Your Guide to Buying Real Madrid Football Memorabilia

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Your Guide to Buying Real Madrid Football Memorabilia

Collecting Real Madrid football memorabilia can be an exciting and profitable hobby. Some people buy memorabilia because of their love of the game, while others collect it in the hope of making a profit. With the continued success of the team, Real Madrid football memorabilia has grown in popularity. Buyers may choose to collect memorabilia related to the entire team or for a specific footballer. In additions, memorabilia can relate to retired players or the current squad.

Real Madrid football memorabilia varies widely in the type of items available. Although it may be difficult to gauge the value of each piece, familiarising yourself with the history of the players and the team as a whole can help collectors in their search. Often, a specific event can increase the price of a particular item of memorabilia drastically. When purchasing Real Madrid football memorabilia at retailers such as eBay,, buyers should consider the history of the team, familiarise themselves with the various items available, and understand the important factors that help them to choose the right items.

A Brief History of Real Madrid Football Club

Real Madrid is professional football club based in Spain, founded in 1902. The team traditionally wears a white kit for all of their home games, which has a royal crown insignia. This emblem was bestowed on the club by King Alfonso XIII in 1920, and represents the word "real", which is Spanish for "royal". Since 1947, Real Madrid has played its home games at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in downtown Madrid. In the 2011/12 season, the club's revenue was 513 million euros. Real Madrid has won multiple championships, most notably nine European Cups, three Intercontinental Cups, two UEFA Cups, and one UEFA Super Cup.

Types of Real Madrid Football Memorabilia

There are various types of Real Madrid football memorabilia available, including posters, photographs, kit, and balls. When searching for these items, buyers should consider their budget as well as what they would like to collect.

Posters of Real Madrid Players

Real Madrid posters are a popular collector's item. Posters featuring star players such as Cristiano Ronaldo are highly coveted. To date, he is the fastest player to reach 100 goals in Spanish league history, which increases the value of the posters. Enthusiastic collectors may try to have their poster signed by the featured player. An authentic signature can increase the value of the poster drastically.

Photographs of Real Madrid Players and Matches

There are a wide variety of photographs of Real Madrid players and matches available to collect. Original signed photographs, especially those depicting famous historical matches, are of significant value. Candid photographs of key players, such as David Beckham, are also popular amongst both casual and serious collectors of original Real Madrid football memorabilia.

Football Kit of Real Madrid Players

Any type of Real Madrid football kit that has been used, worn, signed, or owned by a player is considered to be of a high value. There are some rare items such as shirts worn in UEFA Cup games, that are of greater value. On the other hand, some buyers may want to collect Real Madrid football replica kits, such as shirts, shorts, and socks. This merchandise is readily available, especially for more recent seasons.

Additional Real Madrid Football Memorabilia

Some of the most notable memorabilia items include autographed footballs,, in particular those from winning games where a star player scored the winning goal. Trading cards, also remain popular among collectors. They are often less expensive that full-sized memorabilia items, which allows more people to take part in the hobby of collecting.

Factors to Consider When Searching For Real Madrid Football Memorabilia

When searching for Real Madrid football memorabilia, buyers should consider various factors that help to ensure that authentic and well conditioned items are purchased. These characteristics increase the value of the memorabilia directly.

Theme of the Real Madrid Football Memorabilia Collection

When buying Real Madrid football memorabilia, buyers should consider whether they want to collect items along a particular theme or whether they want to be more wide ranging. Popular choices are individual players, items of kit, such as football shirts,, or a season. Young collectors may start with trading cards.

Certificate of Authenticity for Real Madrid Football Memorabilia

When purchasing Real Madrid football memorabilia, buyers should ask about a certificate of authenticity, especially for items like signed match balls. This certificate signifies that the memorabilia is genuine. It usually comes from a reputable authentication company, which personally witnessed the signing of the item. Many companies may also provide a photograph of the signing for further verification. In addition to determining the legitimacy of an item, a certificate of authentication is also needed for insuring valuable items and can help with the resale of the memorabilia at a later date. If the original certificate of authentication is missing, the value of the memorabilia may be diminished. It is important to buy only from reputable dealers.

Item Condition of Real Madrid Football Memorabilia

It is important to consider the condition of the Real Madrid football memorabilia before making a purchase. The condition influences its worth significantly. Items, such as Real Madrid football trading cards,, are graded on a six degree scale, which gauges their condition. The scale was created by Beckett Media and ranges from mint to poor condition.

Real Madrid football memorabilia that is in mint condition is highly sought after. These items have no signs of wear and tear and look the same as they did following their production. This memorabilia is often extremely valuable and expensive, depending on other aspects, such as rarity. Trading cards with imperfections, such as slight discolouration, bends, or tears, are often of a lower value. Buyers should examine all Real Madrid football memorabilia carefully for any signs that could undermine its value.

Rarity of Real Madrid Football Memorabilia

In addition to condition, the rarity of the Real Madrid football memorabilia is highly likely to influence its value. The cost of memorabilia from retired players often sells for a greater value because it may be more difficult to find. Shirts for a particular match are extremely rare, which increases their value.

In addition, buyers should consider whether any items are part of a limited edition. The amount of memorabilia released for sale can also influence its value. For example, trading cards may have been mass produced, meaning there are a large quantity available; the easier it is to acquire an item, the lower the price. On the other hand, some cards may be part of a limited edition, either because only a specific number were released for sale or because there was a short production period. These cards are often more difficult to find, and therefore sell for a higher price.


There is a wide variety of Real Madrid sports memorabilia available on eBay. Buyers can narrow down their search by selecting a particular item. Some buyers choose to collect team memorabilia, while other collectors focus on an individual footballer. When searching for Real Madrid football memorabilia, buyers should consider the various types that are available. Posters and trading cards are ideal for those who are new to collecting, while match shirts and autographed footballs often cost more, but are great collector's items for die hard fans.

Regardless what type of memorabilia buyers choose to collect, they should always ensure that expensive or signed items come with a certificate of authenticity. It is important to remember that Real Madrid football memorabilia is more valuable if it is in mint condition. The rarity of the item can also drive up the price significantly. eBay sellers offer a range of  Real Madrid football memorabilia to suit any type of collector.

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