Your Guide to Buying Bedding on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Bedding on eBay

Finding and buying quality bedding can be a great way to introduce new levels of comfort, beauty, and style to a bedroom. Bedding is no longer a matter of bare basics, such as a plain sheet set and a blanket; in fact, bedding these days encompasses a diverse range of products, from purely decorative elements such as a valance to pragmatic choices such as a sheet set. All of these products can be found in a range of materials and styles which can complement consumers’ needs and lifestyles. One of the more comprehensive catalogues of bedding can be found online at the auction site, eBay. On this website, a consumer can look through myriad options in the search for just the right touches for the bed, including linen sets, duvets, duvet covers, and more. By following a few simple steps, a consumer can leverage this extensive catalogue of options to create an environment in the bedroom that can make sleeping and relaxing a breeze.

Shopping for Bedding on eBay

There are several ways to approach shopping for bedding on eBay. A direct method is to begin by running a search. Every page on eBay features a search bar that consumers can utilise to run searches for the items they need. Of course, running a productive search is predicated by having a knowledge of the options available in bedding. Before beginning a shopping experience on eBay, it can be advantageous to know each of the components of a complete bedding set and some of the features that go along with each.

Bedding Options Available on eBay

The bedding marketplace offers nearly every touch imaginable, giving consumers a wide array of options to optimise the comfort and style of their beds. The following are some of the more prevalent items available in the world of bedding and their attributes.


A duvet, also known as a continental quilt, is a soft, flat quilt typically filled with down or a synthetic component that mimics the consistency of down. Duvets are usually plain and white like a pillow and are covered with duvet covers to provide a layer of protection that is easy to clean and change out, much like a pillow case. Duvets come in a range of sizes that correspond to different bed sizes, including the single, double, and king sizes.

Duvets can work very well as thermal insulators which provide a good deal of warmth in the colder months. Duvets are often sold at different temperature ratings, called tog ratings, allowing consumers to select how much protection from the cold they want. The higher a tog rating is on a duvet, the warmer it is.

Duvet Covers

Duvet covers function much as a pillow case does, keeping the inner duvet protected and cleaned. Duvet covers are typically made of cotton blends or acrylic and can be washed easily in most household washers. Since duvet covers protect the inner blanket and can be cleaned with ease, many people use a duvet by itself without a flat sheet.

Bed Covers

Bed covers or bedspreads are large, thin, quilt-like pieces of bedding that provide decorative coverage over the entire plane of the bed. Unlike duvets, comforters do not come with covers. Bedspreads typically do not provide a good deal of warmth and are used in tandem with a blanket underneath. Comforters come in a range of designs and patterns, from the traditional and floral to the modern. Most comforters are made of acrylic blend exteriors and synthetic stuffing.

Bed Linens - Sheets and Pillowcases

Sheets come in two varieties: fitted and flat. Fitted sheets are used on the mattress of a bed and are meant to fit the exact dimensions of a mattress. A flat sheet is laid on top of a fitted sheet and beneath a comforter. A person sleeps between the fitted sheet and the flat sheet, with the flat sheet acting as a way to keep the comforter clean. A flat sheet can also act as a soft layer between a sleeper and a comforter. Pillowcases act as an easy-to-wash cover for a pillow and are typically sold with a bed linen set and are designed to match a flat sheet and fitted sheet.


Pillows are rectangular sacks that are typically filled with down or a synthetic alternative. Pillows are designed to provide sleepers with head and neck support during the night. They are sold along a wide spectrum of firmness, with some pillows being very malleable and soft and others being much more firm. Pillows can also come in varieties that address specific sleeping positions. Side-sleeping pillows, for example, are customised to give the correct support and positioning to those who sleep on their sides. Body pillows are a longer variety of pillow that sleepers can use to support the entire body during sleep. Body pillows should be used with extra-long cases that are specifically designed for their dimensions.

Bed Valances

Bed valances are decorative skirts that either fit onto a mattress like a fitted sheet or lay flat between the mattress and the box spring or support structure. Valances add finish to a bed and a room and are a great way to bring in colour accents and design elements to a bed’s overall look. Bed valances are sold in an array of styles and can often be found in sets with standard bedding such as sheets and duvets.

