Your Guide to Buying Paint Supplies for Kids

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Your Guide to Buying Paint Supplies for Kids

With so much free time during the summer, on weekends, and on holidays, many children prefer to spend their time on a variety of craft activities. Creative expression is an important part of childhood. It helps to increase higher brain function, and to help the brain develop further, as well as being an outlet for excess energy and creative thought. Eager parents excitedly encourage this by providing the best possible supplies and opportunities.

There are many different forms of arts and crafts that a child may choose to take up. One of the most basic art forms is painting. In order to encourage a child's participation in the various types of painting, parents, relatives, and caregivers may choose to provide a wide assortment of different painting kits and supplies in order to allow the child to explore each possible avenue. In order to do this, it is helpful to understand the different types of paint that are available and marketed for children. It is also helpful to have an understanding of the different supplies and applicators that art supply manufacturers have designed specifically with the child size and capabilities in mind. These can help the parent or caregiver to wisely choose the most appropriate kid's paint supplies.

Good Reasons to Purchase Paint Supplies Specifically Marketed for Kids

There are a number of different paints and paint supplies specifically marketed towards children, and many people are quick to assume that there is nothing about these products that sets them apart from general paint supplies. Considering some lower-quality kid's paint supplies, this may be true. It is not true for all products marketed this way, however. Many manufacturers have gone to great lengths to produce paints and supplies that are safe and easy for kids to use.

Non-Toxic Ingredients

One of the top reason for choosing kid's paint as opposed to other paint that is on the market is that the majority of the paint marketed for children is non-toxic. This is a very important factor for small children, who are likely to put anything in their mouth, especially something attractive, colourful, and smooth. It is not only the parents of little toddlers who should to be concerned about paint toxicity. Even older children can be prone to unconsciously putting their fingers in their mouths with paint on them. Choosing to buy non-toxic paints, which is a common characteristic of paint marketed towards children, ensures that there is no ill side-effects in the inevitable event that the paint does become ingested.

Easy for Kids to Use

The manufacturers of many of the paint supplies marketed for children have gone to some lengths to determine what features help a child become successful at their artistic attempt. These include large handled brushes, paper manufactured for certain paints, large paint pots, and paint that produces consistent results. While paint supplies that are not marketed toward children generally work just fine in many instances, those that are marketed for children are simply better suited for the child's natural abilities.

A child has better control of a paintbrush when it is easy to grasp with a small hand. A small artist's brush is not well-suited for a child to hold comfortably and can quickly lead to frustration when the child cannot gain adequate control of the tool. A child's paintbrush, on the other hand, typically has a thick handle that enables the child to control the brush's movement with these, which helps the child to easily produce the intended results.

Types of Paint Marketed for Kids

Manufacturers market a number of different types of paint specifically for kids. Some of these paints are very similar to paint manufactured for adults and for other purposes, but many of them are specifically formulated for the unique abilities and needs of children. A parent or caregiver who is in the market for paint supplies for a child may want to consider some of the following kid friendly options.


Tempera paints, also known as poster paints, are typically water-soluble and provide excellent coverage on paper and other porous surfaces, making them ideal for use on many craft project. These are typically non-toxic and clean up easily. These paint colours are very vibrant and mix together easily. By owning just a few basic colours, it is possible to create an entire pallet of colours. Look for washable poster paints to ensure a truly easy cleanup.


Perhaps one of the most truly mess-free paint options for kids is watercolours . These colours generally come in solid forms and they remain solid but produce colour on the brush when water is added to them. The colours are generally very subdued, but the child can work with them to produce bolder colours. These paints are excellent for travel craft activities.

Finger Paint

Childhood would not be complete without a few good art sessions with finger paints . These bright, contrasting colours are an invitation to make a mess within the confines of the paper canvas. When doing this with finger paints, the object is rarely to produce an actual discernible image. More typically, the object is for the child to enjoy the movement of their hands while creating. These are probably the most likely paint it in that in the child's mouth, so be sure to choose a non-toxic version.

Painting Supplies

For most budding young artists, simply possessing the paint is not enough. There is a whole range of supplies available to go along with many of the different types of painting. Some of these are necessary to ensure the success of the activity, but others simply make it more enjoyable.


