Your Guide to Buying Gold Wedding Rings on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Gold Wedding Rings on eBay

The exchanging of rings at weddings is common in different cultures, and gold tends to score over most other metals. When considering gold wedding rings, look for them as a couple, because this ensures that the person meant to wear the ring actually likes it. Gold rings are not cheap, so start by setting a budget, and pay attention to style, purity, and colour.



Carat refers to the purity of gold and gold alloys. While 24 carat is the purest form and denotes 100 per cent gold, it is the most expensive and also very soft, which is why finding 24 carat gold rings is extremely difficult. The use of 22 carat gold wedding rings is not very common in the UK, and while you can find several options, such rings are also malleable and not ideal for everyday wear. Instead, opt for an 18 carat or a 9 carat gold ring, depending on your budget. While 18 carat gold rings have 75 per cent pure gold, 9 carat gold contains 37.5 per cent, and the latter is considerably cheaper. In terms of quality, 18 carat gold offers a better golden yellow sheen, and low carat gold is prone to tarnishing in the long run.



The use of natural yellow gold in making wedding rings is all too common for brides and grooms alike, and you can find yellow gold wedding rings in 9, 14, 18, and 22 carat options. However, with the use of other metals, such as silver, nickel, and copper, to make gold alloys, manufacturers manage to vary the resultant alloy's colour, which has produced red, pink, and rose gold wedding rings. Mixing yellow gold with palladium results in producing white gold, a whitish alloy, and gold wedding rings made using white gold also come with rhodium plating to enhance its appearance. The drawback with white gold wedding rings is that the rhodium plating wears off with time, requiring periodic reapplication.



Engraving gold wedding rings is easy, so you can think about adding the wedding date or initials on the inside or outside of the band. If you are buying an engagement ring and a wedding ring, try to stick to the same colour and style for uniformity. If you are buying wedding rings as a couple, you can even consider buying specially designed his-and-her wedding rings that come in sets of two matching rings. While diamond wedding rings set in gold or rings with other precious gemstones find favour with women, not many men prefer stones in their rings, so consider buying traditional gold wedding bands or bands with bevelled edges for grooms-to-be.

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