Materials Used in Bed Linens

Bed linens can come in cotton blends, acrylic blends percale blends, flannel, and jersey. Cotton linens are often rated for softness based on their thread count. An average set of cotton bed linens rates at around a 150 thread count, while percale and higher quality sheet sets can rate as high as 250 or more. Egyptian cotton is a popular variety of high-thread count cotton and can be found in varieties as high as 500 thread count or more.

Getting the Sizing Right with Bedding

When shopping for bedding, it is important that consumers take the time to ensure that they are buying the right size bedding. Bedding is sold in sizes that correspond directly to standard mattress measurements. The following chart gives the dimensions for UK mattress standards which consumers can use as a reference if they are unsure of the bed or mattress size.





Single Bed Size

36 in. (91.4 cm)

75 in. (190.5 cm)

36 in. x 75 in. (91.4 x 190.5 cm)

Double Bed Size

54 in. (137 cm)

75 in. (190.5 cm)

27 in. x 75 in. (137 x 190.5 cm)

King Bed Size

60 in. (152.4 cm)

78 in. (198 cm)

30 in. x 78 in. (152.4 x 198 cm)

Super King Bed Size

72 in. (183 cm)

78 in. (198 cm)

36 in. x 78 in. (183 x 198 cm)

There are many international products on the market; as such, consumers should remember that bedding they are interested in purchasing via eBay may be sized differently from UK standards. The following chart provides an overview of how bed sizes from around the world relate to UK standards. Consumers should also note that bed sizes both in and outside the UK are often given in both imperial and metric measurements.

Mattress Size

U.S. and Canada





39 in. x 75 in.

99 cm x 191 cm



35 in. x 79 in.

90 cm x 200 cm

Extra-long Twin

39 in. x 80 in.

99 cm x 203 cm

Dorm size

42 in. x 75 in.

106 cm x 191 cm

Super single

36 in. x 80 in.

91 cm x 203 cm

Single extra-long

39 in. x 79 in.

99 cm x 200 cm

Large single


54 in. x 75 in.

137 cm x 190 cm



55 in. x 79 in.

140 cm x 200 cm


(U.K. King)

60 in. x 80 in.

152 cm x 203 cm



63 in. x 79 in.

160 cm x 200 cm


(U.K. Super King)

76 in. x 80 in.

193 cm x 203 cm

72 in. x 78 in.

183 cm x 198 cm

71 in. x 79 in.

180 cm x 200 cm

71 in. x 79 in.

180 cm x 200 cm

California King

72 in. x 84 in.

183 cm x 213 cm




Given the variance in sizing from country to country, consumers should take the time to confirm the specifications of a piece of bedding before completing purchases on eBay. The charts above should be used as a general frame of reference to guide these conversations.

The Purchasing Process on eBay

Once you have focussed on the bedding items you need and run a search for these items on eBay, you can begin the process of finalising a purchase. Take a close look at the detailed listing pages for any listing in which you might be interested. You can find crucial information such as the price, the payment methods accepted by a merchant, and how long shipping can take. You may also want to take the time to view a merchant’s page in detail.

Evaluating Vendors on eBay

Taking a close look at a vendor and his or her range of products can help streamline the purchasing process on eBay. Take the time to visit a seller’s page. There, you can look through a vendor’s past auctions and even review the feedback that vendor has received from other customers. This can ensure that you receive the items of bedding you want within the desired time frame.


Buying bedding is a great way to bring colour, dynamics, and comfort to a bed, making it the centrepiece of a bedroom. Anything from the basic touches, such as a bed linen set, to a duvet cover that functions on a decorative level can add life and style to a bed, enhancing an individual’s experience in the bedroom. Thanks to the comprehensive bedding catalogue on eBay, consumers can find any one of these options in one place. When shopping for bedding on eBay, consumers need only run a search for an item, select relevant listings, and then take the time to get to know the sellers on the site. By following this straightforward process, consumers can access any number of essential bedding pieces in a wide array of styles through eBay. Thanks to its many user-friendly features, eBay makes it easy for a consumer to obtain the bedding that can transform the bed and the bedroom into a comforting sanctuary.

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