Adult paintbrushes are available in many sizes, with different shaped bristles and in different thicknesses. Children ' s paintbrushes are also available in several different sizes, but the different styles and the shapes of the bristles are much more limited. Most children's paint brush bristles are manufactured from synthetic materials, allowing for quick and easy cleanup. The brush handles are typically thick and short, and the bristles are generally either round or flat, but do not vary in shape much more than that. Rarely are these brushes shaped specifically for a special paint technique as professional artist brushes often are.

Kid's paintbrushes are typically very inexpensive, so it is easy to have many on hand. Having an abundance of them allows a child to move from colour to colour, from task to task, without stopping to clean in between. This may or may not be a habit the parent or caregiver wishes to encourage. Kid's paintbrushes are often available in bundles of 10, 15, or more. Buying the brushes this way represents excellent value on this item is likely to be used very often.

Paint Pots

Kids typically feel more confident using paint pots more than a paint palette. Poster paints and the other types of paint that a child may use are more suited for paint pots. While a simple cup can stand in for one of these useful containers, the manufacturers have designed children's paint pots specifically to help the child with their creation. A secure lid keeps the paint from spilling if tipped over, and the narrow, funnel-shaped hole for inserting the brush into the pot helps the child to remove excess paint from the brush before bringing it to the picture. This not only helps to cut down on wasted paint, it also helps to diminish the frustration of getting too much paint in one spot on the picture, a common difficulty that many children face. Paint pots are often sold in a bundle along with coloured lid that helps distinguish which colour paint is in each pot.

Other Useful Kid's Paint Supplies

Besides these basics, manufacturers also produce several other supplies that are specifically designed for child's use, as the following chart describes:

Paint Supplies

 Description and Usefulness


Sponge applicators can be either on a stick or simply sponges that the child holds in the hand

The sponge absorbs a good amount of paint, and changes the way the paint is applied to the paper

Watercolour Paper

While any paper can be used for watercolour painting, watercolour paper is thicker and specifically designed to receive the paint colour better than other papers

Finger Paint Paper

Finger paint paper has a glossy coating on it that allows the child's fingers to move quickly and easily across it without the paper absorbing the paint too soon

Art Smock

Young artists enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about their cloths getting messy

A kid's art smock can be either plastic or fabric, and is usually easily cleaned with a sponge and water

Art Easel

A kid's art easel holds the paper in place while the child creates

Tabletop versions and stand up art easels are available

All of these items are available separately, but purchasing them as a kit can provide an even better value.

Kid's Paint Kits

All of these supplies can be purchased individually as the child becomes interested in them. However, if the child is keenly interested in a certain type of painting style, or if the parent or caregiver simply wants to provide all of the necessary equipment in case the child does become interested, most of the different types of paint can be purchased in a kit with all the other necessary supplies. These paint kits typically represent an excellent value. They are available from many manufacturers and make an excellent gift.

Buying Kid's Paint Supplies on eBay

Kid's paint supplies are available in a number of different shops and locations, including art supply stores, general merchandise stores, and through many online retailers, including eBay. When it is time for gift giving, eBay is a great place to come up with bargain on all the different kid's art supplies. The paint supplies may be purchased individually, or grouped together as a lot. By purchasing from the same seller, it is often possible to have the items shipped together, providing even more savings on postage costs.

eBay makes it fun to shop for items like this. Buyers need only type a few keywords into the search bar click on the search button. More general searches, such as "paint supplies" produce a far greater list of products than specialised searches like "kids' acrylic paint", so buyers might prefer to start with a general search which they can narrow down later.

Buying on eBay ensures that, instead of having to rush up and down the high street in a hurry to find the perfect item for that gift idea, consumers can sit at home in their pyjamas, put together a nice arrangement of supplies, include a basket, and have it all delivered to their house in time for the celebration.


Providing a child with an ample amount of paint supplies is an excellent way to encourage a creative outlet; something that encourages creative thinking and confidence. Products marketed for children are typically designed with a child's specific needs and limitations in mind. Kid's paint is generally non-toxic, and the paper, paintbrushes, and other supplies are shaped and designed in ways that make them easy for a child to use.

When purchasing kid's paint supplies, choose those that are specifically designed to curb the child's frustration, and encourage their creative expression. These include a variety of watercolours, finger paints, poster paints, as well as other paint that is specifically designed with the child in mind. Paint kits are great value and combine the paints with all of the necessary supplies such as papers, paintbrushes, applicators, and the very important artist's smock. With all of these supplies on hand, a child's free time can be a productive time spent creating masterpieces.

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