Your Guide to Buying Motorbike Helmets on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Motorbike Helmets on eBay

For both experienced and new riders, the helmet is the most important part of motorbike protective gear. They offer more than one form of protection for the rider. They are designed to absorb as much of the impact as possible in a crash, so that the head is left unharmed. The ones with face shields also keep the sun, wind, and flying debris out of the rider's face and eyes. Protecting the face has a bigger impact than most people realise. Motorbikes only have two wheels, so they are easy to set off balance. The slightest distraction, such as rocks being kicked up by other riders, could cause a crash.

Choosing a motorbike helmet that offers the most protection, as well as fit comfortably, is a serious task. New riders may not know what to look for, and experienced ones may not be aware of all the latest technological advances made to motorbike helmet design. It is recommended that riders purchase a new helmet every five years; helmet designs become increasingly more effective with every year that passes, thanks to continued research.

When it comes to selecting a helmet, shoppers have to choose the the style, levels of safety, brand, construction, and price. Having a basic knowledge about each of these helps a buyer make a more informed decision with less frustration.

History of Motocross

Motocross is a sport that involves riding around in off-road locations. Usually there is a dirt track that is full of twists, turns, and jumps. People started racing off-road in 1906 at the Scottish Six Days Trial located in the United Kingdom. The bikes were no different than the ones driven on the streets. They were therefore heavy and the suspension was not ideal for rough terrain. The sport is difficult as well as dangerous due to the high speeds and tricky circuits. By the 1930s the sport was highly popular and the manufacturers because making bikes specifically for motocross riders. New motorbike companies like Husqvarna, Husaberg, and KTM quickly emerged to dominate the market and profit from the growing popularity.

Motorbike Helmet Sizes

How the helmet fits makes a big difference in safety and comfort. Riders can find their size by wrapping a measuring tape around their head, 1.5 centimetres above their eyebrows. Helmets are supposed to be snug so do not hold the tape too loosely.

Helmet Size

Head Size (cm)


51 - 52


53 - 54


55 - 56


57 - 58


59 - 60


61 - 62


63 - 64


65 - 66

Youth S

49 - 50

Youth M

51 - 52

Youth L

53 - 54

Since it is important for the helmet to fit correctly, be sure to measure two or three times to make sure the numbers are accurate. Also keep in mind that helmets are shaped differently. They come in a long oval shape, intermediate oval shape, and round oval shape. Be sure to select the one that best matches the shape of the head.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

While there are helmets designed specifically for motocross, riders have the option of wearing other kinds as well. The styles are very different from each other in both look, levels of safety, and comfort.

Type of Motorbike Helmet



Adventure Touring

Very similar to motocross helmets; cover the full head, have a sun visor, and have a face shield. The only difference between these and motocross helmets is the face shield

Very safe style of helmet; full head protection, sun guard, and face shield


Cover the top of the head and some of of the back; held in place with straps under the chin; less restrictive than other types and some people like to feel the air flow

The most unsafe style of helmet; does not provide a lot of head coverage


Cover the whole head, chin, and face; the face shield and the chin guard both move up to make the helmet easier to put on

Safe style; full head protection, and sun visor; due to the modular design, the chin guard may come open on impact


Cover everything and come with a visor to block the sun; do not have a face shield so that the riders should wear goggles instead

Safe style of helmet; good coverage; some parts of the face are left exposed and require additional protection

Open Face

Cover the whole head except for the chin; also have a small visor to block the sun, but no face shield

Average in terms of safety; do not protect the face or the chin


Designed to offer the maximum protection and performance; lightweight; fits snugly; covers everything

One of the safest options


Designed to offer safety along with comfort for long journeys; include features such as vents, visors, and sometimes radios; Like the sport and modular helmets, they cover everything

While a safe style due to the full coverage, the looser fit may allow it to slip a little more than more snug styles

Consider how often the helmet will be worn, and how dangerous the riding conditions might be. Most motorbike riders have a higher risk of injury because of the uneven ground, jumps, and sharp turns. Because of this, safety should be the highest priority.

Motorbike Construction Materials

Motorbike helmets have an outer shell and an inner lining. The outer shell is designed to protect the head, while the lining is for comfort and impact absorption. The shell is either made with a polycarbonate plastic of a fibreglass composite material. The polycarbonate is more affordable, while the fibreglass ones are expensive, but lighter weight. Both are durable and provides a good amount of protection.

Check out the inner lining as well. It is important that it have a decent amount of cushion. The thicker the linking and pads are, the more they can protect the head in the event of a crash. Some pads are also removable which makes it easy to adjust the fit of the helmet by swapping out the pads for thicker or thinner ones.

Motorbike Helmet Safety Ratings

All helmets that are sold in the UK have to meet a certain safety standard. Make sure that the helmet meets the criteria by looking for a "BS6658" sticker on the inside of the helmet, or locate the "EC" mark on the side of the helmet. This may not work for those who are shopping online, so read the product description instead or contact the seller to see if they have a picture of the sticker or mark

Find Motorbike Helmets on eBay

Helmets can only be found locally at shops that sell motorcycles, but with so many options available, it is better to look online so that you can get the perfect one. Helmets are fairly expensive so finding one that is safe and comfortable is a big priority. It is not a good idea to just settle for whatever is available.

eBay offers buyers a large selection of motorcycle helmets to choose from. To look at what's available, type "motorbike helmet" into the search bar and then click the search button. You'll then have thousands of helmets to start browsing through. However, the number of products to sort through can be overwhelming and take too much time. Fortunately, eBay provides many ways to narrow the list down; you can filter by condition, location, and more

Another good way to filter search results is by price. First, enter in your price range. Next sort the listings by price. You can also select the size, design, and gender. Take note of all the brands being sold, then do some research to see how well made the helmets are. After you've picked out some name brands, you can go back to eBay and search specifically for them. For example, type "Craft helmet" or "Shark helmet".

Lastly, before you order anything, check out the seller's prior feedback from his customers. This can give you a good idea as to whether or not he offers good customer service.


Helmets can save the lives of the riders, especially those who do motocross. In a sport that dangerous, it is even more imperative that people take as much safety precautions as well. Simple things such as a brightly coloured helmet, can make the rider more visible. People with higher visibility are less likely to have other riders run into them. The comfort of the helmet is also important. If it fits too tightly, or gets too hot, the rider thus runs out of energy quicker and start to lose focus.

Most importantly though, the quality of the helmet should never be compromised on due to price. Helmets that are made better can withstand harder impacts, a particular risk during motocross. Research the brand well and make sure that the helmets adhere to higher safety standards. Also keep in mind that a helmet has to be discarded after any impact, even if the shell does not crack. After an accident the integrity of the helmet has been compromised. Keeping these points in mind will help any motorbike rider find the right helmet for their kind of riding.

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