Your Guide to Affordable Hair Extensions

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Your Guide to Affordable Hair Extensions

Hair extensions serve three main purposes: They add extra length to natural hair, thickness and fullness to hair with inadequate body, or flashes of colour as an alternative to hair colouring. When shopping for hair extensions, you will need to determine if you want the temporary or permanent variety. The second is whether you prefer synthetic or real human hair. If your own hair lacks natural body, extensions are a perfect way to overcome this deficiency. Likewise, if your hair is short or mid-length and you cannot wait for it to reach below the shoulders, extensions are a good way to achieve your desired look now whilst growing out your natural hair.

Quality permanent extensions are always going to be expensive, but there are ways to save. Buying decent quality hair extensions at a reasonable price requires some prudence and common sense. Taking a “middle way” approach to what you are prepared to outlay will economise your budget and save your hair in the long run. eBay has a fantastic range of extensions and accessories. The extensions listed on eBay range from removable to permanent i.e., from do it yourself clip-ins to fused extensions, which only qualified and well-trained hairdressers install. This kind are expected to last several months. This guide covers some of the ways you can save money on hair extensions without falling for inferior products that can damage your hair.

Temporary Extensions

Temporary extensions are a do-it-yourself way to attain a fuller head of hair. They are normally called clip-in extensions and should be removed before going to bed. By far the most cost-effective way to achieve extra fullness in your hair, clip-in extensions present a risk-free solution. These extensions are cheap and stress-free, and eBay has many to choose from. These temporary extensions are very popular and come in both synthetic and human hair varieties. The routine of fitting them is a small inconvenience for the money you save at the salon. If you need luscious locks only for special occasions, this is certainly the way to go.

Human Hair

An excellent mid-way compromise on price is to choose 100 per cent, Remy Indian, human hair clip-ins. The small extra cost of human hair clip-in extensions are well worth it. They will give a more luxurious and natural look and feel to your hair. You will need to treat your human hair clip-ins gently, but an advantage is that they tolerate moderate heat well, provided you use heat-protecting agents. The oils in your hair extensions are non-replaceable, so keep this in mind when styling and avoid prolonged exposure to excessive heat. When shopping for highly affordable hair extensions, you should think about choosing 100 percent real hair extensions. They are a truly premium product at a good price.

Chinese hair is suitable for hair extensions only once it is softened through a chemical process. Unfortunately, this process strips the shine from the hair, leaving it dull and porous. To counteract this, the hair is coated with silicon for a glossy and appealing finish, but it doesn’t last. Another problem with Chinese hair extensions is that they are manufactured cheaply and in bulk, not baled strand by strand. This means the cuticle layer of the hair, which is smooth one way and rough the other, gets mixed up in the bale. Therefore, this results in some of the hair strands running in the same direction as the wearer’s hair, with others running in the opposite direction, causing tangles and general manageability problems.


The most affordable of all hair extensions is the synthetic clip-in variety. The low-end of this type is nylon-based, which means you cannot apply significant heat without melting the fibres. Great care must be taken to maintain them in good condition. Use only the gentlest shampoos designed for synthetic fibres. Some gentle styling can be done, but straightening and curling should not involve direct heat. They serve better as a fasten and leave-alone extension and are not ideal for constant styling.

Heat resistant synthetic extensions are a step up from regular synthetic ones and are only marginally more expensive. They are made from a range of more advanced fibres and allow for greater versatility in styling. Nevertheless, keep in mind they are still synthetic, so do not apply heat above 180 degrees. Good maintenance is the key to success with synthetic hair extensions. Treat them very gently, or they will quickly start to look shabby.

If you only need a quarter or half-head application on the under layers to boost your hair’s thickness, synthetic extensions may adequately serve your needs. On the other hand, you are better off with natural human hair if the extensions reach down well below the natural length of your hair. You want the natural texture, tone and sheen of the extensions to blend seamlessly with your own hair, and synthetics rarely achieve that.

Permanent Extensions

When considering permanent extensions, a person can choose from tape, I-Tip micro bead, and fusion varieties. No matter which type of permanent extension is chosen, you will get gain the benefit of long hair for an extended period of time.


Tape hair extensions are a human hair extension adhered with tape close to the scalp. A hairdresser will charge for labour, but the hair extensions themselves are reasonably cheap on eBay. This method is comparatively simple, and a full head of extensions can be applied in under two hours. It is recommended to have a hairdresser install them, but anyone with the needed skills can do it.

