Your Guide to Buying Bookshelf Speakers or Wall Mounted Speakers

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The Complete Guide to Buying Bookshelf Speakers or Wall Mounted Speakers

Listening to music is one of the favourite things that people like to do to make their days more enjoyable. It used to be that the music could only be heard when in proximity to the music player, so if a person left one room of a house, for example, and went into another, the music left too. Either that or the volume had to be turned up quite a few notches, which also distorts the quality and sound of the music. Thankfully, this is no longer the case since people can now have speakers that are independent of the music player itself.

There are many type of speakers that can be purchased separately and connected to a music playing device, such as bookshelf speakers or wall mounted speakers. These types of speakers can be located at retail department stores, stores that sell electronic equipment, and on eBay. Understanding the benefits and limitations of these types of speakers as well as how to best utilise them makes choosing a new set of speakers a lot easier.

The Bookshelf Speaker

Bookshelf speakers are speakers that are lightweight and placed on raised surfaces, such as bookshelves, although because of their compact size, they can be situated in other places as well. Typically, these types of bookshelves are meant to be used with other home audio entertainment devices. When these types of speakers first came out, they were associated with a cheap price and cheap audio quality as well. That is until acoustic research founders developed compact models that incorporated acoustic suspension designs that allow individual components, such as subwoofers and other elements, to be compartmentalised into separate sections constructed of stiff material.

Benefits of the Bookshelf Speaker

Besides being more compact in size, these speakers also have many other benefits. As with any new item that is manufactured, production expenses can be expensive and as a result the expense is passed on to the consumer in the price. Once these speakers became mass-produced, they became less expensive. With advancements in stereo technology, many speaker components like processors and amplifiers were greatly improved upon to create a higher sound quality.

The rising popularity of home surround sound systems, which require multiple speakers, also increased the popularity of the bookshelf speaker. This type of speaker is also known for having better overall sound quality than many floor models. Another great benefit of bookshelf speakers over other speaker models is that there are also satellite speaker models available, which are often used with home theatre systems.

Limitations of the Bookshelf Speaker

Although bookshelf speakers are still high quality items with great benefits, they do have some limitations. One of the limitations that this type of speaker has over other types is that they are often incapable of playing as loudly as some other types, like the tower speaker for instance. Bookshelf speakers typically do have not as much bass variations as larger floor models do either. Another factor that can affect the sound quality of bookshelf speakers is the base that it rests on. Speakers that can be placed on a floor tend to have a better sound quality than ones that need a stand.

The Wall Mounted Speaker

Wall mounted speakers are ideal for many situations. They are often used with stereo surround sound systems as well as home theatre packages. This type of speaker offers great benefits; however, they have their own limitations as well.

Benefits of the Wall Mounted Speaker

One great, obvious advantage of the wall mounted speaker is that it is mounted on a wall instead of being placed on a stand or other item. Hanging speakers free up more room and reduces the appearance of clutter. Because the speakers are also so plainly in view, there are many models available, and they vary in size and finish so that they do not detract from other home décor features. They are also very versatile as well. Unlike many other speaker models, a great number of models are also able to be placed on the floor or a raised surface. Wall mountable speakers used for home cinema surround sound systems create high noise frequencies so that sounds, such as voices, have better projection.

Limitations of Wall Mounted Speakers

There are numerous benefits to having wall mounted speakers, but there are also some limitations for them as well. One of the problems with wall mounted speakers is the insulation factor. Although this might not be an issue for people who live in single family dwellings, people who live in apartment buildings may have issues with their neighbours as the sound emitted from the speakers can penetrate the walls of the dwelling. Although there is the benefit of freeing up space by mounting speakers to the wall, for some people this can be an issue if it interferes with their home décor theme. There are wall mounted speakers that are aesthetically pleasing; however, some people prefer that other items utilise that space. These speakers often require the use of brackets, which many people prefer not to attach to the wall.

How to Utilise Speakers Effectively

The sound quality of these types of speakers is only as good as the quality of the item and their placement. The price of the speakers may also directly impact the quality of the item as well. In order to obtain the most pleasure out of this type of investment, it is worth considering a couple of different factors.

Quality vs. Price

If a person has high quality technologically advanced entertainment system features in their home, it is probably going to be more advantageous for them to invest in equally high quality speakers. Lower quality speakers are attractive items to purchase for many people, but to not degrade the quality of the system that they are being attached to, higher quality speakers are worth the extra money.

Lower quality speakers may be fine for many individuals who only want to increase the audio range in areas that are not intended for quality sound. For example, if an audio device is in a shop or garage where there is already a lot of background noise or in an area that does not get frequent use, cheap bookshelf speakers or cheap wall mountable speakers are ideal.

Speaker Placement

Besides the quality of the speakers, there is also the issue of speaker placement. Even high quality speakers lose advantages if not positioned properly. It is not a difficult task to perform and worth any extra effort invested in it. When setting up wall mounted or bookshelf speakers, a good rule of thumb is to keep them at least 3 feet from the front wall. By doing so, the bass does not get bounced back and sound too bassy.

The Golden Triangle rule states that speakers placed on side walls should be 1.6 times that of the distance of the space allowed for front wall speaker placement. This means that side wall speakers should be placed 4.8 feet away from the side walls of the room. It is also important to divide the wall space up into either three or five sections so that the speakers are no more than three to five sections away from the front wall. Turning the speakers at an angle that faces the listeners greatly improves the sound quality as well.

How to Buy Bookshelf or Wall Mounted Speakers on eBay

Whether it is only wall mounted speakers, bookshelf speakers, or a combination of both, these speakers are widely available on eBay because of the vast amount of sellers who take advantage of this online marketplace. Finding the perfect speakers is easy when you enter a search query from the top of the eBay homepage. If you want to find bookshelf speakers and are not choosy about a particular brand, simply type "bookshelf speakers" into the keyword box and click the search button. Next, you see numerous items listed.

Before selecting a certain item, it is important to click on the item and scroll down to see the full item listing. This gives you detailed information about the product including its condition and any special terms that the seller has for the item. If you find a satisfactory item, also make sure to click on the seller’s name and review feedback from previous customers before making your final selection.


Either bookshelf speakers or wall mounted speaker are great additions to home theatre packages and other surround sound systems. Each type offers different benefits and limitations over the other. Bookshelf speakers may be ideal in some areas do not have room for wall mounted speakers; however, they do take up additional space. Wall mounted speakers only take up space on the wall, which leaves more room for other items and can give a less cluttered look to an area. But if the home décor does not support wall mounted speakers or the people using them do not have properly insulated walls, wall speakers are not going to be the best choice.

Moreover, the price of the speakers often speaks volumes about the quality of the speaker, and it is not always necessary to have high quality speakers. But in situations that require them, it is a very important factor. Knowing how to place speakers properly for optimum performance is helpful, but in the end it also comes down to user preference. Having the proper knowledge concerning quality and placement of bookshelf or wall mounted speakers ensures a great listening experience for any buyer.

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