Your Guide to Buying Hair Extensions on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Hair Extensions on eBay

Hair extensions are sets of real or synthetic hair that is added to the natural hair. With extensions, people have the power to control the length and fullness of their own hair. Celebrities are well known for changing the entire look of their hair, including the length, in just a few days, and now this possibility is open to everyone. While there are still expensive ways to get hair extensions professionally put on, there are also affordable self-installed extensions that anyone can get and easily wear. The extensions can be bought in just about any colour, or dyed later, and they can also be found in different styles such as curly or straight. Some are even designed to wear as a bun that just goes around the natural hair. They typically come in lengths of 25 to 66 centimetres, but some companies can special order them up to 90 centimetres.

With hair extensions, you have the ability to get the hair that they have always wanted. Despite what some people may think, the developing technology behind extensions has made it possible to find extensions that look completely real. Only the low quality sets may be somewhat noticeable.

Shopping for hair extensions on eBay is easy once you understand what to look for. There are different types of extensions to look at as well as various qualities of the hair. After that, all that is left is to find the desired style, length, and colour.

Hair Extensions Through the Ages

Throughout history women and men have worn wigs and extensions to make their hair look more appealing. The ability to wear a nice hairpiece was usually limited to royalty and those that were well off. Peasants and middle class citizens were left without the extensions or wearing low quality ones. The ancient Egyptians are one example of this. The Pharaohs and those in high society wore black wigs that were made with intricate weaves and knots. The British and French also had large wigs that were white and and sometimes had curls at the bottom. Since then, hair extensions have come and gone in popularity, but they are back full force and are now affordable enough that anyone can wear them.

Choosing the Type of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be attached to the head or natural hair in a variety of ways. It is the attachment method that determines how long the extensions last, how natural they look, and how expensive they are. Determine which kinds works best by deciding on each of these factors.

Bonding Hair Extensions

Bonding is the process of gluing extensions to the natural hair. People often select this method when they want to add streaks or just smaller sections of hair because the glue is less damaging to the natural hair than other ways. These are temporary though and some extensions can only be worn for one to two weeks. Bonding can also be used to attach wigs and small hair pieces such as toupees.

Bonding can be done in one of two ways: with soft glue or with hard glue. The hard glue lasts the longest but is uncomfortable, and is usually only used if the soft glue has already failed.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are designed to be worn temporarily and reused as often as necessary. The sections of hair are sewed onto a strip of fabric and either come with a clip at the end, or they are held in place with hair pins. Because these are self-installed and not customised, they are very affordable, even in real human hair.

Since these just clip on, they do not damage the hair and can be quickly removed anytime. Because they are so temporary, they can be ideal to wear just for a special event.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion extensions offer people the most natural looking weaves. This method is similar to bonding except that with fusion extensions each strand of hair is glued individually to a natural strand of hair. The result is an authentic looking head of hair, but perhaps the biggest benefit is that the extensions can be washed just like regular hair without being damaged. However, there are a few drawbacks to this method.

First, it is more damaging to the hair than bonding is, but cold fusion extensions have just started becoming popular and they are less destructive. Second, these extensions are so time consuming to attach that they are very expensive.

Infusing Hair Extension

Infusing extensions are similar to the ones installed by fusion. However, the glue used is easier on the natural hair because it is a keratin based adhesive and no heat is needed for the application.

Lace Front Hair Extensions

Lace extensions are the most realistic appearing extensions that are not actually attached to the hair. The lace is formed into a cap that is made out of lightweight mesh. Then each strand is knotted individually into the lace, making it look completely natural. Many of these are formed into a full cap, though, which is more like a wig. The lace extensions can also be bought in sections and then attached to the scalp with adhesive.

Micro Braiding Hair Extensions

Micro braiding is a style in which the fake hair is braided into small strands and then attached to the real hair by weaving them in. This is done all over the scalp until the person has a full head of long braids. Unfortunately, the weaving process can take up to 15 hours, depending on how much attention is paid to detail. The fake hair can also only be washed every 12 to 14 days. However, the upside is that the braids can last up to six months.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Micro loop extensions are small, metal rings that have the fake hair attached to them. The loops are then attached to the real hair with a device that tightens the ring around the hair. The cost is reasonable because it takes less time to install, and since there is no adhesive used, it damages the natural hair less.

Netting Hair Extensions

With this method, the new hair is woven into a fine net. Then the hair stylist attaches the net to the head by braiding the natural hair into the netting. The real hair can also be woven into the netting in other ways. The results can last up to three months.

Track Hair Extensions

With track extensions, whole, or part of the head is braided into small cornrows. Then, new braid extensions are sewn or attached with adhesive to the rows. Unbraided hair can also be added, but may appear lumpy. Those who want part of their hair unbraided usually leave that section without the cornrows and attach the hair in a different way in that section.

Buying Hair Extensions on eBay

Since eBay is a central location for thousands of sellers to list their products, it makes it a great location for you to go and find affordable deals on products like hair extensions. On eBay, every item is sold by a number of different sellers, making it necessary for them to compete against each other for price and product quality. They get the advantage of reaching more customers, while you get the advantage of finding what you want at a better price.

To shop for hair extensions, all you have to do is type what you want into the eBay search bar. For example, if you enter "hair extensions", the website shows you a list the thousands of hair extensions for sale. From there, you can choose to speed things up by narrowing down the list based on your preferences. You can enter in your price range, and sort the listings based on price. If you want to save even more time, be more specific on what you enter into the search bar. Instead of using a broad phrase like "hair extensions", type something such as "clip hair extensions" or "lace hair extensions". This brings up things closer to what you need rather than making you sift through hundreds of products.

Once you have found what you are looking for, it is a good idea to research both seller and product. Sellers on eBay receive ratings from their customers. You can read these to see if previous customers have been happy with the service and product they have received. Top rated sellers have consistently received good ratings and it is worth looking for these sellers when you make a purchase. If you have a question about either the product or the seller's policies, eBay makes it easy to ask the seller a question.


Having the power to add length and volume to their hair gives people a new freedom in being able to look how they want to instead of how they think they have to. It is said that people who are happier with their overall appearance are happier with life in general. Being able to walk outdoors with pride rather than shame makes a huge difference. Confident people are better able to control their lives from day to day.

Hair extensions are more simple than most people realise. It is true that there are methods of application which can take hours on end, but there are also simple extensions, such as the clip-ons, that anyone can put on in a matter of a few minutes. They can then be removed again whenever needed, so the decision to wear hair extensions need not be as permanent as many people assume.

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