Your Guide to Buying Floor Standing Speakers on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Floor Standing Speakers on eBay

Floor standing speakers are attractive home audio speakers that boast rich sound quality. Because of the size and appearance of the cabinets the speakers are housed in, they are attractive pieces of furniture that add to the decor of a home. Floor standing speakers are a large purchase, and finding just the right set for a home can be a daunting task. With a little bit of research, shoppers can easily find what they are looking for and snag great deals. eBay is an online marketplace that offers a huge selection of floor standing speakers from sellers all over the UK. When purchasing speakers on eBay, shoppers have the opportunity to take the time to evaluate the various options, find the best brands, search for more affordable used speakers, and choose the seller they want to work with. Once a shopper has identified their needs, they are sure to find a great deal for floor standing speakers on eBay.

Evaluating Floor Standing Speaker Features

Many audiophiles lean toward floor standing speakers because they have the capability to offer the best sound. These speakers are large and come in attractive housings. Because of the larger size of a floor standing speaker, it is able to produce deeper sounding bass and reproduces sounds that listeners can really feel. Since floor standing speakers don’t need to be mounted to a wall for optimal positioning, those living in leased flats don’t have to worry about damaging the walls. Some floor standing speakers come with adjustable feet that allow users to adjust the height of the speakers as needed.

When shopping for floor standing speakers on eBay, it is important to narrow down the listings based on the features that best suit the shopper’s needs. Since there are thousands of listings for speakers on eBay, the only way to get through them all without missing a great deal is to be as specific as possible when it comes to searching the site. Shoppers who know what they’re looking for should have no problem making selections to find the speakers they need. Other shoppers need to take some time to consider the construction, configuration, and audio inputs.


The construction of a floor standing speaker refers to the materials used to make the cabinet. While the cabinet needs to be attractive and match the rest of the stereo system, it also needs to be more than that. The quality of construction actually affects the quality of the sound the speaker produces. Choosing a speaker with poor-quality construction could degrade the sound. MDF is the most common material used to make speaker cabinets, but shoppers have the choice of various woods and metals, and construction materials like carbon fibre and fibreglass. The speakers should be as rigid and sturdy as possible to ensure the best sound.


The configuration of speakers refers to how many are in the set and how they are placed around the room. For those who spend most of their time listening to music, a 2.0 system is sufficient. This is a set that has two speakers and is the optimal configuration for stereo sound. People who are connecting floorstanding speakers to their home theatre or surround sound systems may wish to include more speakers in their setups, and perhaps a separate subwoofer.


Shoppers need to evaluate the various inputs on the speakers. The inputs determine how audio components connect to the speakers. The types of inputs determines what audio components are compatible with the speakers. The standard 3.5 mm jack is available on most floor standing speakers, and with this jack most audio components can be connected. A raw cable jack allows for greater customisation and should be considered by those who know how to wire speakers for optimal sound.

Choosing a Brand

Many brands of floor standing speakers are available on eBay, including KEF, Mission, and Acoustic Solutions. Some brands are known for producing better quality products and provide a clearer, more accurate reproduction of sound. While some shoppers already know which brand they wish to purchase, others may need a little help choosing a brand. Shoppers should read reviews and ask members of the eBay community for their opinions and recommendations.

Reading Reviews

Product reviews and descriptions are readily available on eBay. Many products have reviews from people who own or have purchased the speakers. These reviews give the shoppers a general idea of how the product looks and sounds, how easy it is to use, and if it is worth the investment or not. A standard product description is available with many items, either from the manufacturer or from the seller. This description gives the standard dimensions, materials, and connectivity of the speakers. A detailed item description helps a shopper determine if the speakers will meet their needs.

Asking the Community

If the reviews and descriptions don’t provide enough information and the shopper is having a hard time coming to a decision, the shopper should consider reaching out to the eBay community and asking for opinions regarding particular brands of floor standing speakers. The eBay discussion forums allow buyers and sellers to talk in-depth about certain brands of speakers. Forum users may also be able to make recommendations based on the needs of individual shoppers.

