Your Guide to Buying Floral Craft Supplies on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Floral Craft Supplies on eBay

Both seasoned crafters and amateurs can agree that making floral crafts is an exciting and unique way for people to express themselves and a great way to add their own personality to their homes. Not only are floral crafts an opportunity to brighten one's day, but they are also a great way to produce inexpensive arrangements that actually last. Floral crafts brighten people's homes and provide crafters with a sense of accomplishment. Floral craft supplies can be purchased at various craft supply stores, brick and mortar stores, as well as online retailers, like eBay.

Inspiration for floral craft supplies can be found in everyday life, online, and in books and manuals. They range from the very simple to incredibly ornate. By keeping in mind what to look for, tools needed, types of bases, choices of vessels, accents, and the ability to make goods from scratch, as well as do's and don'ts for floral craft supplies, enthusiasts can become aficionados in floral craft supplies.

What to Look for in Flowers

Floral craft supplies, and the faux flowers themselves particularly, vary widely in their quality. The petals can be made from a variety of materials. The most common material for flowers, both stems and petals, is plastic. Other materials used are silk, paper, cloth, and organic materials like dried flowers. Plastic flowers can look cheap and fake, so it is important to examine the flower carefully.

Most people do not want their arrangements to look artificial. Make sure the hues are right for the arrangement, not too bright or neon. Check the petal seams to verify that the flower looks well-constructed. There should not be gobs of glue visible to the eye. Likewise, if stems are plastic in origin, they can have visible seams or excess plastic from the mould. For stems that are made out of metal or wire, be sure that they are strong enough to keep the flower in an upright position. The benefit of these types of stems is that they can be bent and contorted to more easily meet the needs of an arrangement.

Supplies Needed for Floral Craft Projects

While flowers are the basis for most arrangements and projects using floral craft supplies, other tools, bases, vessels, and accents are needed to make an arrangement stand out. Buyers should have the necessary supplies in order to able to properly complete floral craft projects.


Scissors, shears, and knives are all very important tools used when crafting floral goods. A nice, sharp set of scissors helps cut stems to a desired length, as well as trim or create petals. Shears are also a good option for cutting stems, as they are stronger and less likely to dull. Sturdy, large knives are important for cutting blocks of foam to their desired size.

To hold the stems together, crafters utilise wire, tape, staples, and glue. Hot glue guns are especially helpful in bonding arrangements in a quick and efficient manner. These vary greatly in their quality, so it is sometimes helpful to consult customer feedback and seller communication. Be sure that the glue stick is of the right diameter for the glue gun, as they are not all one standard size.


A foam base is most often used to "plant" the flowers. This base is more likely not to be seen, as it is hidden in the basket or pot. There are two general types of foam bases: floral foam and craft foam. For crafters who are using fresh or real flowers, the floral foam is essential. It allows crafters to insert the organic stems into the base directly, after soaking them in water.

Using floral foam with real flowers keeps them fresh longer and prevents them from prematurely wilting. Though they cannot last forever, crafters can rest assured that they do last for a decent amount of time. Craft foam, on the other hand, is tough and can be rigid. Only artificial stems can be safely planted into this base. However, the sturdy base serves as a great platform for an arrangement. It is also lightweight.


Though many people who craft floral arrangements place the flowers and base in a basket or vase, crafters should not feel limited to this option. Baskets and vases are only the beginning for vessels to display floral crafts. Nearly any object with a recess can be used to display flowers in a base. Inventive crafters can use vintage wooden boxes, hollowed out plastic dinosaur figures, and even spray painted mason jars.

Crafters can also display their buds individually by affixing a pin or magnet to the back and cutting off the stem. Flowers can be showcased in all sorts of ways, from a blooming flower hat to a circular ball covered completely in paper flower buds to create a charming centrepiece. The possibilities are only as limited as one's imagination.


To add a bit of jazz to an arrangement, many crafters opt for sequins, ribbons, lace, rhinestones, and other fun details. Adding a gemstone to the centre of a flower can turn an otherwise dull daisy into a festive flower. Keeping in mind the overall feel of the project, crafters can customise to make it really stand out and be a representation of themselves.

Starting From Scratch

For crafters who are interested in creating more unique flowers, making flowers from scratch can be a great option. Tutorials are available online and at craft retailers. Flowers from scratch are often made from paper or cloth fabric and wire stems. Handy crafters fold paper or layer fabric to create voluminous flowers. Another great benefit is that these flowers are often less expensive to make than to buy at the store. People can tailor flowers they make to more closely resemble their ideal flowers, rather than having to settle for what has already been made available to them through retailers.

Do's and Don'ts of Floral Crafts

There should be a happy balance of items in an arrangement, for example. The bouquet should not be too sparse, with gaps where people can view the styrofoam base. At the same time, an overpacked arrangement with too many accents can look gaudy and tasteless. Flower stems should be trimmed of varying levels to showcase the blossoms. Having an arrangement with flowers of all the same height looks unnatural and jarring. Crafters should keep in mind the theme they have planned for the project. If it is a rustic themed centrepiece, burlap and lace should be chosen over glossy ribbon and shiny rhinestones.

How to Buy Floral Craft Supplies on eBay

eBay offers a great platform for users to shop for items that may not be available at their local craft stores. Not only that, but the pricing is often more competitive, allowing the savings to be passed on to the customer. Shopping with eBay is very easy if buyers keep just a few points to keep in mind.

When searching for an item on eBay, you can feel free to browse using the search bar on the main page. Perhaps, you are looking for artificial roses. Typing that into the search bar narrows your results to only listings with those particular keywords. Using synonyms can be helpful in your search to find goods. Furthermore, eBay has various filters to help buyers narrow down on the items they need, including price, condition, and type of product.

You should be sure to take note of customer feedback and reviews for the sellers you are interested in purchasing from. eBay allows users to grade sellers on a number of platforms, including communication and quality of item purchased. Considering this can be extremely helpful in ensuring that you have a great experience with eBay. When purchasing items, also consider shipping speed and costs.


Creating projects using floral craft supplies can be extremely rewarding with just a little bit of guidance. Crafters should be sure that their items are of good quality with no obvious seams. Stems should be strong enough to support the bud, and colours should be natural, unless crafters are going for a more surreal look. Flower petal materials should be carefully considered, as each has its own distinct look. Tools, bases, vessels, and accents are important to consider, as well.

Moreover, proper tools are needed to arrange the flowers and customise their lengths, for example. Different bases are needed for different types of flowers. Crafters can get really creative when it comes to vessels, but they should keep in mind the theme that they are working with. Accents can help add personality to an arrangement. Making flowers from scratch can be extremely rewarding for crafters, and can help them achieve a look that they might not have been able to find otherwise. The main "do" to keep in mind is to have a vision of the project and keep to that vision. With careful consideration, crafters can create the arrangement of their dreams and find the necessary floral craft supplies to do so.

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