Your Guide to Buying Golf Clothing

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Your Guide to Buying Golf Clothing

The basic elements of golf have not changed over the years; however the specifics associated with the game will continually evolve due to technological innovations happening in the sport. Golf clothing and fashion is no difference in that the only constant is “change”.  Whether it’s the playing of golf for enjoyment, professionally or looking to negotiate a business deal, having the right golf gear can make a game more enjoyable and comfortable.

Whether on a cold and wet links golf course or playing in the heat of summer, the changing weather conditions will have an impact on golfing dress code. Other factors to consider when choosing golf clothes should be the dress code of the local golf club and your own personal comfort and style. Generally speaking golf clothes should be light, comfortable and airy without restricting movement for the all-important golf swing.

Types of Golf Clothing

Golfing attire comes in various shapes, sizes, and types. The most standard golf apparel includes golf shirts, trousers, shorts, caps/ visors, socks, sweaters, waterproofs, gloves, sunglasses, and shoes. All of these clothing ranges are featured on the Ebay marketplace in various brands including Footjoy, Nike, Callaway, Adidas, TaylorMade and Mizuno. These world-leading sports brands appreciate the importance of balancing the need for fashion and practicality on the golf course, and have spent large budgets on innovative features to make sure the customers are comfortable for driving, pitching and putting in all conditions.

eBay has many authorised and local sellers meaning there is the perfect selection to ensure there is no excuse other than to look good, stylish, and remain comfortable at affordable prices.  The standard golfing apparel contains:

  • Trousers
  • A polo shirt
  • Pair of shoes
  • Golf glove

However, depending on unique personalities and style, the options are endless. Segmentation is offered based on gender, with the majority of manufacturers having separate ranges for men, women, and children; which offers increased targeting and flexibility to suit each individual needs.

Golf Polo Shirts

Golf has a very traditional heritage within the upper classes of society, however, that tradition is certainly changing in a similar way to golf’s fashion. One standard piece of clothing for a golfer is the polo shirt, with the majority of the golf courses dress codes requiring players to wear a collared shirt during their round. Within the collared shirt category, there are many options ranging from the tennis shirt to the polo shirt to a buttoned shirt; but most players opt for a traditional cotton material whichever their preference.  

Golf shirts range in colour, size, and price depending on whether you choose a brand name that is designed in new material technologies, or just a standard affordable shirt that is fit for duty. eBay has a large selection of golfing shirts available for men, women, and children.

Golf Headwear

Golf headwear can come in many different shapes, sizes, and varieties covering all the different weather seasonality. Greg Norman, the famous Australian golfer, took it to the extreme by playing in a wide-brimmed straw hat which protected him from the sun, wind, and rain. Other golfing headwear can include:

  • Standard baseball cap
  • Wide-brimmed hats
  • Golfing visor.

Hats, caps and visors can act as protection from the sun in the summer months, as well as, keeping a golfer warm and comfortable in the winter months. Branded golf caps are popular all year round, whilst in the winter the trusted woolly beanie hat can protect golfers from the elements.

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are integral to any game of golf as golfers can cover as much as five miles during the duration of a round. Whilst the shoes may not improve a player’s ball striking ability, they can enhance the comfort levels and make a big difference to an overall golfing game. As with the majority of golfing equipment, there are many different prices depending on variables such as spikes, uppers, fabrics and branded golf shoes like Nike, Callaway, and FootJoy that can all inflate the budget. By determining a budget, there is the potential to choose a pair of golf shoes that matches the pre-determined requirements. Some key decision-making for golf shoes are:

When purchasing a pair of golf shoes, it is important to identify features such as comfort, traction, durability, and water resistance for those bad weather conditions.

