Your Guide to Buying Business Dresses on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Business Dresses on eBay

When dressing for business, part of the aim is to create a smart and sophisticated appearance. Ideally, a proper business dress, complete with accessories, should immediately convey an aura of self confidence, and help the wearer to command the respect of the observer. This can be achieved by choosing a dark dress, or one in muted colours, which is not too revealing or frivolous. When buying a business dress, it is important to know how to choose a dress appropriate for the setting, as well as the accessories to accompany the dress that complete the outfit. The eBay buying process allows shoppers to choose the best products from the best sellers. eBay has a very user-friendly site, with tools designed to help buyers quickly identify the products they desire. With the convenience of eBay, a busy woman in need of a business dress can find it quickly, and at a very competitive price.

What to Look for in a Business Dress

A business dress needs to be smart and professional in its appearance. Generally, muted tones are preferred over vibrant or heavily patterned styles. There are numerous other factors to take into account when buying a business dress, such as its length, and whether it should have sleeves or not. Accessorising the dress correctly is vital. Accessories can turn a plain dress into a smart, elegant business outfit. Choosing the right dress and accessorising for the office helps to make a good impression.

Length of Business Dresses

The length of the business dress is of critical importance because a dress that is too short can be revealing, especially when sitting, if it rides up. Long dresses which reach the ankle are acceptable in cold weather, but can look too casual. Business dresses that reach the mid calf can be worn in both warm or cool weather, depending on the materials from which they are made, and this is the typical length for a business dress. Dresses which reach the knee can be acceptable in a business setting, if correctly accessorised, to maintain the professionalism of the outfit.

Colours and Prints for Business Dresses

Dark colours, including black, royal blue, and deep red are popular, particularly during the autumn and winter months. Muted, earthy tones, such as browns and greens are neutral enough to be worn in the spring and summer. If paired with a block colour jacket, large, bold patterns, such as floral prints can be worn, but the print must be elegant and not give the impression of fun.

Sleeved or Sleeveless Business Dresses

Sleeve length depends on the time of year the dress is to be worn, and whether a jacket is to be included in the outfit. A long sleeve business dress is suitable for colder weather. While a jacket can be worn, when paired with a long sleeve dress, the dress’s sleeves can ride up those of the jacket, which looks untidy and feels uncomfortable. If the sleeves of the dress peep out of the jacket sleeves, it can look as though the jacket sleeves are too short.

Dresses with shorter sleeves, such as three quarter length, work well with or without a jacket. Three quarter sleeve dresses can be worn under a jacket, but the sleeves may still ride up. Short sleeve dresses can also be worn as business dresses, as can sleeveless dresses, such as a simple shift dress. Sleeveless business dresses are mostly worn with a jacket.

Business Dress Accessories

Accessories are crucial when it comes to creating a serious business outfit. eBay has an array of different accessories to suit any woman and any business setting. Every accessory, from shoes to jewellery, should be selected carefully to elevate a dress into suitable business apparel, rather than being frivolous. When selecting accessories for business wear, always bear in mind the appropriateness for the professional setting.

Business Dress Shoes and Boots

Firstly, if the wearer works long days and has to keep the shoes on for long periods of time, above all else the shoes or boots must be comfortable, else the result is an ungainly limp or waddle by the end of the day. When buying shoes and boots, women must also take into account the length of the dress.

Ankle Boots for Business Dresses

Ankle boots work well with shorter dresses, or with very long ones, but should be avoided with mid calf length dresses, as the gap between the ankle boot and the hemline of the dress makes the legs look disproportionately short.

Mid Calf Length Boots for Business Dresses

Mid calf length boots work well with long business dresses or with knee length dresses, if tights are worn. Mid calf boots are often seen in offices during the winter months.

High Heels for Business Dresses

The heel of the shoes or boots should also be carefully considered. Stiletto heels can convey sensuality or frivolity, and are not generally comfortable to wear for long periods. However, if worn confidently, they can elevate a woman’s height and add a touch of elegance to an otherwise basic ensemble.

