Your Guide to Buying Nail Polish Remover

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Your Guide to Buying Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover may be thought of as just an everyday household item, but there is a lot to learn about this product. A common use item such as nail polish remover is mostly thought of in one way: in a plastic bottle and used to remove nail polish from the nails. While that is true, nail polish remover comes in a number of different ways from the packaging, to the way in which it is used. Not only are these varieties available, but there are also several formulas, each benefitting the nails in different ways.

It is important to know the different options available when choosing the correct nail polish remover for purchase. Learning about the ways in which it can be used, the selection of formulas, the different varieties of packaging, and the ingredients used, all helps educate consumers to make an informed decision when purchasing nail polish remover.

Types of Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover has one job to do and that is to remove nail polish. Buyers, however, may think about how they want the remover to be applied to the nails and how the remover affects the nails once the nail polish remover is used. Since all skin types are different, it is important for consumers to know what kind of nail polish remover works best for their needs. There are a number of types of nail polish removers which can accomplish what they are looking for.

Bottled Nail Polish Remover

Bottled remover is likely the most common way that consumers purchase nail polish remover. When in a bottle, a cotton ball, swab, or pad is used to soak up the liquid and then it is used to wipe the fingernails to remove the nail polish. There are different formulas available in bottled nail polish remover. Each separate formula provides a benefit for the nails.


Strengthening nail polish remover includes ingredients that help to nourish the nails and improve weak, thin nails. This type of nail polish remover contains a mixture of vitamins and protein which help over time to toughen frail nails. Without the proper nail care, fingernails can very easily become brittle and peel. Therefore, by using a strengthening nail polish remover, it does not only repair the nails, but it also helps prevent weak fingernails.


Another formula which is found in bottled nail polish remover is a moisturising formula. This formula helps dry brittle nails by using a blend of vitamins and aloe vera to replace moisture to the nails. Over time, nail polish removers which do not have a moisturising ingredient may dry out the fingernails and skin around them. By regularly using a moisturising remover, the nails are not continually losing moisture, but instead are being nourished.

Remover Pads

Nail polish remover does not only come in a bottle form, but it also comes in individual pads. The pads are soaked in nail polish remover and sealed to keep moisture in the pads. These pads are especially helpful when travelling or can be stored in a purse, briefcase, desk, or car. Peeling or chipping nail polish can be embarrassing, so these pads are a great idea to have in order to remove unwanted polish at a moment's notice.

Remover Pots

Nail polish remover oftentimes has a very strong scent. When using bottled nail polish remover, disposing of the cotton ball, swab, or pad can leave a lingering scent trailing from where it was thrown away. A remover pot is a handy product, as it includes a sponge inside a small pot which is soaked with nail polish remover, and it has a hole in the middle for the finger. Simply sticking each finger into the pot and using the sponge to remove the nail polish from the nails allows for no mess and no strong trailing scent.

Corrector Remover Pens

A corrector remover pen is a useful tool for consumers who practise nail art. The corrector pen is basically a tube filled with nail polish remover that has a cotton tip on the end. The end is soaked in the remover and used on the tiniest parts of the nails. It is perfect for those tiny mess ups. Whether cleaning the skin or the cuticle around the nails or correcting a nail art mess up, the corrector remover pen erases only the unwanted polish.

Nail Polish Remover Ingredients

There are a number of ingredients included in nail polish remover. Different types of nail polish remover likely have other ingredients, such as vitamins or nutrients, but there are several basic ingredients used in most. The chart below shows the main ingredients, what they are, and other typical uses for them.

Active Ingredient


Typical Use


Organic compound

Colourless, mobile, flammable liquid

Simplest ketone

Cleaning purposes

Propylene Carbonate

Carbonate ester derived from propylene glycol

Lithium batteries to create a conductive electrolyte


Colourless, odourless liquid


Low toxicity

Pharmaceutical formulations


Translucent, colourless, flavourless substance

Derived from collagen (non-gelling)



Colour gels

Pharmaceutical capsules

Though there may be some additional ingredients for different types of nail polish remover, these are the most often used. Other ingredients include those that provide a specific benefit like strengthening the nails, nourishing the nails, or moisturising the nails. Either way, each separate ingredient reacts together for the common goal.

