Your Guide to Buying Mobile Phone Batteries on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Mobile Phone Batteries on eBay

Mobile phone batteries are essential in keeping phones running, not only for communication purposes, but for entertainment and social purposes as well. Modern mobile phones are much more than just tools for calling: they are used to interact through social media, surf the Internet, and entertain through video, games, and a variety of apps. Many of these functions draw the life out of the battery fairly quickly, leading to the creation of longer lasting and higher capacity batteries that don't need to be charged as often. When buying batteries on eBay, it is important that the type, brand, and condition of the battery are considered. Moreover, finding the right seller is also an important consideration to make sure that the battery is of a high quality.

About Mobile Phone Batteries

There are 4 main varieties of different mobile phone batteries on the market. These types of batteries will be suitable for certain phones, with newer technologies being used to power modern smartphones and other multi-purpose devices.

Nickel Cadmium

This is the oldest type of technology used in batteries and is largely becoming obsolete. There are several reasons for this, such as the fact that these provide less battery charge capacity for their size than other batteries and are damaging to the environment. These batteries are made of toxic chemicals that are difficult to dispose of and suffer badly from the memory effect. This term is used to describe the situation where a battery's charge capacity diminishes over time. This happens when the battery isn't left to run out of charge completely before being recharged. In these cases the battery will remember the shorter charge cycle, and its capacity will therefore diminish.

Nickel Metal Hydride

These batteries are essentially a step up from nickel cadmium batteries. They have a higher charge capacity for their size and are made from environmentally friendly chemicals and materials. They remain susceptible to the memory effect, but only to a limited degree, and it is advised that they are left to run out of charge every 20th charge at least. Generally, these batteries will begin to wear out after several hundred uses, but this is sufficient for the majority of mobile phone users.

Lithium Ion

This technology is currently the most popular and will generally be used to power modern smartphones. They have a higher capacity than nickel metal hydride batteries and are lighter as well. This has become an important feature of mobile phone batteries as the phones themselves have gradually become smaller, thinner, and more lightweight.

Lithium Polymer

Lithium polymer batteries are the most advanced batteries available. They provide roughly 40 per cent more capacity than older nickel metal hydride batteries, are extremely light due to their plastic, non-metal casing and are not susceptible to the memory effect. In general, however, they are only found in top-of-the-range phones and are, therefore, fairly expensive.

Buying Replacements on eBay

Any new phone will come with a new battery included. The type of battery will depend on the type of phone. When looking for a replacement battery, it is essential that it is compatible with the phone. In order to make sure of this, it is important that the description of the listing is read carefully.

Official and Genuine Batteries

One factor to look into will be the type of battery. In other words, is it a genuine original manufacturer battery, or a mimic. Original versions, known as OEM batteries, will be high quality and higher priced. They will have been made by the same manufacturer that made the phone and will therefore be compatible with it. In order to find these batteries, search by phone make and model.

Unofficial and Generic Batteries

Unofficial batteries will be made by third-party manufacturers and can be sold by a variety of different sellers. These will range in quality and price depending on how they are made and what materials and used. Some will approximate the quality provided by an OEM battery, while others will run out of charge quickly and begin to degrade much sooner as well.

Refurbished Batteries

Refurbished batteries are often described as 'like new'. Often, these batteries come from phones that have never been used or have been used sparingly. When phones are returned to the network for whatever reason, the batteries are removed. These can be sold on by either the manufacturer or other sellers, usually at lower prices.

Reviewing eBay Sellers

It is important to carefully review sellers before buying from them. On eBay it is possible to gather a great deal of information about any seller to help make the buying decision easier. Naturally, for cheaper goods this isn't such a concern, but when shopping for expensive items it certainly is. Sellers are marked either positive or negative by their customers, who are also able to write reviews on them, grading them on their service, delivery speed, item description accuracy, and so on. These marks are all tabulated by eBay, with overall ratings out of 100. Choosing sellers with ratings in the high 90s is important, and it is also sensible to read specific reviews from customers as well.

Reviewing Item Descriptions

Item descriptions will provide details on each product. When buying non-OEM batteries, it is essential that the description is checked to ensure that the battery is compatible with the phone. The item description should detail all of the phone brands, makes, and models that can accommodate the battery. When searching for OEM batteries, it is also important to ensure that the product is actually listing these, rather than generic or unofficial batteries. This may not be clear by the pictures - which will often present items as being official - so always read the description carefully before buying.

Location of the Battery

The location of the item may appear to be in the UK, when it is actually being delivered from overseas. As such, it is important to always confirm where the product is currently based - this will impact both delivery times and rates. This is of particular concern when the battery is needed urgently. In such situations, using a local seller is a good idea.


Battery technology is allowing for longer lasting, high capacity, smaller, sleeker, lighter, and more environmentally friendly batteries. Different phones will require different batteries, so always check which ones are compatible before shopping on eBay. For the best quality batteries, go with OEM versions. However, to save some money, consider non-OEM batteries. Review sellers, look at feedback, read item descriptions carefully, and always check where the product is being delivered from. Once all this has been done, purchase the item by following the necessary instructions on the page.

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