Your Guide to Buying Metal Garden Chairs

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Your Guide to Buying Metal Garden Chairs

When the weather's nice, there's nothing more fabulous than eating a meal al fresco, or simply sitting outside in the garden or in the backyard enjoying the beautiful weather. You don't have to sit in those uncomfortable plastic garden chairs; purchase some lovely and comfortable metal garden chairs that will be a lovely addition to your backyard, patio, or pool area.

You can buy as many patio chairs as you need individually, but sometimes they come in sets of two or four chairs. You can also go ahead and purchase an entire garden set that comes with a table and chairs. This is the perfect spot to gather friends on a sunny weekend or warm evening for dinner and drinks. Metal garden chairs come in a variety of styles and prices, depending on their appearance and level of sturdiness. Select the style of metal garden chair that meets your needs and begin enjoying time spent outside.

What to Consider Before Buying Metal Garden Chairs

Before you start searching for the perfect metal garden chairs to complete your outdoor space, think about how many chairs you'd like. If you entertain frequently and would like guests to sit out on the patio, you may need to purchase more chairs. If it's just the two of you and you like to eat outside or relax, buy a set of two matching metal garden chairs. Consider the space you have available for the garden chairs, and think about whether you'll want a matching table or just the chairs themselves.

To enhance a large patio or backyard area, consider wide, bucket style chairs. For a smaller patio, consider lightweight, folding chairs that can be stored if you need to use the backyard space for something else. No matter how much space you have and what your budget is, there's a patio chair that's perfect for you and will fit into your design scheme, too.

Types of Metal Garden Chairs

When it comes to metal garden chairs, there is more than just one type. Some chairs are folding chairs for easy storage, some don't fold, and some metal chairs are painted white, green, or other interesting colours like blue or pink. There are padded metal chairs for extra comfort. Selecting a metal chair is really a matter of personal taste, and whether you need to buy metal chairs to complement an existing outdoor table, or you just need the chairs by themselves.

Budget may also be a concern. Metal chairs that have extra features like ceramic or wood accents, elegant scrollwork, or waterproof, sturdier construction may cost more than just a simple set of plain, folding metal chairs. Some chairs are coated with a special substance that will prevent them from rusting over time.

Traditional Metal Chairs

The most traditional style of metal garden chair is just a basic chair that doesn't fold up. However, there are many different styles of this chair from metal chairs that have straight backs, to bucket chairs that have a curved back, to chairs that have arms or don't. Some traditional style metal chairs may have wood, wicker, or ceramic accents to enhance their look and style, or they might be very basic, simple metal chairs.

There are some specific styles of these metal chairs, called Carver chairs, French Antique chairs, or John Lewis brand chairs. Some metal chairs are very ornate metal chairs, and beautiful, with lots of accents and scrollwork. It really depends on what your personal preference is when you're looking at traditionally styled metal garden chairs.

Folding Metal Chairs

Folding metal chairs are a convenient option for people that may not want to have metal chairs sitting out all the time, and need to store them, or if you're purchasing extra chairs for an event or party and you don't want to use them as everyday garden chairs. Folding metal chairs also come in a variety of styles and can be accented with wood, wicker, mesh, or other materials to create a beautiful look.

You can also purchase a more retro, traditional folding metal chair that has the plastic or webbing covering it. These might be good spare chairs or pool chairs since they are relatively inexpensive and lightweight. For a more sturdy folding metal chair, a chair that's allover metal is a good option, as well as a chair that's all-weather to survive during rain and other types of weather.

Padded Metal Chairs

For added comfort, padded metal chairs are a good option. These chairs offer extra padding either in the seat, the frame, or both. These chairs can either be folding or traditionally styled metal chairs, and the padding may or may not be removable. If it's not removable for easy cleaning, see what material the padding is made of; some padded chairs can be easily wiped or cleaned.

The good thing about removable seat pads is that they can be switched out for other styles of seat pads and colours, or they can be taken off when the weather is bad or for storage purposes. Padded chairs can be more comfortable if you're sitting in the chairs for long periods of time, and they can enhance your outdoor décor, too.

Garden Table and Chair Sets

Some consumers may want to purchase an entire set, especially if they find one they like. On eBay, you can get a good deal on a metal garden table and matching chairs. These sets come in different sizes and styles, from sets that offer two chairs to sets that offer six chairs. Some tables come with a parasol on top to shade you from the sun, and others are made of metal or glass to accommodate food or drinks. If you don't already have a table and you were interested in buying garden chairs, why not just purchase an entire set for an affordable price.

A garden table and chairs will look beautiful on any patio or backyard space, and can provide lots of opportunities for meals, drinks, and entertaining outside during the warm months. There are table and chair sets that come in every style and design to suit every buyer. A metal garden set will also look fabulous next to a pool and be the perfect spot to sip a cold drink in between swims.

How to Buy Metal Garden Chairs on eBay

When you're looking for metal garden chairs on eBay, search metal garden chairs to bring up all of the options if you're not sure which style of garden chair you're looking for, or key in a more specific search tailored to what type of chair you want, such as folding metal chairs. See how many chairs come together, or if chairs can be purchased individually if you don't want an entire set of patio chairs. Ask the seller if the chairs can be bundled with seat cushions for a low shipping rate on more items, or if the seller is local, see if you can stop by in person to pick up your metal garden chairs. This will be easier on both of you, and provide an unforgettable personal shopping experience too.

Buy metal garden chairs from merchants that are Top-Rated Sellers, and ask questions about the chairs if you need to. If garden chairs are used, find out exactly what condition they are in, and if you need all-weather chairs, check to see if the metal chairs can withstand outdoor elements all year round. The perfect set of garden chairs, or an entire table and chairs set, is only a few clicks away when you shop for it on eBay.


There's nothing more relaxing than enjoying a sunny spring, summer, or even fall day while you sit in some nice metal garden chairs. Eat a meal, have a drink, or simply enjoy friends and family in the outdoors during the nicest months of the year when you buy a set of metal garden chairs. These chairs are sturdy, elegant, and can accommodate as many people as you need them to since sets can be purchased in any amount of chairs that you desire. Metal garden chairs are a purchase that people would always like to make, but other factors get in the way, such as time to go shop for garden furniture or even the cost of the chairs.

When you shop for garden furniture on eBay you don't have to worry about time because the metal chairs you need are only a few clicks away, and they can be shipped right to your door for the ultimate in convenient shopping. Also, since garden chairs are more affordable on eBay you won't have to deal with high costs and exorbitant prices of other retail stores. Don't put off buying the garden chairs you've always wanted, or if you enjoy entertaining and need extra metal folding chairs, make sure you have them when you need them next time there's a party or event. It's always a good idea to have a few extra chairs on hand for holidays, parties, or events, so don't miss the chance to get the chairs that you need to enhance your outdoor area.

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