Buying Used Speakers

Floor standing speakers provide the best quality sound. They are also very large. This means that they are also usually more expensive than a small set of bookshelf speakers. Just because they carry a higher retail price does not mean that they are completely unaffordable though. Used floor standing speakers still provide a high quality sound but at a fraction of the price of a set of new speakers. When shopping for used speakers, shoppers should examine the condition of the speakers and evaluate the price to determine if they are a good deal or not.

Examine the Condition

Just because the floor standing speakers are used does not mean that the shopper has to compromise on quality. Many used speakers are still in excellent condition. When shopping for used speakers, the entire speaker needs to be inspected for damage. Shoppers should look for cracks or water damage on the cabinet and torn mesh on the front of the speaker. Used speakers should show no signs of wear or tear. If there is damage on the outside, then this could indicate further damage on the inside. When shopping on eBay, buyers need to be sure to look at all pictures and read the item description carefully to make sure that nothing is missed.

Evaluate the Price

The price of a set of floor standing speakers in used condition should be much less than the price when they were new. To evaluate the price, shoppers should do a little research to find out how much the speakers are if purchased new. This can be used as a starting point for evaluating the price. Speakers that show more signs of wear and tear should have a lower price than those that are in excellent condition. It is important to evaluate the price to ensure that it is a good deal.

Finding Equipment Needed for Floor Standing Speakers

In addition to the floor standing speakers themselves, the buyer may need to purchase additional equipment and accessories. Cables are necessary for connecting the speakers to the audio components. Speaker stands are not necessary, but can help improve both the look of the speakers and the sound quality. Shoppers should take the time to evaluate whether they need to invest in either of these materials before trying to install the speakers in the home.


In order to connect speakers to the stereo system, the user needs to invest in quality speaker cables. Shoppers need to look at both the audio component and the speakers to determine which cables are compatible. Shoppers should buy the best speaker wire that they can afford. Low quality wire affects the sound. High quality speaker wire and optical audio cables provide high quality sound for optimal performance.

Speaker Stands

Speaker stands are not necessary for all floor standing speakers, but in some circumstances they help to raise the speakers above the floor to the optimum level to ensure better sound quality. Additionally, speaker stands help keep the speakers from sitting directly on the floor. Depending on the type of floor in the home, this could improve the sound. Lastly, speaker stands add to the aesthetic quality of the speakers, making them more attractive.

Choosing a Seller

Before making a purchase on eBay, buyers should take some time to get to know the sellers and use the feedback scores to help make a decision as to who they wish to buy from. In each listing, there is some information about the seller who posted the listing. The seller’s username, total number of completed transactions, and percentage of positive sales are all listed. Buyers also have the ability to read comments left by previous buyers. Sellers who provide outstanding service are recognised by eBay as top-rated sellers. All of this information helps the shopper find a reputable seller to buy from.

Postage and Packaging

Postage and packaging can add a considerable amount to the total price of the floor standing speakers. This is especially true of speakers, since floor standing speakers are large and bulky. Buyers who wish to avoid high shipping fees should search for listings that offer free postage and packaging. They should keep in mind that some sellers increase the price of the speakers they are offering for sale to compensate for the postage and packaging fees. The total price should be considered when trying to find the best deal.

Local Pick-Up

To avoid delivery fees altogether, shoppers can search for sellers who allow local pick-up of floor standing speakers. Shoppers have the ability to sort the listings by location. They simply enter the postcode for their location and search within a certain proximity. Not all sellers allow items to be picked up in person, but it never hurts to ask.


Floor standing speakers offer a high quality sound that works for anyone’s home theatre or home audio system. Whether they want to hear crisp and accurate sounds while listening to their favourite songs or feel the bass when watching a movie with surround sound audio, floor standing speakers are versatile enough to accommodate anyone’s needs. Their large cabinets are also pleasing to look at, which makes them easy to incorporate into a home’s decor. Finding just the right set of floor standing speakers can be a challenge when there are so many choices available to shoppers. eBay makes the shopping process easier by allowing shoppers to sort through the various options, read reviews and descriptions, and speak with other buyers and sellers in the eBay community. Additionally, shoppers can find the best deals on new and used floor standing speakers. No matter what the shoppers’ listening needs are, they can find everything they are looking for on eBay.

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