Your Guide to Buying Beach Dresses on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Beach Dresses on eBay

Beach dresses provide modesty as women move from the beach to a cafe. They can also keep the wearer cool, as the dresses are often made from light, quick drying, breathable fabric, such as cotton which promotes airflow. Beach dresses can protect the wearer from harmful UV rays by providing cover. While some women are happy to spend the day running around the beach or lounging by the pool wearing just a bikini, others prefer a covering of some kind when they are not in the water.

Garments that can be worn as a beach dresses, such as full length sarongs and kaftans, are designed to be easy cover-up dresses that are simply wrapped around or quickly thrown over the head. Others, such as full length beach dresses, or empire waist beach dresses, can be worn as cover-ups too, but they are a more elegant solution that can also be used as a traditional dress worn on a summer's day. When buying a beach dress, the first thing to consider is the types of dresses that are available. Then selecting the most appropriate one is easy. eBay allows you to purchase a fabulous holiday dress at any time of year.

Dresses for the Beach

Dresses for the beach should be light and cool, to prevent beach goers from overheating. There are several different styles which are commonly worn by British holidaymakers when they head to the seaside, or further afield to sunnier climes. Sarongs are a popular choice to cover their modesty when wearing a bathing suit before they venture into the water. For those who have no intention of getting in the water and simply want a cool, attractive dress, a pretty beach dress is the ideal solution.

Empire Waist Beach Dress

An empire waist beach dress is a long dress with a fitted bodice that finishes just below the bust. It is ideal for pear shaped women, who have a small chest and a larger stomach, bottom, and hips. The elevated waistline gives the appearance of a higher waistline on the woman's body. The tight fitting bodice emphasises the size of the bust, creating a balanced, proportional appearance. So, wearing an empire waist beach dress draws the eye away from the bottom and hips by masking those areas under the long skirt.

Beach Kaftan

A beach kaftan is a loose, tunic style, garment that slips over the head and is used as a cover-up. It is a means of staying cool and staying hidden from the sun's harmful rays. Kaftans generally hang loose, but some models have a drawstring around the waist to provide definition. Kaftans designed for the beach are usually made from chiffon or cotton, although some synthetic kaftans are available. They are available in a number of lengths, from maxi, or full length, to thigh or knee length. The shorter kaftans are worn by women happy to show off their legs, but more reluctant to show their upper halves. Maxi kaftans are popular among women of all body shapes and sizes, as they drape the body, with lots of excess material, and so size and shape become less relevant.

Long Beach Dress

A long beach dress, otherwise known as a maxi beach dress, is full length and reaches the ankles. Made of cotton, or a cotton-synthetic blend, the long beach dress is available in bright, pastel, or pale shades: colours that help to keep the wearer cool. A long beach dress can take on almost any style, for instance, spaghetti straps, strapless with an elasticated bodice, or halter neck. Large floral patterns are common, as are stripes. Some long beach dresses are figure hugging, for those who can carry off the look, while others are loose and act as a cover-up. Long beach dresses are worn by those who want an elegant look on the beach. They are also an effective quick cover-up when wearing a swimsuit.


Sarongs are available in a number of lengths, and can be tied around the waist as a skirt, or tied around the neck as a dress. A full length or knee length sarong can be tied in a similar fashion to a toga: wrapped around the body, and tied or pinned at one shoulder, leaving the other shoulder bare. A sarong is an effective cover-up and is often made of cotton or silk, which dry quickly if made damp by a wet bikini. A saress is also available: a sarong with a loop at each shoulder. The wearer wraps the sarong around their back, then crosses the material over in front, putting each arm through the loops. This creates an instant sarong dress with no need to tie or pin the fabric.

Beach Tube Dress

A tube dress is fitted at the bust and has a loose skirt of varying lengths. Some have support shelves built in to allow the woman to forego wearing a bra, while still being well supported. They are either strapless, halter neck, or have spaghetti straps. A beach tube dress is usually made of cotton. They are a good fit for women with an hourglass figure because they add definition to the waist. Beach tube dresses are also suited to larger women, because the flowing skirt helps to minimise the apparent size of the lower body, giving more balanced appearance. Beach tube dresses are favoured by those who want to stay covered, but cool.

Buying Beach Dresses on eBay

eBay provides consumers with an array of beach dresses, in different lengths, sizes, materials, and styles. If buyers are looking for inspiration, or want to browse through a long list of results to find their perfect beach dress, they can perform a general search from the eBay homepage. If they have idea of colour or style, then entering this information into the search box provides fewer, more relevant results. The more detailed the search terms, such as "pink beach kaftan&" or "long blue beach dress&", the more accurate the results. Buyers can also limit a general search by using filters provided by eBay, such as size and colour. Finding a local seller could be a way to reduce postage costs and, if the seller agrees, it may be possible to collect the beach dress in person after the transaction is complete.

Buying Options

Buyers can choose to buy new or used items. Buying used beach dresses could save money. Beach dresses are often not worn frequently as they are limited to summer days at home or holidays. So, it is possible to find a used dress in an excellent condition. When buying used a beach dress, first establish what condition that the dress is in. If the photographs that appear with the item listing are not clear enough to see the dress in detail, then ask the seller for more photographs or information. It is wise to check whether the seller allows refunds or exchanges, just in case the beach dress does not fit. Sellers can be contacted directly by using the "Ask a question" link.

As well as purchasing from private sellers, buyers can also choose to use eBay stores when shopping for beach dresses. eBay stores often specialise in one product area, so they may be best placed to provide advice and guidance to potential customers if they need it. When contacting stores, ask about the sizing for the beach dress, which beach dress suits which body shape and how to care for the dress.

Sellers and Feedback

When shopping for beach dresses on eBay, buyers should always check the feedback of the seller of the dress before committing to a purchase. Feedback is information left by other buyers, indicating their experience with a seller, and is based on communication, delivery time, and product quality. The feedback score represents the reputation and trustworthiness of a seller, so sellers with a high percentage of positive feedback have the best eBay reputation and are the most likely to provide a top quality product and a high level of customer service.


A day at the beach with just a swimsuit or a bikini may not be for everyone. Some women feel more comfortable with more of a cover-up, and others want a simple dress to thrown on to take them from the pool to the hotel restaurant. A beach dress is a great solution. It can function as a cover-up before and after swimming or sunbathing. For those who prefer to stay out of the water, there are other light, cool, options that can be worn like an ordinary summer dress as casual day wear. When looking for a beach dress on eBay, it is useful to understand the types of beach dresses and the body shapes they are best suited to. Knowing this information helps the buyer to choose a style that not only suits her tastes, but her figure. eBay offers a vast selection of beach dresses at prices that will suit any holiday budget.

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