Acetone vs. Non-Acetone

One of the main ingredients in nail polish remover is acetone. Though, with so many different options available to consumers, a common question is whether to purchase a remover with or without acetone. There are different benefits to using either one, and it simply comes down to preference. While one may work faster than the other, one may be too harsh for certain skin types to handle; in that situation, those individuals may need an alternate formula of nail polish remover.

Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Acetone is a solvent that is clear, has a strong, harsh smell, and is highly flammable. It is strong enough to melt through plastic, which is why it works so well at disintegrating nail polish. Nail polish removers with acetone work faster than those which do not have acetone, as acetone is much stronger. This type of nail polish remover should not be used on artificial or fake nails, as it breaks down the nails. Using acetone nail polish remover is best for natural nails and works well to remove dark colours or glitter nail polish.

Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover

The active ingredient in non-acetone nail polish remover is usually ethyl acetate. Made from ethanol and acetic acid, ethyl acetate is colourless and flammable. Ethyl acetate also has a fragrant smell which also helps to differentiate it from those with acetone, as acetone has a strong, harsh smell. This type of nail polish remover can be used on acrylic nails, which is the main reason that it was invented. Overall, non-acetone nail polish remover is less harsh on nails and skin.

Other Household Uses

Consumers may think that the only use for nail polish remover is exactly that, to remove polish from fingernails. Quite the contrary, nail polish remover can be used on a number of items around the house as well. It can be used for everyday chores from cleaning the computer keyboard to removing stickers from glass. The chart below describes the different household uses for nail polish remover and how to accomplish them.

Household Use

What to Do

Remove stains from china

Rub soiled areas with nail polish remover,

clean spots with a cotton swab, and then wash dishes as usual

Eliminate ink stains

Use a cotton ball to wipe the affected area of the skin with the solution; once ink is gone, wash skin with soap and water

Rub paint off windows

Dab nail polish remover in small sections; let solution remain on the painted area for a few minutes, then rub off with cloth

Remove stickers from glass

Wipe the area of glass with acetone-based nail polish remover; this can also be used on metal surfaces

Unhinge superglue

Soak a cotton ball with acetone-based nail polish remover; hold it on the skin until the glue dissolves

Clean computer keyboard

Moisten a toothbrush with the remover and lightly rub the keys

Dilute correction fluid

Pour a few drops into a bottle and shake; continue to add more until desired consistency is reached

Nail polish remover is something which is likely found around any household. Knowing that it can help to clean up small, everyday household messes is beneficial for consumers.

How to Buy Nail Polish Remover on eBay

Nail polish remover is found at almost every corner or grocery store. eBay has a large selection of different types and formulas of nail polish remover as well. It is easy to search for exactly what you are looking for by starting on the eBay home page using the search bar to type in a description of what you are looking for. Once you have been redirected to the search results, you can then narrow down your search by sorting through the categories menu and narrowing down the options to find the exact item you are searching for. For nail polish removers, the different categories may include brand, condition, or price.

eBay is very helpful in that it allows each consumer the chance to provide feedback about the seller from whom they are purchasing. In turn, this is helpful to other consumers as they are making the decision to purchase an item from that seller or not. Taking the time to give feedback about the seller you are buying from can influence other buyers who found your input to be helpful, to leave their own feedback.


There is information about nail polish remover which can be very helpful in making the decision of whether or not to purchase or even what to purchase. Consumers who knows what they are looking for in a nail polish remover will feel as though they are choosing the best solution for their nails and for themselves. All nails are different shapes and sizes, but they can also be dry, brittle, weak, or flaky. All of these factors play a part in how healthy the nails are.

Learning about what is best for the buyers personal nail care helps them to make a faster, more confident decision, as it will be easy to find exactly what they are looking for. Not only are the benefits to the fingernails themselves, but also in helping to find the right tools to use, whether it is a corrector remover pen, remover pads which can be used on the go, or a bottle of nail polish intended to help remove paint from a window or from glass. Nail polish remover has so many more uses than consumers think, and knowing what to use and how to use it is nothing less than beneficial.

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