Your Guide to Buying Exhaust Pipe Tubes

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Your Guide to Buying Exhaust Pipe Tubes

A car exhaust system is an integral part of the vehicle. It is designed to connect to the muffler to allow exhaust fumes to be dispersed into the open air, instead of flowing back into the car from underneath. If their current exhaust pipe tube becomes damaged, is ineffective at dispersing the exhaust fumes, or just does not look as stylish as it could, car owners can choose to purchase a new exhaust pipe tube.

Exhaust pipe tubes are available for sale at various car dealerships, auto parts stores, mechanics, and second-hand car parts dealers. To purchase a new or used exhaust pipe tube, consumers can head online to eBay where they can find a wide selection of exhaust pipe tubes of varying sizes, shapes, makes, and brands.

Consumers looking to make an informed purchase decision can benefit from having some understanding of what an exhaust pipe tube is, the different material options available, as well as the options of tube shape, size, sound, and connection type.

Parts of an Exhaust System

An exhaust pipe tube is part of what makes up a vehicle's exhaust system. An exhaust system is important for a vehicle to run. The engine creates gases that need to be removed, and the exhaust system is what directs these gases from the engine out and away from the vehicle.

Exhaust Manifold

The exhaust manifold attaches to the engine and collects gases from two or more engine pipes and combines these into one single pipe. Usually made of cast iron, exhaust manifolds range significantly in size, shape, and performance.

Catalytic Converter

The gases a car engine produces are toxic. A catalytic converter converts these toxic gases to less harmful gases and then passes this through to the remainder of the exhaust system. Most cars use a three-way catalytic converter.


A muffler, often called a silencer, is designed to reduce the noise made from the engine and the exhaust. It is large in size and shaped to muffle the noise. In a car, the muffler sits underneath the car; it is the part of the exhaust system that the pipe tubes attach to.

Tail Pipe Tube

The tail pipe tube is the final portion of the exhaust system on a car. It is the only visual part seen and dispels the gases from the muffler into the open air. A tail pipe usually extends just past the car's rear bumper in order to ensure the gas is expelled into the open air and not back into the rear of the car. Tail pipe tubes come in different sizes, shapes, and materials.

Chrome vs. Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe Tubes

Consumers have the choice of two main types of exhaust pipe tubes: chrome and stainless steel tubes. Each type has their advantages and disadvantages.

Chrome Exhaust Pipe Tubes

Chrome exhaust pipe tubes are designed to look stylish and eye catching. Chrome tips can actually be made from aluminium or steel. Shiny in appearance, they are popular with classic car and sports car enthusiasts. Chrome pipe tubes come in different lengths and shapes and may be single or dual piped. To keep a chrome tube looking its best, it should be cleaned and polished with suitable chrome cleaner to stop it from losing its shiny appearance and rusting.

Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe Tubes

With stainless steel, a consumer tends to have more options. The stainless steel exhaust pipe tube may be brushed matte in appearance or shiny. Again, as with the chrome option, stainless steel pipe tubes come in a range of sizes, shapes, and either single or double piped. Stainless steel tends to be more expensive than chrome but does offer a longer life expectancy. Over times, a stainless steel pipe tube can become discoloured from the exhaust fumes. Regular cleaning with a suitable stainless steel cleaning product can help with this. Overall, stainless steel tubes require less care than chrome tubes.

Other Considerations When Buying an Exhaust Pipe Tube

Although exhaust pipe tubes are relatively inexpensive to purchase and are easy to install, there are a few options a consumer can consider before making any final purchase decision. Exhaust pipe tubes vary in their shape, size, the sound they create, and in how they are connected.

Exhaust Pipe Tube Shape

It really comes down to personal preference when choosing what shape of exhaust pipe tube to purchase. Many consumers like to personalise their car and are able to do this with their choice of exhaust pipe tube shape. The more common options include round, oval, square, and dual pipes.


