Your Guide to Buying Double Size Bedding

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Your Guide to Buying Double Size Bedding

Bedding is sometimes called bedclothes because it refers to the fabrics laid on top of the mattress of the bed. Bedding generally refers to all sections of the bed that can be removed, replaced, and washed. It is added to provide warmth, as a covering to protect the bed, as a decorative piece, or a combination. In some circles, bedding also involves the mattress and the frame of the bed, but this is not included in reference to bedding sets for sale.

It is customary to have multiple sets of bedding to wash and reuse in rotation to maintain proper hygiene, improve temperature during seasonal changes, and refresh decor. An average bedding set will include a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two or four pillow cases. Some complete beddings sets also include pillow shams and a comforter or blanket, or this may be added in place of a flat sheet. Before buyers attempt to secure new bedding, they should become familiar with certain bedding terminologies and bed measurements.

Understanding Bedding Jargon

Before a buyer can attempt to purchase bedding for their homes, they should first become familiar with the various terms bedding sellers use. These terms are often used to describe the contents of the bedding package that are being sold.

Bedding Term

Bedding Description

Flat Sheet

Top sheets that are placed over the fitted sheets, especially when no comforter is being used; generally square or rectangular with straight edges and no elastics

Fitted Sheet

Bottom sheets that fit snugly over the mattress; can be found in various pocket depths to facilitate the thickness of the mattress; pocket depths are regular, deep, and extra deep


Similar to blankets but also double as quilted flat sheets used to cover the fitted sheets; generally reversible, machine washable, and sold with matching pillow shams; usually not as wide as flat sheets; does not go all the way to the floor; sometimes paired with bed skirts

Pillow Shams

Decorative pillowcases that often match a comforter or duvet; features frills, laces, or embroidery embellishments

Throw Pillows

Small pillows for decoration, not necessarily for sleeping

Neck Rolls

Small cylindrical decorative throw pillows; can easily fit into the neck crease when lying down but not generally made for sleeping

Bed Skirts

Also known as a bed valance, dust ruffle, bed ruffle, or bed curtain; decorative sheet fabric that curtains the bed frame; generally hangs down to the floor

There are other bedding terms that some sellers may use, especially if items are added as extras. However, the items listed in the chart above are the most popular and the most basic. Very few bedding sets will include all of the above, but most of them will include at least three.

Thread Count

This is one additional bedding term that all buyers should become familiar with. It was not mentioned in the chart because it needs its own section. The thread count of a fabric will determine its quality and also its price. Therefore, a buyer may see two similar bedding sets with the same number of items, yet one costs considerably more than the other. This may be due to the brand or manufacturer, but chances are it has something to do with the thread count.

The thread count is a measurement of how fine or coarse a piece of fabric is. The measurement is a count of the number of threads per square centimetre in the fabric. This includes a count of the warp and the weft, which are the length and the width, respectively. In essence, the count is the sum of threads counted horizontally and vertically in the square. Higher thread counts cost more.

The standard for cotton quality is 150 thread count. Anything over 180 is considered good quality. If the thread count is over 200, it is called a percale fabric, which has a noticeably tighter weave than the standard. Percale bedding sets cost substantially more than the standard quality cotton bedding.

Bed Sizes

Before a buyer goes out and purchases double size bedding, they should first ensure that they indeed have a double size bed. The chart below provides standard information on the various bed sizes. Measurements are in centimetres.

Bed Sizes



Single Bed



Bunk Bed



Double Bed



King Bed



Super King Bed



Bed sizes and names may differ by manufacturer, and each seller may make different references. If a buyer is still unsure of the bedding size that a seller is offering, they may contact the seller for specific measurements if a chart was not provided.

Bedding Sizes

It is true that most sellers will simply post their items and state the corresponding bed size. But depending on the manufacturer, the buyer’s double bed size may not necessarily correspond with the norm. It is therefore wise to know the various bedding dimensions for each bed size. The chart below provides standard information on the various bedding/sheet sizes. Measurements are in centimetres.

Bed Size


Flat Sheet

Fitted Sheet

Single / Bunk

135 x 200

180 x 260

90 x 190 x 20


200 x 200

220 x 260

135 x 190 x 20


225 x 220

265 x 275

150 x 200 x 20

Super King

260 x 220

280 x 290

183 x 200 x 20

Some sellers may be kind enough to provide a similar chart with dimensions that match the bedding they have for sale. If none is provided, the one above can be used, but buyers should make an attempt to contact the seller for specific bedding dimensions if they are available.

How to Buy Double Size Bedding on eBay

eBay is a good place to buy double bedding sets, especially when you are looking for a wide variety of colours and styles. To get the search started, you could simply type "double bedding sets" from the eBay homepage, and this will generate a large number of choices. Ninety per cent of the items on the results pages will include a comforter or duvet and two pillow cases; this may also be referred to as a three-piece set.

Even though the search term specifically requests double size bedding, you may notice that the results include single and king sizes as well. This generally means that the bedding sets can be found in multiple sizes, including double and other sizes. Each listing will also be accompanied by little colour swatches that indicate the various colours that the beddings sets can be bought in.

After the initial results page is loaded, it is best to select the bedding category to eliminate all other unnecessary categories that may distract you from you from finding your bedding collection. Additionally, selecting the bedding category will also generate more filter options. After seeing the various colours and designs, you can now narrow down your search by material, colour, and pattern. If you have a specific budget, you can also narrow down your selections by inputting a specific price range.

If you were already aware of the specific colour or material that you require, this could be placed in your initial search to display a more refined results page from the onset. For instance, you could type "striped double bedding set" or "satin double bedding sets", and the results from these searches would already have your required criteria. You could then select a particular colour from the filter options, or you could also place that characteristic in the initial search term.

Once you have narrowed down your results, select more than one bedding options and then contact the sellers to finalize buying details. If one seller does not appeal to you for any reason, or the item gets sold out, you will have at least one other option to consider.


Bedding sets are an integral part of bedroom hygiene and decor, so shopping for them should not be a difficult task. However, consumers like to have options, especially when the item is being considered for decorative purposes. Before buyers attempt to buy new bedding, they should understand the various terms and bedding jargon that sellers might use in order to be well-informed.

Buyers should also know how to determine the quality of their bedding by understanding thread counts. They should consult the seller to find out the bedding thread count if it is not stated in the listing. More importantly, buyers should be aware of their bed and bedding sizes before selecting any particular item. Once all the above have been considered, buyers then need to find a store that will provide a variety of options.

eBay is the store of choice for many consumers because it allows them to easily find their perfect bedding set with an in depth search engine and vast filter options. Buyers can even find matching curtains and throw pillows for their double bedding sets.

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