Your Guide to Buying Sports Video Games for Kids

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Your Guide to Buying Sports Video Games for Kids

Sports video games are the video games involving the simulation of traditional sports. Some of the sports video games are recreated with a game, such as athletics and extreme sports etc., while others emphasise on actually playing that game, such as Madden NFL series. Then there are others which focus on organisation and strategy, such as Out of the Park BaseBall, and yet other games like Arch Rivals that imitate the real gameplay for a comic effect. FIFA is one of the best selling sports video games in the past few decades.

In short, sport video games are a genre of video games that has been popular throughout the history of video games. The competitive nature of these video games has gained them the attention of the masses just like the real-world sports. For a more realistic effect, a number of sport video games are updated on an annual basis, or even earlier, with the names and characteristics of players and real teams.

Sports video games are equally popular in kids and grown ups. Different games are suitable for different age groups. A buyer should have the basic know-how of sports video games, their types, and their suitability for kids before making a purchasing decision. Sports video games for kids are mostly acquired over the internet. eBay features a large collection of sports video games in numerous associated variants befitting a diverse pool of clientele.

Types of Sports Video Games

Sports video games can be categorised in many ways. By one categorisation criteria, they have the following three types discussed in the table below:





Sports video games have been famous arcade games since the beginning. Online gameplay, however, has shifted the trend of masses and the competitive nature of sports video games has compelled people to compete with friends or anonymous player online, generally for gaining high scores unlike the arcade style of play which is inclined towards a quicker gameplay experience.

NBA Jam and

NFL Blitz series.


These are management games which put a player in a team manager position. Some of these sports video games can also be played online with other humans but normally they are played against AI controlled teams in the same league. Financial issues, tactics, strategies, transfers, etc. are managed by the players in this category.

FIFA soccer manager


As the name suggests, in this category, multiple sports are combined together in a single game.

Track & Field, Wii Sports

With the passage of time, more and more sports video games are looking like the TV counterparts as the video game developers are focusing on creating more realistic commentary and better camera-angles. In an interesting turn of events, televised sports have taken the lead of some video games and have modelled a few of their cameras according to the video games.

Buying Considerations for Sports Video Games For Kids

A little research beforehand can save you a lot of time and money. Knowing the choice of kids and what would be great for them is a tough task and parents never want to go wrong in that. Moreover, sports video games, whether bought online or otherwise, can't be returned once opened, which adds to the importance of carrying out proper research before placing an order. There are several important buying considerations which should always be kept in mind while purchasing sports video games for kids. Talking to the kids and knowing the ESRB ratings, for example, are very critical.

Talk to the Kids

The importance of talking can not stressed enough as there is no better way of getting to know the choice of kids and their likes and dislikes. More often than not, kids already know the names of the games they want to have. Kids of the 21st century are generally very smart and social and know from their friends at school and neighbourhood what they want. So, it is highly likely that you'll get a 'list' of names from them as soon as you talk to them.

Take the Age Ratings Seriously - ESRB Ratings

The age ratings mentioned in the sports video game specifications are not a joke at all. Especially when it is mentioned that a game is for adults or for 18 plus, you should be over cautious as it can contain profanity, sexual situations, graphic violence, and other 'not-suitable' content for kids. Games that are rated as 'T' for teenagers are mostly fine with most of the users but parents should inspect them further as well.

Educational Software Review Board (ESRB) has a consistent rating system for games that are suitable, or unsuitable, for a certain age group. An icon on the game package is often used to differentiate the games for various age groups. A black and white letter and a short description informs about the suitability information. Some common ratings include 'Early Childhood', 'Everyone', and 'Adult' etc. ESRB website can be visited for an in-depth information of these ratings.

Active Games

Certain sports video games require stability and balance of a human body. Parents should prefer games that require the movement of the entire body and not just the thumbs. Nintendo's Fit board when used with the Wii console, for example, requires the players to be balanced and stable. Active games, generally, challenge players with score and fun activities.

Console Consideration

The most popular 7th generation consoles are Nintendo Wii, Microsoft XBox 360, and Sony PlayStation 3. They are generally not compatible with one another and feature a totally different set of sports video games. Each of the three has its own pros and cons and each has a dedicated fanbase. PS3 is one of the best selling video consoles of all time. Wii is comparatively the cheapest option of the three and will not give you HD gaming like the other two.

Buying the right console can be a great investment as it can bring a lot of fun for the family. On the contrary, not selecting the right console for the kid can result in disappointment as well. If you already own a console from the last generation, you might want to consider an upgrade to the latest generation console rather than buying an new one. This way the kid is able to play the older games as well and switching between the systems and the hectic phase of getting used to it is eliminated.

The buying considerations give parents or guardians a general idea and a rough sketch only. A buyer should base the decision on his specific needs more than anything else. When not on a tight budget, many users end up buying more than one consoles for a diverse experience.


Sports video games are a type of video game that involve the simulation of a real world sports game. They have been a popular genre of video games throughout the history of video games. They were also popular arcade games but with the advancement in the internet speeds, they are now also played online. Sports video games are competitive in nature, a reason why they have gained the attention of millions of users worldwide over a span of just a few decades.

Sports video games are broadly categorised into three types: simulation, arcade, and multi sport. Different users prefer different types of sports video games. Several buying considerations for sports video games for kids include the ESRB ratings, talking to the kids beforehand, selection of the right gaming console, and preferably looking for active games. A buyer should keep in mind these important buying considerations before making a purchasing decision to avoid any regrets later.

eBay presents a large collection of sports video games for kids, and others, in a number of associated variants such as genre, platform, sports sub-genre, features, rating, publisher, release year, condition, price, and buying format, beseeming a worldwide clientele.

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