Your Guide to Buying Electronic Rubbish Bins on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Electronic Rubbish Bins on eBay

There is no other way to put it, bins are dull, and in fact they may just be the drabbest item in a home. However, they are an item that is understated in importance. The fact is they are a fixture in homes around the world and are also commonly found in offices, schools and public areas. Nothing gets more use than a bin and arguably nothing is more undervalued.

Bins now come in electronic form and there is no doubt that electronic bins are the way forward in terms of ease of use and hygiene. Before buying electronic bin users need to understand what types are available and what features they possess.

eBay sells a variety of electronic bins at affordable prices, so whether you are buying a single unit or enough for an entire home there will be a deal to suit any budget.

Types of Electronic Waste Disposal

Electronic bins have snowballed in popularity since their invention in the late 20th century. The features that they provide outshine their manual counterparts; the following are the two common forms of electronic bin:

Sensor Bin

Not unlike other forms of kitchen appliance, technology has furthered the usability of bins. Sensor bins are exactly what they claim to be; they work on a movement sensor that opens the bin whenever a user is in close proximity. Even though the automated opening and closing lid is the most obvious feature it isn’t all that a sensor bin has to offer.

  • They operate hands free.
  • Reduces the risk of spreading germs.
  • It’s the most hygienic form of bin.
  • Users will not need to wash their hands after disposing of rubbish.
  • They are constructed out of think, durable, heavy-duty stainless steel.
  • Comes with an inbuilt bin bag holder that allows for quick bag changes.
  • They use infrared technology which means users do not need to touch the bin in order to use it.
  • Uses corrosion resistant materials.
  • The base of the bin is weighted which makes it hard to knock over once correctly positioned.

Rubbish Compactors

They are the most expensive form of electronic bin available as the element is built into a full kitchen appliance. Rubbish compactors reduce the size of a pile of rubbish, helping both save space and get more use out of a single bin bag. The following are the typical features of a rubbish compactor.

  • Dependent on specification it can compact rubbish to either a 6:1 or 4:1 ratio.
  • Almost every material can be compacted via such an appliance.
  • Uses specially designed rubbish bags.
  • Available in either freestanding or kitchen appliance form.

UK Bin Laws

Electronic bins are a feature of the inside of the house. However, where the rubbish ends up is something important to consider. Government issued wheelie bins are positioned outside the house and are colour coded to what they can contain. It’s important that when you compile rubbish in an electronic bin that you have its future destination in mind.

  • Green Bin – Household Waste
  • Blue Bin – Dry Recycling
  • Black Box Bin – Small Household Waste
  • Brown Bin – Garden Waste

Laws regarding government issued bins are strict, and there are consequences if they are ignored. Fines and court sanctions are often issued to those who incorrectly recycle their rubbish.

Start splitting rubbish inside the house by having an electronic bin for each type of waste. eBay has a variety of electronic bins for sale which means there are different sizes to suit all types of rubbish.

Types of Electronic Bin

Electronic bins come in various forms. The reason for this is that a large or small bin won’t be suitable for all rooms. The following are the types of electronic bins that can be purchased.

Waste Paper Bin

  • Simple in design, considered the easiest bin to position and maneuver.
  • Only suitable for dry materials.
  • The bin has no smells to contain and thus will come with a thin lid or no lid at all.
  • Small in size making it perfect for offices and living rooms.

Kitchen Bin

  • Large in stature and comes in sizes up to 100 litres.
  • Built to cope with a wide variety of materials including, glass, plastic, metal, polystyrene, paper and food.
  • They have motion sensor lids that keep smells to a minimum.
  • Comes with a pedal that acts as a manual override to the motion sensor.
  • They help stop the spreading of germs and food born viruses.

Recycling Bin

  • As households turn towards a greener way of living recycling bins have gained popularity.
  • They are built for easy transport.
  • Not suitable for wet or damp items along with metals and certain types of plastics.
  • Has a different compartment for each different type of rubbish.

The above are the main forms of an electronic bin and most homes usually features one of each.  When shopping for an electronic bin think carefully about your needs and what is going to be going into it. Not every bin is suitable for all types of waste; some rubbish can be detrimental to a bin if deposited incorrectly.

eBay has sellers that specialise in bins and waste disposal, so expect to find all that you require and more for sale.

Buying Used

Online auctions sites such as eBay have become popular amongst shoppers, especially in the home utility sector. Bins are a core part of the home and eBay tailors to such necessity by offering both new and used electronic bins. However, shoppers should realise that buying used is an entirely different process to buying new.

A cautious eye is required in order to make sure you acquire an electronic bin that still has plenty of life left in it. Ask the seller a few questions before committing to a purchase in order to make sure you’re getting the best value for money.

  • How old is the electronic bin?
  • Does it feature a UK standard 3-pin plug?
  • Has the electronic bin suffered any damage?
  • Have any repairs been made to the unit? If so, what are they?


The simple bin has evolved from a basic plastic unit to a fully functional piece of electronic equipment. Their importance is often understated and with recycling laws as they are, there is no better time to invest in a new model. Everyone needs to start getting serious about his or her carbon footprint; the bin is a key component in making a change for the better.

The electronic bin market is constantly growing with new models being released monthly. With such an exciting and developing market it can be a daunting field for some shoppers. This guide provides shoppers with all the information they need, with eBay offering all that you require at prices to suit all budgets.

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