Your Guide to Buying Affordable Bedding

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Your Guide to Buying Affordable Bedding

Bedding refers to items that are used on the bed for a good night's sleep and to protect the mattress. This includes duvets, pillows, and bed linen that can be further categorised into sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, and valances. An optional addition to bedding is the bedspread that is put on the bed during the day to give the bedroom a neat and attractive appearance, and used at night if additional warmth is needed. When buying bedding, decide which items are required and the materials that they should be made of. Choose the patterns and colours that match the overall theme of your bedroom.

There may be luxurious designer bedding available, but you can opt for affordable, but still good looking and durable, alternatives. You can find a wide range of affordable bedding in high street homeware shops, department stores, and large supermarkets, as well as online retailers, such as eBay. Next Home offers a wide range of bedding for you to choose from.

Affordable Pillows

There are two kinds of pillows: pillows that are used for sleeping and decorative pillows. Pillows used for sleeping offer comfort and provide a good night's sleep, while decorative pillows are put on the bed during the day in order to create an attractive style.

Pillows for Sleeping

Choosing the right pillow is important to prevent back and neck pain. The firmness of the pillow depends on personal taste and on how you prefer to sleep. People who sleep on their side and back benefit from an overfilled and medium pillow that supports the neck and head. However, those who sleep on their stomachs may feel more comfortable on a softer pillow.

Natural Fillings for Pillows

Pillows can have natural or synthetic fillings. Natural fillings include down and feathers, which make comfortable pillows. As air is trapped between the down and feathers, the pillow moulds to the shape of the neck and head. The more down the pillow contains, the softer it is, while the quality of the down also influences the softness. Another natural pillow filling is buckwheat. Although a bit noisy if you turn during the night, the buckwheat husks mould to the contours of the head and offer good support. The firmness can be adjusted by adding or removing husks.

Synthetic Fillings for Pillows

Synthetic filling is often non-allergenic, while down and feathers may cause allergies. The most common synthetic filling is polyester, but silicone coated polyester clusters are also used in order to create a comfortable moulding pillow that moves in a similar way to down. A dense memory foam pillow is best for people with neck and spine problems because it moulds around the neck and head.

Less widespread synthetic pillow fillings include polystyrene beads, also known as microbeads. This filling relieves neck and shoulder pain and moulds to the head. It may be too firm for some people. Water pillows have water filled pouches inside them and relieve pain in the back and neck. They also help to keep the sleeper cool during the night. Their height, firmness, and support are customisable. In general, synthetic pillows are more affordable than those with natural fillings.

Decorative Pillows

There are many decorative pillows to suit any theme or style imaginable. Choose from solid and multicoloured designs, or embellished decorative pillows, such as those with embroidered flowers. The patterns on the pillows can be printed on the fabric or created by combining different creative techniques. For affordable decorative pillows, consider buying a plain pillow and decorating it with fabric and accessories.

Sizing for Affordable Pillowcases

When buying pillowcases, determine which type of pillows you have. Then you can choose the size accordingly. The following table may help with the decision.

Pillow Name

Pillow Size (cm)


Cot bed

36 x 58

Designed for cot beds


50 x 75

Single, double, and king size beds

Super king

50 x 90

Super king size beds

Large square

65 x 65

Decorative pillow

These are the standard sizes. Note that some companies may use their own system. In any case, it is best to measure the pillows when buying pillow cases.

Affordable Duvets

When choosing a duvet, consider how warm you want to feel at night and then pick the appropriate tog rating. Duvets are available with natural and synthetic fillings. Duvets with natural fillings often last longer, but are not suitable for people with allergies. Like pillows, duvets with synthetic fillings are typically more affordable. If a natural duvet is desired, then consider a pre-owned goose duvet for a more affordable option.

Tog Rating

The tog rating is an indication of the duvet's ability to trap warm air. Higher tog ratings are applied to warmer duvets. The commonly used tog ratings are in the following table.

Tog Rating


3 to 4.5 tog

For warmer climates or warm summer months

9 to 10.5 tog

For all seasons if the home is centrally heated or for autumn and spring

13.5 tog and above

For people who like very warm duvets or for use during winter

Ultimately, the tog rating depends on personal preference and the temperature of the bedroom at night. When buying a duvet for children, bear in mind that duvets trap more air around their bodies and therefore they feel warmer. So, a 10.5 tog duvet is ideal for older children, while younger children should have a tog rating below 4.