Court Shoes for Business Dresses

Court shoes are very popular for business wear, because the lower heel makes them easier to walk in, and more comfortable. Most women’s shoes for business wear come in a court heel version, and some designers will do the same shoe with heels of several heights so that the woman can choose her favourite.

Flats for Business Dresses

Flats are also popular for business wear, although shorter women who feel that they need the few extra inches provided by court shoes tend to avoid flats for business outfits. However, flats are very comfortable, and, provided they are of good quality and offer proper support to the feet, they put little strain on the back. Flats are a good option to have in the handbag if the chosen shoe is a high heel as they make running for the train home much easier.

Tights for Business Dresses

Tights provide warmth, protection for the feet, and much needed cover for the legs. In the winter, opaque black tights are ideal, as they provide warmth, allowing the wearer to wear short dresses if desired. For the summer, sheer tights in flesh tones are ideal and provide a glossy sheen to the legs. In general, coloured or patterned tights are not appropriate for business wear.

Jackets for Business Dresses

Jackets are an optional accessory, but a good choice to bring the dress in line with the office environment, especially one where everyone else is in a suit. Jackets can be worn with any dress. There are numerous types of jackets available on eBay for business wear. The jacket chosen should be smart, and should match the dress and the other accessories. Dark or subdued colours are very common for business wear, although some women now choose to wear a brightly coloured jacket to add a splash of colour over a plain, dark dress. If the dress is patterned the jacket should be a plain block colour. A brightly coloured jacket gives the woman a chance to express her personality.

Jackets worn with business dresses tend to be full or three quarter sleeve, and reach the hips. Tailored, or fitted jackets work well, as are those which flare from the waist.

Buying Business Dresses on eBay

When shopping on eBay, buyers are provided with a delightful selection of business dresses, and accessories to complete a business outfit. eBay offers smart dresses in a range of sizes, lengths, colours, and styles. Business dresses are also available to suit every conceivable budget, with items in both new and used condition, providing shoppers with even more opportunities to create the ideal ensemble.

Searching for Business Dresses on eBay

Buyers can perform a general search from the eBay homepage, to get a wide range of results, if they have no firm idea of exactly what they wish to buy. This provides dresses of all shapes, colours, and sizes. If buyers have specific information about the dress or accessory that they want, then they are able to include this in their search, to narrow down the results, for instance "knee length three quarter sleeve black dress".

To further narrow the search results, buyers can include additional search parameters relating to the condition of the business dress or the minimum and maximum price. To save money it may be possible to to find your dream business dress within your local area. Contacting the seller may lead to the item being collected in person after the transaction.

Buying Options for Business Dresses on eBay

Buying used business dresses allows a woman to shop on a tight budget, and still purchase a good quality business dress. First, establish what condition the dress is in. If there is any doubt as to the condition, buyers are encouraged to contact the seller through eBay before committing to a purchase. A good seller provides additional photos or more information willingly. Finding a brand new dress at an affordable price is also an option.

Sellers and Feedback

When shopping for business dresses on eBay customers are advised to check the feedback of the seller before completing the transaction. The feedback score indicates how trustworthy and reputable a seller is. Feedback is information left by other buyers, detailing their experience with a seller, including the overall performance and service provided, as well as the delivery time and the quality of the items.


A well styled business outfit should portray a confident, intelligent woman, comfortable in her working environment. A business dress should be professional and accessorised well. There are many ways to ensure that the dress matches the business setting, thereby avoiding a career and fashion disaster. First consider the length of the business dress, including whether it will be worn whilst sitting down, when it may ride up. Then consider the length of the sleeves and whether the dress will be worn with a jacket. Next, the colour and the accessories should be chosen with care. Business wear accessories include footwear, tights, and jackets.

With some careful thought, the most appropriate business dresses can be chosen, along with the accessories that maintain a look of professionalism. The eBay buying process is straightforward and using the tips on searching for business dresses, every professional woman can create the perfect ensemble with ease.

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