Your Guide to Buying Funky Headphones

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Your Guide to Buying Funky Headphones

Headphones are no longer just large bulky devices that require the wearer to sit close to the audio device for personal listening. Headphones come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and there are many types to choose from. In addition to being used for personal listening, headphones come in many funky styles to show of the wearer’s individual style and personal taste. With so many different types to choose from, it can be hard to find just the right pair of headphones. Shopping for funky headphones is no different than shopping for other types of headphones. Sound, quality, appearance, and comfort all need to be taken into consideration. Shoppers first need to identify which type of headphones they need, evaluate the style options, and ensure that they provide top quality sound and comfort. To find a large selection of funky headphones in all types and price ranges, shoppers should turn to eBay..

Types of Headphones

Before considering the style or design of the headphones, it is important for shoppers to be aware of the many types of headphones available. Each type of headphones has its own unique style and function. Regardless of what a pair of headphones looks like, if they do not meet the needs of the wearer, then they are not likely to be worn. Finding the right type of headphones ensures that the shopper gets the most out of their headphones. Shoppers can choose from studio, portable, wireless, and noise cancelling headphones.

Studio Style Headphones

Studio style headphones are a larger style. They look like earmuffs and have large pads or cups that sit over the ears. They have a headband that adjusts to fit over the top of the head so that the headphones do not hang down too low. Most studio style headphones have a cord that connects the earpieces to the audio device, and these cords can vary in length from one metre to over three metres. Additionally, there are a few different types of headphones that fit within this style. These types are listed and described in the table below.




Lightweight headphones that sit on the ear rather than pressing on the side of the head; ideal for periods of long wear

Over-the-Ear (open)

Large headphones that completely cover the ear and press on the side of the head

Over-the-Ear (closed)

Large headphones that cover the ear but also have openings; allow the ears to breathe as well as enable listener to hear background noise

The on-ear headphones also come in open or closed styles. People who wish to listen to music without being disturbed should consider the closed styles. These are effective at blocking out background noises. Open styles are beneficial because people can still hear some of the background noise, and this makes them ideal for people who have small children or need to be able to hear what is going on around them.

Portable Headphones

All headphones can be taken from one place to another, but portable headphones are smaller, lighter, and better suited for carrying. The larger studio style headphones do not easily fit into a pocket or backpack, and one runs the risk of damaging the headphones. Portable headphones usually fold up to a small size or sit inside the ear so that there is no need for a large headband. The table below lists and describes some of the different styles of portable headphones.




Small headphones that sit right inside the ear canal


Headphones that hang over the ear and are held in place by a hook on the outside of the ear


Inserted into the ear canal and form a seal to block external sounds; come with various size ear tips


Earpieces sit inside the ear; supported by a band that goes all the way around the head for a secure fit

Portable headphones sit inside the ear rather than over the ear. Some block out background noises better than others, but it depends on the shape of the ear pieces. Because portable headphones do not always have a band that goes over or around the head, they do not sit as securely on the ears.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones do not use a cord to connect the earpieces to the audio device. Instead they use Bluetooth,, infrared, or RF technology to transmit a signal from the audio device to the headphones. Wireless headphones are battery powered so they either need to be charged or need to have the batteries replaced on a regular basis. Wireless headphones are beneficial because the wearer can wander around the room and not have to worry about being tethered to a CD player. Additionally, they do not have to worry about becoming tangled in the cord.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones go a step further than simply blocking background noises. These headphones have small microphones in them that monitor the external sounds. The headphones produce sounds that match the frequencies of the external sounds, effectively cancelling them out. Combined with a tight seal around the ear, wearers can listen to their music without being disturbed by any noises going on around them.

Choosing Funky Headphones

When it comes to choosing funky headphones, the appearance is most important. People choose funky headphones to show off a certain style rather than focusing on the type of headphones that provide the best sound quality. Some characteristics to consider when shopping for funky headphones include the colours and the designs of the headbands and the earpieces.


The colour is one of the first things many people go for when shopping for a pair of funky headphones. Most standard headphones only come in black or white, but there are in fact a variety of funky colours to choose from. While some might have interesting colours all over, others might have accent colours, or have simple designs over the earpieces or the headband. No matter what colour a shopper is looking for, they discover that there are headphones in every colour of the rainbow.

Headband Style

For studio style headphones, the headband can come in many funky colours or styles. The headband can be decorated with an interesting design, customised with a name, or just have a unique pattern. People who like retro accessories can find funky 1980s-style headphones that are large and bulky. Shoppers can also find headphones with a thin metallic headband for a more retro-futuristic look.


Whether shopping for small in-ear headphones or large studio-style headphones, the earpieces are usually the parts that are decorated with funky styles. The earpieces can be various colours, have interesting pictures printed on them, or just have an unusual shape. Shoppers can find headphones with earpieces that have stars, skulls, flowers, cartoons, and more.

Other Headphone Considerations

Just because a person is looking for headphones with a funky appearance does not mean that they want to sacrifice quality completely. While appearance is at the top of the list, shoppers need to go one step further to ensure that the headphones are worth the investment. No matter what they look like, headphones are still designed for listening to music and other audio. When shopping for funky headphones, shoppers should take the time to evaluate the sound quality and the comfort that the headphones offer.

Sound Quality

Headphones should provide a clear and accurate sound with little to no distortion. They also need to provide a sufficient amount of volume. Headphones that do not have enough power cannot generate sufficient volume. Even with noise cancelling features, they might not be able to block out all background noise or even provide enough volume to hear the music or audio clearly. Corded models often provide the best sound quality because they do not have any interference from other devices operating on the same frequency.


Headphones should be comfortable, especially if the listener is wearing them for a long period of time. Some over-the-head headphones can press down on the ears or the sides of the head and cause pain. In-ear headphones can cause sore ears if they are not properly fitted. Shoppers should take the time to try on different pairs of headphones to see which ones are the most comfortable. Alternatively, they can look for adjustable headphones or ones that come with different sized earpieces. This ensures that they are able to find the right fit.

How to Find Funky Headphones on eBay

Funky headphones are available in a wide range of prices, and the best deals and selections can usually be found online. eBay is a large online marketplace that offers thousands of selections at competitive prices to match any person’s taste and budget. In order to take advantage of all that eBay has to offer, shoppers need to know how to search for and refine listings to find the best deals on headphones.

Keyword Search

To perform a keyword search, use words to describe the item you are looking for and enter them into the search field. For example, type 'pink DJ headphones' to find all listings that match those keywords. Try not to be too specific with your keywords or you might have a hard time finding any matches. Instead, try to be broad and then refine the results to narrow down the listings and find what you are looking for.

Refining Search Results

Once you have completed the basic search, refine the results so that there are fewer listings to sort. Select the brand, earpiece design, fit, or specify a price range. Additionally, use the sort feature so that listings with the lowest price or are more relevant to your search are pushed to the top of the results page.


Headphones are designed for music listeners to hear their music without disturbing those around them. They come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate anyone's listening needs. In addition to listening purposes, headphones come in many styles so that the wearer can express his or her personal taste. With so many funky designs to choose from, there is no reason for people to have to stick with boring black or white. Buying a pair of funky headphones can be challenging if the shopper does not know what to look for. Aside from judging a pair of headphones based on appearances, shoppers should be sure that they are purchasing the right type of headphones for their listening needs and are not sacrificing quality of sound or comfort for the funky style. Shoppers can turn to eBay as a place to compare various styles of funky headphones and find great deals that cannot be found anywhere else.

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