Your Guide to Buying Affordable Golf Clubs

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Your Guide to Buying Affordable Golf Clubs


For centuries, golf has been a popular pastime for sport, leisure, and business purposes. Whether planning to play golf professionally, on an amateur level, or just for fun; choosing the right set of golf clubs is vital for enjoyment, comfort and performance of the game. This is increasingly true for golfers, as the technical aspects of the game are at the forefront of this sport. Selecting the right golf clubs, together with other equipment such as golf balls, tees, bags, shoes and trolleys can be the difference between shooting a bogey or birdie.

This technical knowledge regarding golf is specifically important when it comes to purchasing golf clubs as there is a large variety to choose from depending on a golfer’s playing style, and the budget available. Golf clubs can be classified into the following types: drivers, fairway woods, utility clubs, irons, wedges, and putters. eBay offers thousands of different options, including brands such as Titleist, Cleveland, TaylorMade, Calloway, Nike, and Ping. Each specific golf club has its own purpose, and this knowledge needs to be identified before purchasing a unique set of golf clubs, because playing with what the professionals use is not always the solution.

Golf Club Technical Specifications

Golf clubs are one of the most pivotal aspects of technical equipment used on golf courses today, as it is the tool that golfers use to strike the ball. A golf club has three different technical components:

  • The Head
  • The Shaft
  • The Grip

Golf Heads

The golf head is the material that actually makes contact with the ball, and is made from a variety of materials such as Graphite, Zinc, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and Titanium. Zinc and Aluminium are traditionally used by beginners, whereas Titanium is the most expensive material and is generally used by professionals as it is lighter, and stronger than the other alternatives.

The other specifications that are important regarding golf heads are the shape and the weight. Key principles here are associated with the weight distribution, head style, and dynamic between the golf head and the shaft. These factors are adhered to by golf manufacturers across the globe, and a popular reason why buying affordable clubs can be just as rewarding as premium branded goods.

Golf Club Shaft

The clubs shaft generally comes in two materials; steel and graphite. The graphite shafts are more affordable, without compromising on the quality, style, and feel of the golf club. So, if looking to select affordable golf clubs, then graphite shafts should be the preferred option especially if you are not looking for golfing stardom.

Golf Club Grips

As with other sports such as tennis, the grip of the golf club is one of the least important features when purchasing golf clubs. The grips are also the most easily and frequently replaced item of a golf club as these tend to lose their grip over time as they continue to oxidise. Golf grips vary considerably in price, so choosing a grip that feels comfortable is the ultimate goal in this process.

Identifying Your Golfing Requirements

If thinking about purchasing a set of golf clubs, and want to know the next steps, then the next section should answer these questions. Considering golf clubs are expensive, and as much as hundreds of pounds can be spent on some golf clubs, identifying the golfing requirements is a great place to start.

Questions regarding the current state of the golfer’s game, performance level, how often the golfer plays, and is your dedication long or short-term are highly important in the decision-making process. Once you answer these questions, the next decision is what budget and equipment can be justified based on these requirements.

So, within this stage of the buying process, the following questions are important:

  • What golf clubs are adequate for the current playing standard?
  • How frequently will you play golf?
  • Are new or second-hand clubs required?
  • What is your playing style?
  • Does the golfer have a right or left-handed swing?
  • What is the preferred budget for a set of golf clubs?

The key ingredients of this stage are to clearly identify the individual needs and requirements that will support the decision-making when purchasing a set of golf clubs.

What Golf Clubs Do You Need?

As has been indicated earlier within this guide, the variety of golf clubs available within the marketplace is huge. Based on the rules of golf, it is only permitted to take 14 golf clubs around the course within any given round, so it important that you carefully select the most appropriate clubs for your game, in order to get the best out of your equipment.

The difference in golf club is mainly reflected in the size and shape of the head, the length of the shaft, and the club’s relative loft i.e. angle of the club face. The driver has the largest head, is the longest club, and offers the lowest degree of loft (and therefore is considered as the longest hitting club). The varying types of golf clubs can be seen in the table below:

Type of Golf Club



The driver is the longest hitting club, and the loft can vary between 7 and 11 degrees. The driver is also typically the longest club, and has the biggest head. You use the driver exclusively for tee shots to maximise your hitting distance.

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods were traditionally made from wood, but are no longer made exclusively from wood. You can use these fairway woods on the tees, and fairways. The golf heads are similar to the driver, and this club is generally used on the fairways for lengthy shots where an iron is insufficient. The loft angle varies between 12 and 20 degrees.

Utility Clubs

Utility clubs are a cross between fairway woods, and irons. The loft is between 17 and 23 degrees, and can be used on the fairway for long approaches, in the rough, or other poor lies.


The irons are most commonly used for shots going from fairway to green, and the loft of the club is between 22 and 46 degrees. The irons start with a 3-iron, moving up to a 9-iron, and then finally a pitching wedge. The 3-iron is the longest club with the lowest loft, and it moves up to the pitching wedge which is the shortest club and highest loft.


