty are equally important in making the purchase decision. That is why sites such as eBay are great, as the eBay guarantee protects buyers and ensures that they get a fair deal.

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