Natural Duvet Fillings

Natural fillings help the duvet to mould around the body and they also breathe well. Duck feathers are heaviest and offer a snug feel, while duck down is softer and lighter. Goose down is also known for its extreme lightness. For those allergic to feathers who still want a natural option, choose a wool duvet that keeps the body temperature stable and stays free from dust mites.

Synthetic Duvet Fillings

Synthetic duvet fillings are non-allergenic and can be machine washed, so they are perfect for children, or anyone who requires frequent washing of their bed linen. Synthetic materials vary from polyester hollowfibre to microfibre. These duvets are both soft and warm.

Sizing for Affordable Duvet Covers

The size of duvet covers varies. However, there are some standard measurements that typically also apply to the size of the bed. Although it is, of course, possible to have a king size duvet on a double bed.

Duvet Cover Size (cm)

Duvet Cover Name

135 x 200


200 x 200


225 x 200

King size

260 x 220

Super king size

Note that the first number in the duvet cover size is for the width and the second denotes its length. Measure the duvet for perfect fit.

Affordable Bed Linen

In order to protect the mattress, duvet, and pillows, use bed linen: bed linen keeps sweat away and helps to prolong the life of the items as washing bed linen is much easier.

Bed linen can be bought as sets that have all the necessary items with matching colours and patterns. Alternatively, sheets, duvet covers, valances, and pillow cases can be purchased separately. If your bed is of the standard size, sets may satisfy your needs, especially if you want a particular look for the bed. However, separate pieces may be more appropriate if parts of the bed and the bedding are not the same size, for example, a double bed may be covered by a king size duvet. Matching the items can be fun and can involve a mix of colours and patterns.

Bed Linen Materials

Cotton is the most common choice of material for bed linen and it is known for its breathability. Egyptian cotton becomes softer with repeated washing. It is silky, strong, and requires minimal ironing. Polycotton, a blend of polyester and cotton, comes in bright colours and is easy to care for because it does not need very much ironing and also dries quickly. Linen, which is woven flax, is also a popular choice of material for bed linen. Silk is the most luxurious fabric available and it keeps you cool during summer and warm during winter. As silk also retains moisture in the skin and hair, it helps to minimise wrinkles and keep static electricity away from the hair. However, it may not be the most affordable option if bought new.

Sizing for Affordable Bed Linen

Beds typically come in standard sizes and there should be bed linen for each type. Sheets should be bought according to the measurements of the mattress.

Size Name

Fitted Sheet Size (cm)

Deep Fitted Sheet Size (cm)

Flat Sheet Size (cm)


90 x 190 x 30

Not applicable

180 x 275


140 x 190 x 30

140 x 190 x 34

230 x 275


150 x 200 x 30

150 x 200 x 34

275 x 275

Super king

180 x 200 x 30

180 x 200 x 34

305 x 275


200 x 200 x 30

200 x 200 x 34

320 x 290

These sizes use UK dimensions. Note that the first number in the sheet size is for the width and the second for the length, while the third one refers to the depth and is only applicable to fitted sheets. Some packaging for sheets may only have "double" on the label rather than dimensions.

Buying Affordable Bedding on eBay

When looking for affordable bedding on eBay, you can type your keywords into the search box on any page. Finding pillows and duvets is relatively easy because the sizing does not need to be as accurate, unless you already have a set of bed linen that you want to match with your items. When buying bed linen, the search can be general, such as, "flat sheets", or more specific if you have theme for your bedroom, such as "floral bed linen sets". You may also like to search by size or colour, for example, "blue double fitted sheets".

In general, used bedding is more affordable than new, especially designer bedding, but you may also find new bedding at a good price. To find used bedding, select the item condition "Used" after receiving the initial search results and try sorting the results by price in order to find the most affordable options.


Good quality bedding makes the bed a comfortable place to enjoy a refreshing sleep. Bedding includes a duvet and pillows, as well as bed linen. Pillows can be for sleeping on during the night or for decorative purposes to style the bedroom during the day. The pillows used for sleeping can be made of natural materials, such as feathers and buckwheat, or non-allergenic synthetic materials, such as memory foam. When choosing a duvet, take into account its tog rating. A lower number is good for warmer nights and a higher number for colder conditions. Also decide whether you want a natural or synthetic filling. The mattress, duvet, and pillows should be covered with bed linen in order to keep them in a good condition and make them last a long time. It may be wise to measure your bed if it is a non-standard size before purchasing bed linen.

When looking for affordable bedding, consider the different materials and their qualities. It may be better to invest in a slightly more expensive item that is more durable. Also, consider buying good quality pre-owned bedding for a more affordable option. You can find all the necessary bedding items on eBay.

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