Your Guide to Buying Fender Guitar Parts on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Fender Guitar Parts on eBay

There are generally two reasons that a musician may choose to purchase parts for a Fender guitar: either as replacements for a worn or broken part of the instrument, or additional accessories that improve or alter the performance or aesthetics of the guitar in some way. Whatever the reason, buyers can find a large range of low-cost Fender guitar parts on the eBay marketplace.

Choosing Fender Guitar Parts on eBay

There are a wide range of Fender guitar parts on eBay to suit musicians seeking a replacement for a damaged guitar part or an item to improve their current instrument.

Functionality and Necessity

The following guitar parts are some commonly listed parts found on the eBay website. These are more of a necessity, without which the guitar would not function or would have decreased functionality.

Guitar Strings

The guitar's strings are what produce sound when plucked or picked. The vibrations resonate at a certain frequency in order to produce sound as determined by the tuning pegs. Thus, a worn string can affect the quality of sound. They can also break if the instrument is stored or treated badly. However, they can be replaced.


The guitar nut is formed of a small strip of material that is fixed at the joint between the fretboard and headstock. It is generally made of steel, hardened plastic, brass, or other common instrumental materials. Over time, this can become worn and increase tuning problems, and thus sound-quality issues, due to the strings slipping or buzzing.


This essential piece cannot be overlooked, as it forms half of the guitar's frame. Connecting the body of the guitar, the neck attaches to the headstock –and thus tuning pegs – and houses the fretboard. Unfortunately, when guitars are dropped or damaged in transport, the neck is often the easiest to damage, by cracking the wood. Fender guitar necks are often seen on the eBay marketplace.

Optional Improvements and Extras

The following guitar parts are some further commonly listed parts found on eBay. These parts offer optional improvements to the instrument, but are generally not essential beyond their manufactured specifications.


These parts are also known by the name scratchplate. They are mounted beneath the guitar's strings on the main body and perform the function of protecting the guitar's finish from scratches that can be caused by plectrums, which are small pieces of plastic used to pick the strings. Though not essential, they keep the instrument in good condition, which is particularly important considering the cost of some models. This will help retain the resale value.


Pickups detect the vibration produced when the strings are plucked and convert this from mechanical energy into electrical energy, which can be fed through an amplifier. These are most commonly found under the guitar strings. Musicians seeking to improve and change their instrument's sound can try different arrangements and types of Fender pickup.


The tuners sit on the headstock of the guitar and are rotated in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction to adjust the sound of each guitar string; thus there is one tuner for each string. These don't usually need replacing from a wear-and-tear perspective, but can be replaced to change the guitar aesthetics, as they are manufactured in a wide range of materials, colours, and shapes.

Fretboard / Fingerboard

These are plates that are mounted onto the neck of a guitar. The strings are pressed against this board during play in order to change their vibrating length and produce different sounds. Most fingerboards contain markings at key lengths along the board to aid in playing. The designs imprinted on Fender fingerboards make the part a good customisation option for musicians.

Making a Safe Purchase on eBay

The eBay marketplace features a comprehensive range of security features to protect those parties involved in a transaction, in order to ensure to as great an extent as possible that problems such as non-payment, damaged or mis-sold items, or items not arriving, do not happen. There are a number of things that can be used to identify a trustworthy seller and aid in making a firm decision before committing to purchase an item.

Viewing eBay Seller Feedback

Every user of the eBay marketplace has a feedback score next to his or her name, which represents the transactions made to date since the account was created. Regardless of a member's positive or negative standing, the number shown on the feedback rating simply stands for the number of completed transactions in that person's history. When clicking on this number, buyers can see more information on these transactions, including whether they were awarded positive, neutral or negative feedback for them, and any associated comments. Avoiding sellers with a highly negative feedback rating is good practice, and some feel more comfortable in using sellers who have completed a substantial number of transactions already.

Posing a Question to a Seller

When viewing an item listing on eBay, there is an option to pose a question to the seller of the product. This has numerous benefits, such as being able to ask about a feature not apparent from the description or image, clarify specific postage costs or even negotiate a lower price. When responding, the seller's reply goes directly to the mailbox of the buyer who posed the question; they can also choose to post this on their item listing, similar to an FAQ, for future buyers who may have the same queries.

Seller Shops on eBay

Some larger sellers on eBay have virtual shops, areas on the marketplace where they may host a large number of items in one place for buyers to browse much like they would on the high street. Often, these sellers can afford to offer items at a much lower price due to their increased trade volume, or eliminate postage and packaging costs. By making a purchase from one of these high-volume sellers, members of the public can be sure that they are buying from a reliable online retailer.

Postage and Packaging

Seller listings can stipulate different costs for postage and packaging, or can be entirely free; the decision is down to the person listing the item for sale. Guidance on the eBay website can help to set postage costs based on a number of factors; however, sellers can also choose any figure that they desire. This can lead to unnecessarily high postage costs, so buyers should explore a number of options before committing to a purchase.
High-volume traders on eBay, particularly those with eBay shops as mentioned previously, often list their items without an attached postage cost. These are particularly good sellers to look out for, as they can decrease the overall transaction cost in some cases.

Finding Fender Guitar Parts on eBay

The eBay website categorises all seller listings into easy to navigate categories in order to make finding and purchasing an item as user-friendly as possible. To some extent, however, this relies on sellers knowing how to list an item, but this process is easy and almost always done correctly. Fender guitar parts, when listed correctly, appear in the Guitars category.
This category can be found by starting on the eBay homepage and clicking through Sports & Leisure into the Musical Instruments category. This section is further broken down into a number of subcategories; one of these is Guitars. The Guitars category then has further subcategories, including Accessories. After clicking into the Accessories section, a range of filters are visible down the left side of the webpage.
These filters are used to narrow sale listings into more defined categories, as there are still usually thousands of results available in the Accessories category alone. By choosing to tick the Parts filter and the Fender brand filter, all spare Fender guitar parts will become visible and isolated within the listings.


The eBay marketplace is a good place to find replacement parts for a Fender guitar. These items can be bought to either replace a damaged part on an instrument or simply to improve the aesthetic appeal of the guitar. Keeping parts in good, unworn, working order is important in order to preserve the best sound quality produced by the instrument.
Thanks to a number of security features, making a transaction on eBay is safe and finding a trustworthy buyer is relatively straightforward. After choosing and purchasing an item, there are a number of options available for postage, and sellers will usually stipulate their preferred postage method on the item listing.

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