Your Guide to Buying Epiphone Guitar Parts on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Epiphone Guitar Parts on eBay

Epiphone guitars are sold by the Gibson guitars company, and were previously owned by the Epiphone Company before being absorbed by Gibson. Now they market an affordable range of electric guitars, also producing a number of imitation guitars based on famous musicians' instruments. The instruments are built from good-quality parts but at a relatively inexpensive price, with some higher priced instruments too. All of this makes for an entry-level range of guitars that area ideal for those starting out learning the guitar or the budget-conscious.

Epiphone Guitar Parts Available on eBay

Some guitar parts need replacing over time due to wear from overuse or damage caused by mishandling or inadequate storage. A wide range of these parts are commonly sold on eBay by major guitar parts suppliers or those looking to sell their previous models after an upgrade. Epiphone is one of the guitar brands with parts commonly sold on the eBay marketplace, both in new- and used-quality condition.

Most Commonly Listed Parts

The following parts are some of the most commonly damaged or broken on a guitar; thus, they are also found often on eBay seller listings. They are generally inexpensive to replace, so having an old part become damaged is not a large problem. When browsing under the Epiphone filter of the Guitars category, these are the most commonly seen parts.


The scratchplate is also often referred to as a 'pickguard', as it guards the glossy finish of the guitar body from scratches inflicted by the plectrum, or pick. By maintaining the good condition of the guitar's finish, the instrument will retain a higher resale value, as this diminishes with cosmetic blemishes.

Control Knobs

Epiphone guitars commonly feature a number of control dials that allow for the adjusting of sound produced by the guitar. These are most useful when playing through an amplifier. They allow for the control of volume, bass, and tone; the latter two being options that can distort the sound quality.

Machine Heads

Epiphone machine heads are mounted on the headstock of a guitar and are used to adjust the sound produced by the instrument's strings. When twisted either clockwise or counterclockwise, they increase or decrease the tension of the string, which either increases or decreases the pitch of the sound produced. These are often called tuning pegs.


The guitar bridge rests between the body of the guitar and the strings, with the tension of the strings resting against it. It transmits the vibrations of the strings to the larger surface area of the body, which produces louder sounds than the strings would do alone; this is because larger surface areas can displace larger volumes of air, needed to produce sound.

Guitar Strings

Guitar Strings produce the guitar's sound when plucked through the vibrations that they cause. This sound can be altered using the machine heads. Worn strings can produce lower-quality sounds, and strings can even break after a large amount of use or if stretched too far.

Trusting a Seller

Buying online can be more daunting than making a purchase from a high-street retailer; even with big brand name retailer websites, buyers often place a large amount of trust in the company if they have a long-standing reputation. With eBay, it is simply a platform that allows sellers and buyers to interact and make transactions, and provides a range of tools to do so. It is understandable for individuals who are new to the experience to have concerns. This is why eBay has a number of features in place to protect buyers and sellers and ensure that transactions go smoothly – and to help members in the event that any problems do arise.

Asking a Question

If the information supplied with the listing is brief and non-descriptive, the picture is unclear, or if there is no picture at all, then it may be wise to ask the seller a question rather than buying a guitar part without knowing everything about it. It is much quicker to obtain all of the information needed to make an informed decision than it is to pursue a refund and return the item.
By choosing the option to ask a question about an item, buyers can post a query to the person who originally hosted the sale. The seller can choose to post his response to the original listing, thereby saving future prospective buyers time in contacting the seller if they have the same question.

Feedback Ratings

After a successful transaction, each party involved in the sale can leave feedback in the form of a positive, neutral or negative rating, though the seller may only leave positive or neutral; a short comment can also be made regarding the sale. This allows both parties to promote the good – or bad – services of the member for future buyers to read before making a decision of whether to purchase or sell to this individual.
By choosing only those sellers who boast a good feedback rating when buying Epiphone guitar parts, buyers can be almost certain that they are to experience a pleasant and straightforward transaction and receive their item in a timely manner. Though negative feedback may indicate an untrustworthy seller, it is normal for some high-volume sellers to have a few negative marks.

Virtual eBay Shops

An eBay shop is essentially a virtual space in which high-volume sellers can list a large number of items that they have for sale; this is particularly popular for sellers specialising in one particular area, such as guitar parts. These sellers generally have good feedback scores, with a very high number of completed transactions, and can often offer items cheaper than their competitors. As they are running a business and not simply making a one-time sale, they are also often better at offering returns and refunds.

Delivery of Purchased Items

Delivery charges can vary quite widely on items for sale on eBay, as they are largely dependent on the size, weight, fragility, and cumbersomeness of their postage, though that is not to say these factors are all automatically used to determine a price. The seller makes a final decision of how much to charge for postage and packaging. The eBay website provides advice on how to accurately calculate fair postage costs for items of varying weights and different postage distances.
The charge for delivery of an item on eBay is shown alongside the item's overall price, as well as on the listing summary when searching through a page of results. It is automatically applied to the total charges to the buyer when the transaction is completed.

Local Collection

To avoid the potentially high postage costs that are common with large items, such as guitars, another option for buyers is to search for local buyers that offer collection for free. This is, of course, only advisable if the seller has a good track record of completing transactions and good positive feedback, and the decision to collect an item in person is the buyer's responsibility.

Finding Epiphone Guitar Parts on eBay

In order to find Epiphone guitar parts on the eBay marketplace, one should start from the homepage and navigate through Sports & Leisure into the Musical Instruments area of the website. This breaks down all instruments into their own respective sections. Underneath the Guitars category, users may find the Accessories subheading. By clicking into this section of the website, a number of filters will be visible and can be used to narrow the search results by preference.
The two filters that should be applied to find Epiphone guitar parts are the Parts filter and the Epiphone filter. This will then display all current listings for Epiphone guitar parts.


When seeking a replacement guitar part for an Epiphone guitar, the eBay marketplace is a good place to find cheap items from a wide range of sellers all on one platform. There are a number of commonly sold parts, and these have their own filters in the Epiphone parts category, but sellers often list a variety of different parts that are not already mentioned here.
The eBay marketplace safeguards buyers with a number of features that allow members to make an informed decision on which seller to choose from. In the unlikely event that problems are encountered when buying an Epiphone guitar part, there are also procedures in place to come to a resolution.
Finally, categorisation of seller listings makes it simple to find Epiphone guitar parts amongst the many listings on the marketplace. By following the correct categories and applying relevant filters, it is easy to locate such parts in one easy to read page.

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