The traditional exhaust tube shape, round exhaust pipe tubes offer a simple classic look to a car. Round tubes can be straight cut or bevel cut, meaning the end of the tube is cut on a slight angle.


Oval exhaust pipe tubes can look great on classic cars or modern sports cars. As with round tubes, oval tubes can also be straight cut or bevel cut at the tip.


For a unique look to the rear of a car, some car owners like to add square exhaust pipe tubes for a unique look. A popular choice for high performance cars and sports cars, brands such as Borla, Magnaflow, or Gibson have a good selection of uniquely styled square pipe tubes.


Dual exhaust pipe tubes are stylish and often used on high performance vehicles and sports cars. They can be chrome or stainless steel and come in a variety of shapes, including round, oval, square, or rectangle.

Exhaust Pipe Tube Size

When looking at exhaust pipe tube size, consumers can consider the inlet size, the outlet size, and the length of the tube. The pipe's inlet size needs to match the muffler end that it is to be attached to. The outlet size of the tube can be the same or larger than the inlet size. If choosing an outlet tube larger than the inlet size, be sure to check that there is enough space around the bumper area where the exhaust pipe tube exits.

Exhaust pipe tubes can range from 5 cm up to 15 cm in diameter. An exhaust pipe tube needs to extend at least to the edge of the rear bumper. If it does not extend past the end of the car, it is not able to disperse the exhaust fumes effectively. If the pipe tube extends too far out past the rear of the car, it can become a safety and trip hazard.

Exhaust Pipe Tube Sound

Exhaust pipes can be designed to muffle sound or enhance the sound. To muffle the sound of the exhaust, consumers can choose a pipe tube that is internally lined with materials that absorb noise. For those who want to accentuate the loudness of their exhaust, a thinner pipe tube can do this.

Exhaust Pipe Tube Connection

An exhaust pipe tube can be connected in a few different ways. The following table provides a list of the three common ways in which an exhaust pipe tube may be connected to the exhaust system.



Clamp-On Tubes

Easy to install and no welding required; tip is slid into place over the tailpipe and clamped with a screwdriver or other similar tool tightly into place

Weld-On Tubes

Steel pipe tubes can be welded onto the exhaust system; more expensive as it usually requires the owner to have this done by a professional but does offer a stronger attachment

Screw-On Tubes

Screwed into the tailpipe and kept firmly in place; owners can do this themselves

Choosing which type of installation method comes down to personal preference. Many like the clamp-on exhaust tube for its ease of installation. It also makes changing the tip in the future easier. Tube tips direct from the manufacturer are often welded into place.

How to Buy an Exhaust Pipe Tube on eBay

To find an exhaust pipe tube for sale on eBay simply type "exhaust pipe tube" into the search bar. You can get a good idea of what is available for sale. To filter these results further, you can use the search category options to search by brand, price range, condition, or a number of other search criteria. If you know exactly what type of exhaust pipe tube you want, such as a new stainless steel exhaust tip, just type this phrase into the search bar.

When you have found an item you would like to purchase, check out the listing description and the seller's feedback rating. The feedback rating can give you an idea of how other buyers rate their service. The listing description tells you the seller's preferred method of payment, their delivery options, and their returns policy on the item. When it comes to delivery of your item, it is always advisable to opt for the method that offers track and trace.


Exhaust pipe tubes are available in stainless steel and chrome. They also range in their size, their shape, which includes round, oval, square, and a dual option, the sound that they can help to produce or muffle, and how they are connected to the exhaust system of the car. The three common ways of installing a new exhaust pipe tube are the clamp-on, weld-on method, and screw-on method.

Whether consumers are looking for a standard round stainless steel exhaust pipe tube to replace a worn or broken one or they are looking to enhance the look of their high performance sports car or classic car with a dual chrome square exhaust pipe tube, they can find what they want online on eBay. With simple search methods, secure payment options, and reputable sellers, consumers can find just the right type of exhaust pipe tube at a competitive price for sale on eBay.

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