Wedges are typically used in and around the greens. The degree of loft for these clubs varies between 50 and 64 degrees, and these shots generally go extremely high.


Putters are used on and around the green and putting surface. The clubs have flat faces (with as much as a 4-degree loft) and once hit the ball stays on the ground.

The decision into what golf clubs to purchase within a golf bag is a vital decision. eBay has a selection of choices from a complete golf set, drivers, iron sets, and individual clubs (drivers, irons, wedges and putters). The decision of what golf clubs to put in a golf bag will depend heavily on the playing style and preferences of the golfer when on the golf course, and getting professional advice is a great option at this point.

Golf Club Fitting

One of the safest techniques to ensuring the purchase of the correct affordable golf clubs is to get a club fitting. This can be carried out in the majority of pro shops and online. This stage basically involves taking the golfers measurements, asking a few questions about distances, and the golfers requirements to make sure you get the right equipment to match your body, and golf swing.

It is important within the club fitting to be honest about your body, goals, and budgetary restrictions as all these factors are important in selecting golf clubs. After this step has been completed, it is advisable to address further research before selecting the golf clubs to purchase.

Read Golf Club Reviews

Whether you are a seasoned golfer or trying golf for the first time, it is always advisable to carry out some research from professionals, and current users of these products. One of the easiest, and productive techniques is to read product reviews online and see what the professionals are saying, and determine whether their thoughts are aligned to your requirements.

However, it is also advisable to broaden your market research and to look at a variety of product reviews, and maybe even some customer feedback and reviews on the specific products and golf clubs before making your purchase.

Brands vs. Clones

This is one of the most debated topic areas in golf, and indeed in other industry sectors. What are clones?

  • Well, clones offer equipment that is trademarked, patented, and sold by reputable companies but at more affordable prices.
  • These clone companies try to manufacture and sell golf clubs as similar as possible to branded goods but offer them at a much lower cost. This is a clear distinction from counterfeit equipment.

If you take for example the Baked Beans industry, are Heinz baked beans any better than HP, or supermarket own brands? The answer is very simple. It completely depends on your own preference i.e. sense of taste, budget, quantity of beans consumed, and what dish the beans are being used for. This analogy is very similar to the golf club industry, where the answer to whether brands offer a better solution than clones depends on the individual's preferences.

There is no question that clone golf clubs offer exceedingly good value within the marketplace, and are a great option for beginners or leisure players. Whereas the branded clubs generally offer a higher standard, come with a heftier price tag, and have added advantage over clones (in that they are always first-to-market). However, the bottom line is that each individual needs to decide on the golf club that offers the most comfort,and usability to the specific requirements.

How to Buy Affordable Golf Clubs

Now that this guide has offered some advice on the factors to consider before purchasing a golf club, the next step is to get online search for different options. Buying golf clubs shouldn’t be a stressful activity, and by reviewing all the factors expressed in this guide, any golfer should be in a perfect position to select the most appropriate and affordable golf clubs. The below section offers some budgetary tips to consider when making a golf club selection:

Budget Tips:

  • Shop Around: There is a large selection of golf clubs on offer, but look at the varying prices and products on offer before making a purchase.
  • Buy A Set: The best option when it comes to purchasing golf clubs is to buy a set of clubs. This way you will get a consistency level through the golf clubs, and only need to make one purchase.
  • Old vs. New: There are a large number of ‘old’ sets within the marketplace that are just as good as ‘new’. If you carry out research properly, there are always bargains.
  • Clone Alternatives: There are some excellent opportunities to purchase clones. Often these clones offer an equal performance level to many branded golf clubs.
  • Buy Golf Clubs Online: Bricks and mortar stores offer considerable mark-ups on their store products due to overhead costs. Purchasing golf clubs online could potentially result in significant savings for shoppers.

How to Buy Golf Clubs on eBay

eBay is a marketplace that offers thousands of different golf club products, including options on gender, club types, condition, price, and branding of the golf club. The advantage of purchasing golf clubs via the eBay platform is the opportunity to filter your selection by multiple options, flexible payment options, and the extensive range on display. Tips on finding the perfect golf clubs are highlighted below:

  • To find golf clubs, visit the golf clubs category on eBay.
  • From here, there are multiple filtering options available to narrow the preferred search depending on the golfer’s particular requirements. 
  • eBay offers the customers to select multiple filters to ensure that each customer finds exactly what they require.
  • Other alternatives to find golf clubs can include inserting ‘search terms’ into the search boxes on every.
  • Once you are happy with your selections, it is advisable to carefully review all the data for each product listing to ensure it matches your initial requirements.
  • Review information such as the product description, seller’s information, return policies, images, and the question and answer section. If you still require additional information, don’t hesitate to ask the seller.

Once ready to purchase a product, either place a bid for it, buy it now, or put down your best offer. There are multiple payment options, so decide which one suits your needs and continue with the purchase.


A golfer's clubs are key to their game. By being savvy and shopping around online, you can pick up an excellent set at a very affordable price. In the large market of golfing products, the array of clubs available is almost endless, and it is possible to find on eBay the perfect set to suit your game.

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