The taping method is one of the safest permanent hair extension applications. There is very little stress caused to the head or scalp, although some clients may experience an allergic reaction to the scalp, especially if the installation is not carried out by an expert.

I-Tip Micro Bead

I-Tip hair extensions are a glue-free and risk-free way to have permanent extensions. The process involves weaving small sections of your natural hair into a ring and inserting the hair extension in alongside it. The ring is squeezed together to secure the extension.

A great benefit of this extension is that it is glue-free and easy to remove with no damage to the hair. I-Tip extensions take longer to install than the tape variety, and therefore, a professional installation will cost more. The purchase cost for these hair extension kits are similar to higher grade clip-ins. Check the varieties that eBay offers. The prices vary according to type. There are brightly coloured synthetic types, which are good for parties and novelty occasions, and the classier Indian, human hair varieties.


Fusion hair extensions are the strongest and most permanent of all, lasting four to six months. It gives the most convincingly natural appearance, enabling the wearer to style their hair as they normally would with moderate-hold products such as mousses and styling cream. Heavy, strong-hold products, however, are best avoided as they may weaken the fusion.

With this method, a bonding gun melts the glue bead at the end of a bunch of pre-bonded human hair and fuses it naturally with the client’s own hair. Each bunch of strands is applied individually in rows around the head from the bottom up. A safe, new heat-free technique is cold fusion.

A fusion application is the most time-consuming and costly. Depending on the density, this process can require as little as four hours up to as much as 16 hours. This technique is only for the most committed, and a high price tag comes with it.

Making Comparisons Between Extensions

It is a good idea to consider all aspects of each method before making your decision. This chart clarifies the positive and negative aspects of each method.




Temporary (clip-ins)

Most affordable

Do it yourself attachment


Easy to maintain

Constantly attaching/removing

Cheap nylon varieties suffer from styling limitations


Reasonably affordable and quick to install

Minimal stress to hair if installed and removed professionally

Natural appearance

Secure and lasts long


Possible scalp reaction

I-Tip Micro Bead

Minimal stress to hair if applied professionally



Secure long lasting

Can sometimes look bulky

Unsuitable for sparse hair


Most natural appearance

Easy maintenance

Secure and longest lasting

Very expensive installation

Very slow installation

Only professional installation & removal

Some risk of hair damage

Being able to understand both the positive and negative aspects of a particular hair extension is important in selecting which type is best for you. Factors such as personal preferences and budget often determine which hair extensions work best for a certain individual.

How to Buy Affordable Hair Extensions on eBay

Buying hair extensions on eBay is easy. A simple search brings up thousands of listings. Search for general or specific types, such as human hair extensions. Have an idea of how much you are willing to spend, but be flexible. Go through the listings that you find most attractive and compare the details. Cover all bases, especially the postage and payment details. There is normally a few different postage options available. Check the return policies, keeping in mind that these goods are non-returnable once opened.

Narrow your selection down to a few favourites, and then, check the seller’s details. Only buy from a seller you trust. Check that the seller is an eBay top-rated seller by reading through their feedback. You can contact most sellers by email if you have any questions.

Purchasing on eBay gives you the option to buy outright or bid. Bidding on an item allows you to watch its progress and increase your bid if necessary. You can sometimes win an especially cheap item this way, but you risk missing out if someone outbids you.


Hair extensions are an effective way to transform your appearance and add some glam, but if you want to avoid getting caught up in the high expense, you can. When shopping for hair extensions on eBay, choose a product that has good reviews. Remember that hair extensions are only returnable if the hygiene seal is intact. If you choose Remy Indian Human Hair Extensions for example, you are choosing a quality item of which eBay carries an extensive range at reasonable prices.

If you want permanent extensions, the tape method is well worth considering. It is the most popular method these days, and the most economical of the permanent varieties. It is quick to install, so you can have it done at the salon for a fraction of the cost of the fusion variety.

There are good alternatives to spending a great deal of money on expensive hair extensions. Fused hair extensions are the most glamourous, but you need to weigh the cost and decide if it is worth it. They are only as glamourous as you maintain them. If you’re not sure which way to go with your extensions, always choose a cheaper option first. Clip-in extensions are harmless to your hair, inexpensive to buy, and free to install. Depending on your hair extension requirements, you may find the clip-in variety work perfectly well for your needs.

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