Your Guide to Buying Replacement Parts for a Mountain Bike

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Your Guide to Buying Replacement Parts for a Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are amongst the most hardwearing and durable types of bikes that are available on the market today. Their strong suspension, big wheels with chunky tread tyres and tough frames mean that they have become the bike of choice for everyone from casual cyclists to off road thrill-seekers.

As with any model of bicycle however, things can go wrong with the mountain bike and every now and again it will become necessary to find some replacement parts to repair the damage. Many people have discovered that eBay is the ideal site to use in order to track down replacement parts for mountain bikes. This guide will show buyers some simple tips and tricks that make finding the perfect space parts with eBay easy.

The selection on eBay ranges from tyres and wheels, handlebars and stems, headsets, brake components, saddles and seat posts. The mountain bike parts are available in a range of colours, types, and condition; suitable for every individual mountain bike rider.


The frame is the largest and one of the most important components of a mountain bike. A poor frame doesn’t only have the potential to be dangerous, but it can also effect the enjoyment of a bike ride and adversely make the bike’s performance awkward and unpleasant to ride. If a bad frame is letting the performance of the bike down, buying a replacement may be the best solution for this scenario.  When it comes to mountain bike frames, there will generally be four materials that mountain bike enthusiasts will be able to choose from:


Aluminium is an extremely popular choice for a bike frame amongst mountain bike users for a number of reasons. Firstly it’s extremely tough and will usually last for many years; it’s also rustproof, adding to its appeal. Aluminium is heavier than most other metals used for mountain bike frames, but this can be seen as a positive if looking for the extra stability and control that a heavier frame will give the bike.


Titanium frames are becoming less common as they are generally more expensive than other frames available on the market. They are more expensive for a number of reasons however, not only are they rust resistant and incredibly strong, but they are also some of the lightest frames that riders are able to buy. By acquiring a titanium frame for a mountain bike, this will enable a significant increase in the quality of the ride.


Steel framed mountain bikes are much more common than other models of steel framed bikes i.e. BMX, racing, town, and folding bikes. This is because steel is extremely durable, rustproof and heavy. Whilst its durability and resistance to rust would be attractive properties to all cyclists, the fact that the metal is so heavy is off-putting to many road and trekking cyclists. For mountain bike users who are looking for a frame that will provide them with a little extra stability however, steel may just be the best option.


Chromoly in the simplest terms is a steel alloy, which has been used as a material in many bike components for a large number of years now. Chromoly bike frames have become increasingly popular since their introduction, not just with mountain bikers but also with cyclists in general.


Handlebars are a vital part of your mountain bike setup. The advantages and tips of choosing the right handlebars are viewed below:

  • If they do not perform to the level required; there is the possibility of injury (but this is uncommon). Therefore it’s vital to choose a good pair which will keep the bike in good working order.
  • Find a relatively wide pair of handlebars, as the mountain bike’s handling will be improved drastically by the extra leverage that wider bars will afford.
  • Some riders will argue that the wider grip that needs to be taken with longer handlebars will mean that your shoulders will ache.  This isn’t particularly likely, but if your shoulders do start to ache, this can be easily solved by adopting a grip which is slightly narrower than normal; so that it feels more comfortable.
  • Researchers will be looking for different properties from handlebars, in a similar technique to the bike frame, so in this stage it is necessary to think about buying a set made from a particular metal.
  • Generally the bike frame needs to be lightweight and manoeuvrable; the handlebars need to be sturdy and weighty, as to improve durability and handling.
  • If at all possible, look for steel handlebars; not only are they rustproof but they’re hardwearing and have some weight behind them, which will assist in cornering at higher speeds.
  • Using eBay will usually be able to guide buyers to find a number of high-quality sets of steel handlebars and most can be acquired for less than £15.


If using the mountain bike for off-road or downhill cycling, it’s of the upmost importance to keep the suspension in good working order. Whether the suspension is able to absorb the shock of going over a bump is crucial to the safety of the cycling activity. There are a number of options available when trying to decide what suspension to buy for your mountain bike. If you’ve never bought replacement suspensions for a bike before, the table below will explain the pros and cons of the different types of suspension that are applicable to a bike:

Type of Suspension



No Suspension

· Extremely affordable compared to bikes with suspension

· The omission of suspension from the bike saves a lot of weight

· Provides no shock absorbance on rough terrain

· Difficult to ride off-road with no suspension


· Provides a good level of suspension for the rider

· Provides rider with excellent handling

· Unsuitable for cyclists with back problems

· Susceptible to losing traction on loose ground


· Lightest of all suspension

· No moving parts to mechanism so little chance of any malfunctions

· Severely reduced traction on bikes with softtail suspension

· Rare, finding spares and replacements will be difficult

Full Suspension

· Full suspension bikes can navigate even the roughest terrain with relative ease

· Much more comfortable due to front and rear shock absorbers

· Much heavier than similar bikes with different suspension

· Some argue that full suspension “takes the fun” out of mountain biking

Choosing a suspension for a mountain bike is a personal thing. Every cyclist will have their preferences for the kind of performance they like to get out of the bike and looking at the properties of the different suspension types above should help make a decision as to what will suit your individual requirements.

The price range for mountain bike suspension is extremely wide. It is possible to find very reasonably priced shock springs on eBay for about £20, whilst at the same time it is also likely to pay upwards of £200 for a top quality full-suspension fork.

Buying Mountain Bike Parts on eBay

Many cyclists find that eBay is a fantastic way to track down replacement parts for mountain bikes due to the easy search functions on the website and the thousands of individual bike parts that are listed on the site. Here is how it’s done:

  • By using eBay’s search functions, it is easy to track down specific bike parts in a way, which will save both time and money.
  • For example if looking for a set of handlebars for your bike, after searching for the phrase, “bicycle handlebars” eBay will present the user with a number of handy options.
  • To narrow the search down further to find exactly the products that you want to locate, it is possible to browse handlebars by colour, shape, by which types of bike they are designed for, by price, by brand and by what condition they are in.
  • This is a fantastic way of shopping for spare mountain bike parts online because it allows shoppers to find exactly what they want at the affordable prices that many sellers list their items for.
  • Search for mountain bike parts on eBay today and find some great deals on all spare bike parts.


It’s worth remembering how easy it is to find and purchase replacement parts for a mountain bike on eBay so that next time there is a fault on your bike, you will be able to find spare parts quickly and easily. Just remember the following advice in this guide when looking for spare parts:

  • There are many different kinds of bike frame and depending on which material the frame is made from; there will be a varied performance from your bike.
  • It’s advisable to look at both titanium or chromoly frames as they are lightweight and strong, and a perfect combination for high performance.
  • It’s also easy to find great deals on handlebars on eBay, by taking your time to use the site’s useful search functions to find a set that are not only made from your preferred metal, but also well suited to your existing bike.
  • Take time to understand the different kinds of suspension that are available for mountain bikes and make a judgement on which will best suit your individual riding style.
  • When you have made your choice, there will be plenty of listings on eBay to browse through to find the perfect mountain bike suspension for you.
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