Your Guide to Buying Horse Trailer Accessories

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Your Guide to Buying Horse Trailer Accessories

There is almost nothing that can give a person more enjoyment out of owning horses than owning a horse trailer that is adequately accessorised. Owning horses brings a lot of enjoyment to the people that possess them; however, that does not mean that owning horses does not require a lot of work. Even taking the horses on outings can be a chore if a person’s horse trailer is missing important gear.

There are many items that horses require when away from home, such as food, water, saddles, blankets, and other gear. Stowing these items in a trailer makes them easy to transport, and there is also a smaller chance of leaving something behind. The trailer itself also needs the proper gear as well. Being able to recognise the needs of the horses and the trailer as well as what items to accessorise the trailer with makes any outing a memorable one instead of a hassle.

Trailer Accessories for Your Horses

Before going on any outings, especially long ones, there are many things that need to be accounted, such as what the horse required for the journey. Keeping your horses properly cared for by making sure the trailer is accessorised properly makes outings with your horses more enjoyable for them and you.

Water Caddies

Transporting water for your horses does not need to be chore when you equip your horse trailer with a water caddy. Most water caddies are commonly attached to the outside of the horse trailer, and various models are available to fit almost any trailer. Plastic water caddies are lightweight, and purchasing ones that can carry at least 30 gallons for longer outings can help ensure that they do not need to be refilled as often. Since many models of water caddies are made from translucent plastic, there is never a need to guess how much water remains while on your trip.

Hay Feeders

Hay feeders are a great accessory to have for your horse trailer and come in a variety of styles and sizes. Corner hay feeders are very popular because they take up space that would not ordinarily be used otherwise. They are more compact than other types of hay feeders and more than one can be mounted in the interior of the horse trailer if necessary. Also because they are situated in the corner, the horses have easy access to the hay during feeding times. Purchasing ones with large top openings is helpful because they are easy to fill as well.

Portable Washers

Portable washers are a great accessory to have on hand when you are away from home. Keeping your horse clean especially after a long day helps to keep the horse healthy and comfortable. There are many types of portable horse washers available, but the type that horse owner often prefer is the kind that heats the water up without the need for electricity. This type of portable washer generally operates on batteries and is effective in heating multiple gallons of water with ease. Not only are many of these models compact, but they can be permanently mounted in the interior of the horse trailer and are lightweight.

Accessories for Your Horse Trailer

Horse trailers are almost a necessity for any avid horseback rider. They make it easy to get the horse and their tack from one place to another and enjoy a comfortable trip. However, just like any other type of travel equipment, a horse trailer needs to have the proper accessories in order to serve the purpose well for what the trips it takes are intended for. Familiarising yourself with accessories that allow you to have a safe trip are a must. Having the proper accessories can make all the difference in having a great trip you want to remember or one that you would rather forget. Below are some accessories that should be considered before making plans to go on outings with your horse trailer.

Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are a valuable tool to have because they assist in limiting the motion of the trailer when it is being hitched and unhitched to your vehicle. When placed correctly, the wheel chocks also help to keep the tyres from rolling when the trailer is not in motion as well. It is not necessary to purchase heavy wheel chocks in order to keep your trailer and its possessions safe either. A pair of heavy duty plastic ones works nicely and is not only lighter to move but also less weight to carry in the vehicle.

Trailer Ties

Trailer ties are another accessory that should be part of your trailer accessories. The ties that are commonly used are bungee cord ties and nylon ties. They can come with or without Velcro and usually have a panic snap on one end. The trailer rings that these ties attach to are not always located in the same place in horse trailers, so you should measure the length that you need to securely tie the horse in order for it not to be too short and restrict the horse or too long and give them too much movement while tied inside.

Window Screens

Although horses get transported from one location to another all throughout the year depending on the needs of the owner, transportation is often higher in the spring and summer months when many horse owners take vacation. Keeping the interior of the trailer cool and comfortable for the horses is a must in order to keep them healthy and less stressed while travelling.

Adding window screens is a great way to keep horses cool and comfortable during the warmer months of the year. There are different varieties and sizes of window screens that you can choose from, and some of these window screens even come equipped with zippers. Window screens not only can help keep the interior of the trailer comfortable for the horse, but they also have the added benefit of keeping away annoying pests such as horse flies and mosquitos.

Tack Racks

Purchasing a tack rack for your horse trailer is always a worthwhile investment. They help to organise the tack that you use for your horses while away from home and help to keep it all securely together in one convenient location. Tack racks can be easily mounted in the interior of the horse trailer with minimal tools required.

There are many different styles of tack racks to choose from as well, including ones that have hooks or easy swing up arms so that they do not injure the horses during travel and use less space as well. There are even tack rack cases that can keep all the tack tucked away neatly together. Tack rack cases that have a softer outer shell are also easy to hang and help to keep the horses safe from injury while travelling as well.

Saddle Racks

Saddle racks are also convenient way to transport the saddles for your horses safely inside the horse trailer. They are easy to mount and there are a lot of saddle racks that are designed to save space and be lightweight as well. Saddle racks that have a protective coating applied to them not only help keep them from rusting, but they also can be useful in keeping the saddle from becoming scratched.

If you use various types of saddles for your horses while you are away from home, consider finding a saddle rack that is designed to fit most types of saddles and have a couple of them installed if necessary. Even if you currently only own one type of saddle, purchasing one that can fit various styles saves you money down the road if you find your desire or need for a different saddle should arise.

How to Buy Horse Trailer Accessories on eBay

If you are in the need of accessories for your horse trailer, eBay is the place to shop for them. People enjoy shopping on eBay because they can find what they need at any time, day or night. eBay also makes it easy to find what you need in seconds by simply entering relevant keywords for the items you need in the search query box located at the top of the eBay homepage.

Each subsequent web page also has a search query box for added convenience. For example, if you want to purchase a tack rack for your horse trailer, type in the keywords "tack racks" and click on the search button. A wide variety of items that pertain to tack racks get sent to you to browse through. If you would like for your search to be more specific, try altering the keywords to narrow down your search results. You may also use the advanced search option as well that allows you to filter your results by price, location, seller, and many more categories.


Owning horses is a rewarding experience and can be much more enjoyable when the trailer used to transport them is properly equipped. Water caddies and hay feeders are essential to have when travelling in order to care for the horses properly. Adding a portable washer to the trailer’s inventory is a valuable resource when it comes to taking care of the grooming needs of the animals. Since many models of portable washers run on batteries, there is no need to worry about having to find an electrical outlet to operate it.

In addition, having safety equipment for the horse trailer, such as chock blocks, keeps the trailer secure while hitching and unhitching it or while it is stationary. Adding other accessories to the horse trailer, such as trailer ties that are of the proper length for the interior rings and horse, as well as having window screens helps to keep the horses safe and comfortable also. Installing saddle and tack racks is a great way to keep all of essential gear stored neatly and out of the way of the horses to prevent injury. Outings with horses can be very enjoyable ones if a horse trailer is properly equipped.

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