Your Guide to Buying Girl's Shoes for Sports

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Your Guide to Buying Girl's Shoes for Sports

Girls can outgrow sport shoes very quickly and unless the young lady mentions the shoes are too tight, many times adults are not aware the shoes no longer fit properly. You should replace girl's shoes or sport trainers that are too small as well as those that have worn areas, stressed seams, bulging spots, or holes in the uppers or sole to ensure the athlete's safety and comfort.


Selecting the Correct Size Sport Shoe

When shopping for sport shoes it is important to shop in the afternoon. Feet swell during the day and are usually at their peak size in the early to late afternoon. The shoes need to fit properly, so measuring the foot is a good way to be sure of the correct fit. It is not unusual for one foot to be larger than the other, so be sure to use the measurement of the larger foot when purchasing girl's or kids' shoes. Because girls outgrow trainers so quickly, it is tempting to select shoes that are a little too large to allow for growth; however, shoes that are too large can cause tripping and foot problems.


Running and Track Shoes

Good running shoes are an important piece of equipment for any girl who runs track, long distance or sprints. You should select girl's running shoes specifically for her foot type, and you need to fit them properly to keep the young athlete healthy and injury-free. Flat feet are very flexible and need shoes that control the movement of the foot. Look for a shoe that has a rigid heel counter and more foam in the mid-section of the shoe. Feet with high arches tend to be rigid and need good shock absorption to prevent injury. Neutral feet, neither flat nor high arched, can accommodate most types of running shoes.


On the Pitch

Flat-bottomed trainers work well on the indoor hockey field, cricket pitch, and clay courts, but once outside, players need turf shoes. Turf shoes should have deep grooves in the soles and be stable for both running and quick turns. Be sure the shoes provide arch protection and consider higher topped shoes to protect the ankles. 


Netball and Basketball Shoes

Of the three types of court shoes, the high top trainer offers the most ankle support and increases the stability of the foot. When the athlete needs maximum support, the extra bulk and weight of the high top is a good choice. The mid-top shoe is shorter at the ankle than the high top and allows more freedom of movement. While not as padded as the high top, it still provides sufficient ankle support, giving your girl room to move and turn quickly. The advantage of low top shoes is their light weight, in theory allowing fast players to move more quickly. However, there is a loss of support, which you need to consider before making a purchase.

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