  • The key to choosing the right golf shoes is to find ones that are flexible (so not to get blisters), but are still hardwearing and strong.
  • The golf shoe market offers such flexibility on design that makes golfers also look stylish whilst sinking those putts.
  • Golf shoes are mainly built using leather, polyester or Gore-Tex.
  • The most popular golf shoe is leather due to its durability, strength, resilience, breathability, and resistance to water.
  • In terms of affordability, polyester shoes are probably the best option, as they are thinner, lighter, and less durable than the other two options (Gore-Tex and leather).
  • It is advisable to seek some professional advice about which golf shoes would suit an individual’s needs and wants, but remember the prices are always more affordable online.
  • The last vital aspect of a golf shoe is the spikes. The majority of golf courses in the UK require golfers to have some degree of spikes. As well as golf course maintenance, spikes are an integral part of the performance of the game as they offer a firm anchorage when striking the ball to sustain and maintain balance throughout the golf shot.
  • The number of spikes varies depending on the golf shoe, so this needs to be factored into the equation when choosing the right golf shoe.

Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are an essential piece of apparel, as the majority of golfers worldwide tend to wear them. The confusing element of buying a golf glove is that it is required to purchase the golf glove for the non-predominant playing hand. For example, a left-handed player needs to purchase a right handed glove.

The golf glove is used primarily as a gripping tool that prevents the slipping of the club during the striking phase, but also heavily reduces blisters. It is also common to see professional golfers only utilise the golf glove during maximum capacity shots such as driving, and then to remove the glove for the more delicate play in and around the greens.

Golf gloves are made from a host of materials including leather, synthetic, thermal and all-weather gloves. The most common type of golf glove is the leather variety as it traditionally grips the club better in all-weather types. The higher quality golf gloves all offer plenty of ventilation between the fingers so look at the eBay product listings and find one that offers this solution.

Golf Sunglasses

Sunglasses are also an important accessory and can have benefits to golfers. The obvious factor where it can help golfers is by protecting eyes from the sunlight. Specifically, this will allow golfers to track the ball better in bright light, and distinguish between greens and fairways easier.

eBay has a large selection of sunglasses on offer to golfers new and old. Traditional brands such as Oakley, Callaway, and Nike are among the most popular, and who produce the sunglasses in different colours from red to grey to silver. For all tastes and styles, eBay has the answer to making golfers look and play better on a golf course.

Golf Jackets

Golf jackets are definitely an advisable purchase, especially in the ever-changing UK weather. They protect golfers from the elements such as wind, rain, and cold weather. As with the other clothing displayed in this guide, the main objective of the golf jacket is to obtain a comfortable and light feeling, so that the golf swing is not inhibited.

Jackets can generally be provided in all shapes, sizes, and colours. When making the purchase, it is advisable to double-up and buy a waterproof golf jacket. These waterproof jackets are made from a material called Gore-Tex and should keep golfers dry in the majority of rainy weather.

Golf Trousers

Popular modern day denim jeans are the most popular every day wear trouser, however, this type of trouser will not win many friends on a golf course. In fact, the majority of UK golf courses have a strict dress code, and jeans will almost certainly not be allowed. Trousers generally need to be loose, comfortable and stylish.

Generally speaking, any smart golf trousers will prevail as long as they match the criteria of comfortable and loose to not interfere with the golf swing. There is a huge choice on eBay based on gender, size, condition (old and new), colour and different brands.

Other Golf Clothing Options

Golf is a truly global sport, and as such, the golf clothing market is hugely competitive and innovations are constantly developing. Due to the market size, there is a huge choice when it comes to selecting an outfit that matches a budget. There are other more specific golf clothes that can add to anyone’s wardrobe, if required. These would include golf shorts, sleeveless tops, socks, sweaters, waterproof jackets and trousers.


This guide has provided golfers with a host of golf clothing options to choose from including trousers, sunglasses, caps, and polo shirts. The influence of the budget, style, golfing ability, and regularity of play will depend on what clothes is a necessity for golf, and which are perceived as a luxury item.  The seasonality of your playing habits will also determine whether summer or winter outfits are needed.

eBay has a large variety of choices when it comes to golfing apparel, and can certainly satisfy the majority of golf players, including all ages, genders, and playing standards. Why not take a look at our golf clothing section to identify those outfits and accessories that are available.

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