Your Guide to Buying Dog Treats That Your Pup Will Love

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Your Guide to Buying Dog Treats That Your Pup Will Love

As your faithful companion, your dog deserves to enjoy delicious treats. However, finding healthy snacks that dogs enjoy that do not cause health problems is critical. Many low-quality pet foods have just as many preservatives and fillers as some of the worst human foods, and dog stomachs cannot process these ingredients. Bad treats leave them feeling bloated, tired, and nauseous, which means it is important to find dog treats with plenty of nutrition.


Dog Treats With Health Benefits

Many manufacturers make dog treats packed with nutrients. Because dogs do not always get all the nutrition they need from their food, these treats are an excellent way to benefit their health without forcing them to take vitamins. Look for dog biscuits and other treats with ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin, both of which help their joints. Antioxidants are beneficial for their hearts and skin, and protein improves energy and muscle tone.


Ingredients to Avoid

Some ingredients are fillers and either have no nutritional value or are harmful. Avoid dog treats claiming to contain poultry or fish. These products do not usually contain quality parts from these animals. For example, dog treat sausages often come from poor quality animal byproducts with flavouring added to make them taste like meat. If a specific meat such as chicken breast or salmon is not on the list of ingredients, do not buy the treats. Some treats contain animal fats that do not have any health benefits. Additionally, corn ingredients like soya powder and wheat byproducts are okay in human food, but they often cause skin irritation in dogs.


Dog Treat Chews

Giving long-lasting chews to dogs keeps them entertained and gives them something tasty to gnaw on. Some of the best dog chews are natural animal parts. For example, pig ears and cow ears undergo a cooking process, but the process does not add harmful ingredients. The same is true for rawhide dog treats, antler dog treats, and bones. Rawhide comes from the inner layer of cow skin, and flavouring is usually the only additive, although unflavoured choices are also available. The nice thing about rawhide treats is that they come in all sizes from large rawhide bones to small rawhide knots. Depending on the size of the dog and the size of the chew, it can take a dog a day or two to finish rawhide. Alternatively, dogs can chew on some bones, antlers, and animal hooves for weeks. Because it is their natural instinct to chew, dogs tend to thoroughly enjoy these types of treats.

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