Your Guide to Buying Cropped Leggings

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Your Guide to Buying Cropped Leggings

Cropped leggings are simply leggings which, rather than having the hem terminate at the ankle, as most traditional leggings do, the hem terminates just above the ankle at the mid-calf. Cropped leggings are ideal to wear with certain other items, such as boot socks or in mildly cool weather to pair with skirts, which prevent your legs from becoming too cold. Cropped leggings are generally sold in a wide assortment of sizes, types, and colours, according to brand and manufacturer.

If you are looking to purchase cropped leggings, you may wish to consider foregoing the traditional retail shopping experience. Buying cropped leggings online at websites such as eBay as opposed to in a brick and mortar retail store helps you save significantly compared to shopping retail prices. Not only are items found online likely to cost less, but online retailers generally allow buyers to consider a far greater range of products while shopping online.

Finding the Best Cropped Leggings for You

There are many different varieties and styles of cropped legging. For example, they are available in different lengths, different fibres, and different colours and patterns. To determine which is best for you, you need only to determine in what situations you are most likely to wear leggings and then match them to your current wardrobe and style.

Different Cropped Legging Lengths

Leggings which are cropped above the ankle are typically found in two different crop heights. These are capri length cropped leggings and mid-calf length cropped leggings.

Capri Length Cropped Leggings

Capri length cropped leggings are cropped just 5.1 centimetres to 7.6 centimetres above the ankle, rather than ending at the ankle as with more traditional leggings. Capri length cropped leggings serve as a suitable alternative to more traditional tights in cooler weather.

Mid-Calf Length Cropped Leggings

Mid-calf length cropped leggings are best when selected to wear with tall boots, as the lack of that extra fabric prevents chafing, which quickly pills or creates runs in the fabric. Mid-calf length cropped leggings are also a solid option to wear with skirts or dresses when the weather begins to get cool in the mornings and evenings, but increased warmth throughout the middle of the day or indoors may find wearers overheating in longer leggings.

Different Legging Fibres

Leggings are made from a variety of different fibres, each of which impacts the appearance, feel, and lifespan of the leggings. The most common fibres found in leggings include cotton, wool, spandex, lycra, nylon, and polyester.

Cotton and Cotton-Blend Leggings

Cotton leggings and cotton-blend leggings both feel soft and comfortable, but lack the super thin quality of full synthetic leggings, and are not as plasticky or glossy as many synthetic options. Cotton and cotton-blend leggings are generally quite affordable, but unless the cotton is blended with a significant amount of another fibre, such as lycra or elastic, they quickly begin to lose their shape and elasticity.

Wool and Wool-Blend Leggings

Wool leggings and wool-blend leggings are generally soft, but feature a rougher, cosier look than either cotton or synthetic versions. Most wool and wool-blend leggings have a thicker pile and feel, and offer their wearers the most insulation in the cold compared to any other fibre. If you are wanting to wear leggings to protect yourself from cold, wool options are absolutely the way to go. But, as with cotton, unless blended with a significant amount of synthetic fibres, wool leggings also begin to lose shape over time.

Synthetic Leggings

Full synthetic leggings are still soft, as with its wool and cotton counterparts, but do not keep their wearers as warm as either other option. However, they are likely to be the most affordable option available, and are likely to keep their shape the longest of each other variety.

Different Legging Styles

Cropped leggings are available with different standard features which change their overall appearance. Of the most common, there are elastic band cropped leggings, drawstring-front cropped leggings, and jeggings.

Elastic Band Cropped Leggings

As the standard variety of leggings of all sorts, elastic band leggings simply feature elastic bands at the waist and hemline. This ensures that both ends of the leggings stay in place over the course of a day, keeping the hems flat against the body and also the fabric taut against the body.

Drawstring Cropped Leggings

Drawstring cropped leggings, like elastic varieties, generally feature elastic at the waist and cuffs. But the waist, in this case, also features a drawstring, which is pulled taut and then tied as an additional method of keeping the leggings up and in place.


Jeggings are a relatively recent development in leggings fashion. Generally found in cotton blends, these varieties of cropped leggings are manufactured to look like super tight skinny jeans, while being far more soft and cosy than jeans of such a size are. Jeggings generally feature a button-front closure. As with traditional jeans, jeggings are found in a massive selection of colours and washes, and in some cases, are even available in the semi-destroyed look which is also found in more traditional jeans. The semi-destroyed look features manufacturer-added holes and signs of wear.

Legging Colours and Patterns

Finding the best leggings colour for you proves difficult, as leggings are available not just in every colour of the rainbow, but every pattern under the sun as well. When considering a legging colour or pattern, it is important to match it to other items you already own so that you get the maximum use out of the new purchase.

Cropped Leggings in Neutrals

Cropped leggings are most commonly seen in neutrals such as blacks, greys, and whites. A simple black legging is timeless, and pairs well with nearly anything. Whites are ideal to pair with a long tunic or blouse in similarly pale colours, while grey leggings tend to look best when matched with more muted colours.

Cropped Leggings in Warm Colours

Warm colours cover the spectrums of reds, yellows, oranges, and pinks. Cropped leggings in warm colours are well matched to other warm colours. Match warm colours with another warm colour in an outfit you tend to wear or in a lighter or darker hue of the same colour. Cropped leggings in a bright warm colour also pairs pleasantly with a top or dress in mostly neutrals for a splash of colour.

Cropped Leggings in Cool Colours

Cool colours cover the spectrums of blues, greens, and purples. Cropped leggings in cool colours pair especially well with a mostly neutral heavy outfit, and especially greys. In some cases, for a particularly bold look, pair leggings in a cool colour with a top or dress in a complementary colour; one found opposite of it on the colour wheel. Pairing blues with yellows is a good example.

Cropped Leggings in Patterns

One should opt for patterned leggings with care, as they often distract from the other elements of an outfit. When considering patterned leggings, follow the rules of colour selection listed above, and be sure to pair them with elements in an outfit which are otherwise primarily solid colours or very simple patterns, to avoid clashing.

Buying Cropped Leggings on eBay

Buying cropped leggings on eBay is quick and easy, even for those who have never used eBay before. To start, just go to the eBay homepage. Once there, look for the search bar and click on it. Then type in the words which together describe the pair of cropped leggings you want to buy. Some examples include options like, "cotton-blend cropped leggings", "medium black cropped leggings", or "patterned cropped leggings". Making your initial search general helps you organise it with various functions eBay provides, such as by size or colour. If you wish to begin a new search, the search bar is not only located on the eBay homepage, but on every internal page as well.

In some cases, you may find a listing which looks promising, but does not feature all the information you need. In these cases, simply browse the listing page for the 'Ask a question' link. This allows you to directly contact the seller of an item.


Cropped leggings, unlike full-length leggings, end several centimetres higher on the legs. This makes them ideal for a variety of different uses as additions to your wardrobe. You can wear them more comfortably with tall boots and boot socks, for example, or as an extra bit of warmth on a cool fall day in lieu of more traditional tights by matching them to a skirt or dress.

Most manufacturers offer cropped leggings in synthetic blends, which helps preserve their elasticity while also making them longer lasting. Though cropped leggings in neutrals are by far the most popular, they are also available in a wide range of colours and patterns.

When you have decided which type of cropped leggings are right for you, you may want to consider shopping online at websites such as eBay rather than retail stores. Such websites allow you to view a greater selection of leggings while also typically offering lower prices.

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